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Giveaways by TheBayouRunner (39)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
qmzmpd Amy B LMJ Bats and Stuff 7
oqmpgi Pats Baggy 11
juhgnr The mustache razz 5
gqghfg Bevan Bagwell and Framber main 11
wiiuya Bevan final mini 11
cnkshd Chris Cavy Bat Pickem 5
xvvogu Bevan jersey and ball mini 2 8
nhluwi Eddie Razz pickem 8
rfjmod Bevan ball and jersey mini 6
nhddzk Pat G framber 11
xbpskj Franklin Tucker bat 7
hqmgzd Amy Burns Pick if Razz 9
jkzqhd Bevan framber no no 12
wbsqrk Eddie sat razz 8
ubkixw Eddie Spacecity 11
jmvush Bevan Dunkman 7
rjcezq Chi dunk man 8
iazztm Bevan dual Jose winner 8
ketlkb Bevan Altuve Razz 11
cktbvy Bevan Altuve Razz #2 7
gwdjxg Bevan Altuve and brown razz 1 10
gttfgg Eddie Thursday razz 6
mztabm Juan Carlos Thursday razz main 12
hatmvs Juan Carlos mini 10
tnesai Bevan coaster #3 11
rcmoas Bevan spacecity coasters 2 9
ertaab Chi chis coasters 7
kjuomu Bevan Spacecity Coasters 6
fbqzvn Juan Carlos JJ Watt razz 14
yuimhv Eddie Saturday Razz 8
jefycj Rich JJ Watt Lunar 11
pxwlqz Eddie Friday photo razz 12
wmcxia Eddie Tuesday razz 2nd 8
znajty Eddie photo razz Tuesday 8
ztraiv Jeannette CJ helmet 8
namrhg Raul photo razz 11
vbctrw Eddie Sunday Sunday 11
uuqrre Chris Cavy Altuves 6
lwuiqn Eddie Sat Razz 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —