Giveaways by Greg Carlson (376)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
mtsfzc Top 3 for MB 5
tzmpzf Lebron for Brandon S 5
syjyqs Walmart for Dan S 7
eqjisp MJ for Justin S 9
qlltzq Mahomes for Justin F 8
safdjs Sapphire box for Kenneth G 7
xrusvt Mattingly for Brad D 5
zqvkca Doncic for Will R 8
xkbdmt Winners Choice for Michael F 6
yslzvb 84 Marino for Rob W 8
auvxdb Freebie for Kirk T 10
dlmfwr Tatis dime for DH IV 6
ecgagq Main for Brandon S 7
kvibfi Main for David O 10
egjtqj Mini for Brando S 7
hqkwzv Mini for Brandon S 6
lxgezn Mantle for Jeff J 6
lhiroc Nolan Ryan patch for Brian A 6
xmmmlr Batman and Robin for Brandon K 7
pwdbwy Main for Brad Z 8
prjgqm Mini for David O 6
ilksmx Mini for Charles Z 7
swjacx Mini for Howie F 6
vsxffy Mini for Brad Z 6
oqnqlk Eloy dime for DH IV 8
lnlsne Xbox for Brandon S 7
nsmxsr Manning for Mike S 8
evxlou Big Mac for Brandon K 5
uelpnq Winners Choice for Robert S 10
cyftuf Eloy dime for DH IV 5
fauawf Cigars for Matthew B 7
ezvlcc Mini for Michael F 10
pepveu WTA for Bryan C 8
yyqhjm Mini for Curtis L 9
ehimcv Banks for Brian S 8
dzphll Brees for Robert F 9
kafvqh Emmitt Smith for David D 8
vfdogc 57 Mantle for Brad Z 8
onkpaq 55 Harmon for Doug B 8
tscmoc Vikes hoodie for Paul S 6
centqi MJ lot for Gabe Y 8
bnfkns Main for Brad Z 5
tptyob Mini for Brad Z 5
wmdfwv 54 Ted Williams for Jon C 11
szdhsh Main for Grant 8
jigeqq Mini for Grant 6
emgqex Main for Brian D 9
egsvfo Acuna for Rex 7
lbjtft Spiderman for Jhet 8
vquvsc Top 5 for Sean S 10
dosnue Final mini for Brian D 9
sgihgd 69 Mantle for Jon C 6
xxleyq Flawless Soto for Travis O 12
xguant Mini #1 for Brian D 6
uopsys Bus for Chris M 8
iktpjv Main for NATB 6
wokjdk Jeter ball for Michael F 7
kudlwv Mini for NATB 8
xmjned Purple Florial for ER 11
nzjglc 87 Fleer MJ for ETJ 12
emqwqe Wagner ball for Michael F 5
dhswxz Draft case for Mikey L 6
uynhyi Kuzmas for Stephen O 11
dpnyng Coach purse for Robert P 8
wixhpm Jones lot #4 for Dan G 7
ygenze Another Jones lot for Dan G 10
xnimwf Jones lot #2 for Dan G 6
hhvdou Jones lot for Dan G 6
asrkny Round 2 for Ryan J 7
mizilg Final mini for Michael F 7
rlqowv Flawless Tatum for David C 10
qclach Ripken for Bobby B 7
mgtlqb Mini for John M 5
czvnos Main 52 Bowman Mantle for Brad Z 7
pypvmu Mini for Brad Z 6
flgfnd Winners Choice for Tanner I 5
kmcils Allen/Greenway for Tanner I 5
xlxzwu Adam for Rex 8
mlnwsq Main for Brad Z 5
ullccg Gordon autos for Shane B 8
dilahx Mini for Brad Z 8
ckzwbt Griswold for John M 5
acbdog Acuna refr for Zach P 8
zreqti Mini for Joe W 6
bwbfxp Goff for Anthony C 5
declux Top 5 for Ryan F 4
dddkhr Trubisky for Justin S 9
zjkozs Wentz for Kirk T 7
vapdzl Pujols for Kirk T 9
yrmnwt Robles lot for Kevin B 7
mvkldi Diaz GEM for Tommye B 4
aaxutq Gretzky rc for Steve W 8
kvnepx Chrome Robinson for Brandon H 6
ijdnek Top 2 for Rick H 10
zivgbk WTA for Rizzy 7
bgddal WTA for Mikey H 5
vxixal Hart for Chris H 8
urzvke Mini for Jon S 10
ztjiec Main for Steve M 8
gibzba Flores for Larry M 9
zmxdjm Brees for MK 5
jwizfa Freebie for Kirk T 11
fvzonq Purple Alvarez for Jason K 10
hyxdqd Ovi for Brian S 6
vidahy Mini for Steve M 5
oygkvm Top Loaders for Kirk T 8
lcpglv Main for Brad Z 11
ykhuxj Mini for Brad Z 8
opllmg Gleyber dime for Sam T 11
bwdako Winners Choice for Robert S 6
uvwwtr Main for Michael K 10
kvwgsm Mini for Michael K 8
owfmus Simmons for Rex 8
uhaogk Main for Joe W 6
ghlibv Trout for ERJ 8
qquxsh Mini for Joe W 9
svkfqq Dynasty Harper for Ryan J 6
ycxlwd Goff for Vahe 6
ieilub Final min for Jon C 11
kkrjns Prizm Tatum for Steve P 7
eepatk Main for Ryan J 5
dvxkgg Mitchell for Anthony C 8
rnrgor Mini for Ryan J 7
swpjxy Beathard for ETJ 6
bmzcih Winners Choice for AT 8
oraxpn Musial jersey for MK 8
tmgaoi Linval for Joe W 5
tsvrbo 58 Mantle for Brad Z 6
ybmopv Chrome Sapphire box for Joel A 6
ixemev Mini for Brad Z 5
gqebvd Final filler for Rick H 18
jmogzs Green Devers for Braden E 11
ehfilv Filler #2 for Stephanie D 7
aykxtk Waynes for Davey J 7
llwkjn NT Kelce for Anthony C 8
shzizk Vikes hoodie for Jordan S 7
tjlzuc Main for Ryan J 7
jehpfo Mini for Ryan J 6
xqvtxv Brady for Moose 8
aduqcq BB Braves for JAson U 5
xynejm Top 5 for MB 9
elxemn Kobe for Kirk T 8
rmbnas Mini #1 for Dan L 5
xxbmrw Top 2 for Kenneth G 10
pqjokx Flawless Soto for Travis O 10
othfik Mini for Vinny 5
aectht KB refr for Mikey L 10
ailtxp Flawless Marcus Allen for ETJ 8
nbbhdi Main for Dave M 5
xjmtwe Top 2 for Mikey L 10
cekgkf Top 2 for Mikey L 6
tkrglj Acuna for Christian J 11
dwxltr Main for Jordan S 6
uuhtqh Mini for Jordan S 7
fxgagp Contenders Johnson for ETJ 8
mhknby Mini for Dave M 8
ahtiqr 51 Berk Ross Spahn for Jon C 6
zsofmy Angels random for Jason U 7
xezjpv Top 4 for Jason U 12
ezfvxc Round 2 for Robert W 6
cffehh Ingram for Mikey H 11
gnyqgv McGrady/Carter for Mikey H 9
xkdshh MJ for Mikey H 9
lzpozx 63 Mantle for Steve W 8
qyyqez Top 3 for Michael F 9
sagsvj Acuna for Christian J 7
gfradn Cubs filler for Jason U 7
mmgkkn Mini for Robert W 10
eupgug Take 2 for Justin M 7
wbhqqf Kirilloff GEM for Mike L 6
wlnhqg Yankees filler for Jason U 11
xoynxc KAT signed jersey for Dan L 7
prubwf Rodgers for Cody L 8
upevdi Ripken for Moose 10
clbrbv Trammell PSA 10 for Brian B 10
imugip Gold Adames for DO 10
apkmvx Prizm lot for Jhet 6
cwjgtc Top 3 for Lyle L 8
ncyzal Kobe for Justin F 8
artpjv Gold Landry for Ryan S 8
jbxwki Barkley for Greg G 8
tmcaan Laz GEM for Gabe Y 10
teymia Yadier for Christian J 7
vfgdrw Dynasty Freeman for Darren B 9
qrlmdw Top 2 for Rick H 8
gcibjd Mitchell for Robert W 11
