Giveaways by Heath Shain (55)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
htfwrw Skunk winner for fb mixer, nes, snes or itunes 10
pqgjpw Top 6 fb mixer with skunk, Browns, Cardinals, Bills, Seahawks, 49ers, Bengals 9
trryur Immaculate Skunk protection 1st Xbox one console, 2nd ebay 25 6
oxbyhb MAJESTIC CARD 2 5
uamzbh MAJESTIC CARD 1 11
ywlyms mAJESTIC TOP 4, Texans, Bears, Jags, Browns. 9
ttxauy majestic 2 box top 5, Saints, Panthers, packers, Seahawks, Chargers/Redskins 7
npamsh Yankees Filler in Flawless 8
jsvysy 2 box prizm divisions 3
rqxnqg 2 box prizm names 3
zhmbhl Phoenix Football Divisions 9
mgubha Phoenix Football Names 9
lkrdhl Jerseys #5, Bears, Packers, Jets, Raiders, Texans, Titans, Bills, Bucs, Cards, and Jags 10
rsnwbf Top 3 in no lose filler for jerseys 4
xqgbvs Vault #5 top 4, Non sports photos, Other Sports Photos, MLB Photos, NHL Photos 7
cpoizj Vault #5,1st gets boxing, 2nd gets baseball autos, 3rd gets wardrobe, 4th gets other jersey, 5th gets non category, 6th gets Funko, and 7th gets yearbook 11
nqxyfc FB Mixer top 3,Browns, Cardinals, Packers 6
reflbf FB Mixer top 3, 1st- 49ers, Saints, Vikings 2nd- Colts, Texans, Chargers 3rd- Eagles, Bengals, Rams 4
fxtzxb Cert BKB, 1st gets Kings Nuggets, 2nd gets Nets rockets pistons, 3rd gets heat pacers pelicans, and 4th gets wiz raptors 2
vfxlzq Top 4 in FB Mixer #2 7
ydbcyg Top 4 in FB Mixer 7
qgamzl Leaf NFL Jersey Case #3, top 5, Raiders, bills, Buccs, Bengals, Jags 6
ckngpe Yankees in BB mixer 6
nacbga Top 3 BB mixer, 1st- Indians, Reds, White Sox 2nd- Diamondbacks, Royals, Rockies 3rd- Brewers, Rangers, Pirates 6
oudnsy Leaf NFL Jersey #2, Steelers, Packers, Dolphins, Jets, Raiders, Bills, Titans, Cardinals, Chargers, jags 7
rtzrsj everyone gets something Vault #4 8
gvcmau Leaf Jerseys top 5, Jets, Raiders, Bills, Cardinals, Jags 9
fhakpc Triple Threads top 5, White Sox X2, Tigers X2, Padres X2, Giants X1 (2nd case), Rockies X1 (2nd Case) 3
nnrojd Leaf Vault #3, Top 5, Non Sport Photo, All other sport photo, Wardrobe, MLB photos and Hockey Photos 6
uqvwwx Vault #2 top 4, 1st- Non Sports Photos 2nd- Other Sports Photos 3rd- NBA and NHL Photos 4th- Other Jerseys and yearbooks 6
ggztht Vault top 7, , MLB photo, NBA photo, Other jerseys, Wrestling, NHL photo, and Year book 7
gyfhwu FB mixer top 5, Giants, Seahawks, Eagles, Chargers, Raiders. 7
pflxmn FB mixer Top 5, Browns, Packers, Texans, Vikes, and Bengals. 7
unqssb kOUFAX RANDOM 4
pzxvsv Archive sigs and Immaculate half case each Numbers 10
cvvgrm Archive sigs and Immaculate half case each Names 10
dunkps Winner in Archive sigs, Immaculate serial number break 7
ihsdoc Top 2 get prizm personal box 11
zimluh Five Star top 2, First gets Indians, white sox, pirates, rays and rockies, 2nd spot gets Reds, jays, rangers and padres 4
jskdbz Flawless Case #2 hit draft order 6
mygizv Flawless Baseball Hit Draft Order 7
fctrkg Top 3 in Flawless Baseball Hit Draft 4
pmhydc Prizm filler 9
gcoxrw FM mixer teams 6
tdzjxy FB mixer names 6
fiupqh Top 3 in FB mixer 7
cekcxa Top 4 in FB mixer 8
iylzzg NT #5 random card 12
sfsqhz Phoenix divisions 10
vpnkvs Phoenix divisions names 10
nzlfcq Phoenix Division case top 2 get in 8
gqudjt Five Star #4 Phillies and Blue jays, 1 winner 6

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