wperlu Floyd mini helmet for Justin P 9
yotzos Black Hiura for AJK 5
nwwyyz Josh Hart for Rob F 7
ztbclz Sterling Trout for Stephen G 5
gmqqra Otani for Andrew G 12
dygdsw Blaster box for Kirk T 7
psxfwd Top 2 for Lyle L 10
uhngym TTT Filler for Jason U 6
nkqidd Mini 2 for Michael F 7
gkfitu Silver bar for Wayne G 6
rfpxpw Freebie for Kirk T 8
mbobrv Lamar Jackson for Justin F 8
gjdiot Mantle lot for Sam T 9
ybkehn Mini 2 for Michael F 8
csrvpa 60 McCovey for Jonathan N 9
bcmxzk Blaster box for Kirk T 7
qplwcm Sterling Trout for Ryan J 7
zprnbp Mini for Vahe 6
duwlux Moss for Joe W 9
hpwjfb Main 7
ohwhaz Mini 6
upgqkn Mini for Daniel H 8
jmgifk Round 5 for Dan L 5
idcysq MacBook Air for Brent L 5
jguumh Round 4 for Dan L 9
hcwqhh Mini 1 for Michael F 6
yvaumy Prizm KAT for Rob F 8
xtdrdr Vikings Sweatshirt for Dan L 9
nmutty Vikes Sweatshirt for Dan L 8
dskejg Kuzma for Stephen O 8
hpvawl 58 Mantle for Brad Z 6
iklslc Samsung tab for Derek W 7
txmkzi Mini for Brad Z 5
dfpanj WTA for Caleb T 6
qdhlbn Blue Haseley for James P 6
vleeau Smalls for Bryan D 6
ntethn 59 Gibson for Nick B 5
xlxsxa Panda for MK 9
jodpqz KG for Clay C 6
cxrvjj Prizm Gurley for ERJ 9
nuxxwq Freebie for Brad Z 5
rvhsgm 48 Bowman Feller for GB 6
xbohuz Chrome Robinson for Gabe Y 7
xzfvqv 48 Bowman Kiner for GB 9
rpietq Bader for Brandon K 8
hjvyip Flawless Luck for Curtis L 8
whkibv Tatum for Gosh J 5
upogzu Update Trout Gold for Shawn T 7
zziaus Optic Tatum for Gosh J 9
ezgekd Jeter for Larry R 10
evivxx WTA for Bill D 7
qudvxg Main for Curtis L 6
wklfpf Mini for Curtis L 7
hwyfoc 51 Ford for Brad Z 9
wxnqve Main for Gary E 5
ahetff Mini for Bill D 5
jyxsxc Final mini for Gary E 5
cjiuxy Purple Smith for Grant D 5
pjeqhn Monk for David W 11
fclinb Mini for ERJ 9
naiokr Flawless Ohtani for Justin B 6
pwmcuq Dynasty Harper for ERJ 7
hdbquq Prizm Smith for David W 11
krdxhl Bo Bichette for David T 8
yzwuam Conner for Kirk T 9
bgxsap Bale for Sam T 8
skjdei Main for Dan L 6
dlepdv Mini for Dan L 8
vzbluv Machado lot for Chris N 7
aasrec Prizm Smith Jr for David W 7
ywwlcn Top 3 for Jason U 5
gaipuq Main for Johnny R 7
qriufl Mini for Johnny R 7
klhdpc Tom Hanks for Kenneth G 7
mjmdhc Contenders case for Dan S 7
znaive Mini for Dan S 8
zcnrck 250 for Aaron M 6
wfhiat Silver Kuzma for Courtney W 10
fxsyck Top 2 for Jason U 6
oohphp T206 Evers for Tom B 10
zwklkt Chrome Royce Lewis for Chrisitan J 8
hncnob Giannis lot for Robert W 5
tmntlo 60 Mays for Mitch C 12
buprdy Top 2 for Rick H 7
yjqzyy Mini #1 for David C 7
ybecre Chrome Royce Lewis for Robert W 7
qajeoc Main for Eric L 4
aenfqz Mini for Robert W 11
grxyar Mini for David C 12
ahkoya T206 McGinnity for Tom B 5
cpteob Micro #1 for David C 9
pvdeai Charmin for Brandon S 7
jqsdrb Mini for John M 8
bjjohw Freebie for Kirk T 7
ipwvpg 69 Mantle for Shaun T 4
qmpsvr MJ for NC 12
gzexkw Kuzma for IKUY 7
kwjurx Prizm lot for Justin B 6
ienkzy Mini for AL 6
gfosbq Mini for Travis B 9
galnqp Prizm Hart for Dicky S 9
xwgizr Update Trout for Justin S 7
julawy 59 Mays for Mitch C 8
pfiakl Ohtani for TT 7
lggdvs Tatums and Mitchells for Greg G 7
dknmrr Kobe for Grant 9
knmrpu Five Star Nolan Ryan for Will R 6
niolwf Main for Ryan J 10
cxjtcn Mini for Ryan J 9
yzmqug Mini for Ryan J 10
gzesom Top 2 for Kenneth G 8
tdrmpf Michael Thomas for Andy G 4
cvuzjd Main for Rick H 9
jjgsqb Cubs for Kenneth G 8
tcnsvw Schwarber for Andy G 6
aojybd MJ for Ben T 7
hxgzcg Rose for Kirk T 7
wqizrs T206 Cicotte for Steve W 9
molgpn RDR2 for Brandon S 7
izucew Redo for Kirk T 11
jhtasm 73 Bradshaw for Kirk T 5
lufeup Mini for Richard V 6
zceoig 61 Mantle for Brad Z 5
yrnkve Main for Rick H 9
tzuyia Vikings salute for Paul B 5
bogadm 61 Mantle for Brad Z 4
sctqyx Top 2 for Rick H 15
hxrwqx 53 Mantle for Brad Z 6
gjdpqo Chrome Pache for DH 11
wgrcnu Moss for Andrew R 9
viflzz Munson/Clemente for Michael F 10
ptojlf Sayers for Justin S 8
rrshsn Ohtani redemption for AP 8
nlxxyd Blue Bryant for Will G 9
hhfrfy Monk for Chad R 8
iyqgyo Carter for Tanner I 7
zupsoh Dynasty Trout for Austin H 9
nkzvxt Namath for Justin S 6
zilbdi T204 Ramly for Steve W 8
sqhinb Cousins for Jordan S 8
yvgpkf Monk for AP 10
tsbcsp Main for Robert P 8
wiyism Main 59 Gibson 8
lbnolj Mini for Robert P 8
rnrdow Mini 7
lwbhkc Tatum for Eric S 7
kbmmaj Baders for Wes W 5
ehbvcd 63 Mantle for Randy S 11
yvpffy Simmons for Justin B 11
gxmbrl KRob x2 for Brandon H 8
ibcied Cooper for John M 6
refoqm Marsh for Matt F 7
cyfqmu Mini for Robert P 8
vzyxys Mini for Jared U 7
afgriz Main for Brad Z 11
oqldfv Dynasty Trout for Christian J 6
dpjpqy Wrapple for Tasha L 7
aflecv Main for Brad Z 6
ajmicv Mini for Brad Z 7
pllkrt 59 Mantle for Brad Z 11
rojajg 1953 Mantle for Brad Z 7
nnbwku Mini for Brad Z 4
cgpjkt Silver for Wayne G 9
vkctwh Redo for Steve W 7
efdvbo Main for Steve W 10 not completed
nlthsa Judge for Brandon S 10
qxegsh 57 Mantle for Brad Z 7
scqrci 2000 Bowman Brady for RWS 8
enltmb Prizm Simmons for Lane K 6
rhznzz Rodgers for Nick P 7
pcbuza 89 UD Griffey for AL 8
ndryrf Top 2 for Danny B 9
zvrnxt Pache for Dave H 9
lthydv Monk for Brandon G 7
byeeux 51 Yogi for Ryan J 7
waozey Simmons for Lane K 6
autkww Clemente for Kirk T 7
hktlmg Simmons for Lane K 10
pdiigv Freebie for Kirk T 10
lcqbmv Lebron for Kirk T 7
yngqqx Kemp for Shane B 8
pnlmtc Champs for Christian J 9
saapcl Kuzma for Stephen O 7
puqgys Main for Rick H 10
sdwuvd Top wins for Rick H 14
ywbqaz Top 2 for Rick H 10
fxcfgr Tatum for ERJ 4
gilyki Sterling Trout for Chad R 6
vhhchw Luck for Andy G 9
ospxvf Gold for MK 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —