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Giveaways by Simon Yu (30)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Pacific time)
vakuhe Dylan Antman 7
axrlum Nadav hurts H2H 7
purzvd Dylan hurts 10
blwbfr Yoshii Herbert rd 3 11
rbdqhm Marty silver rd 3 9
sxiilm Nadav Tatum red rd 2 8
oendbr Tval Tua 7
ftmlvo Indarto purdy main 9
nyuxvm Indarto purdy ftc 9
ayntdd Marty Herbert 10
hlenwh Marty Tatum 7
fzlszk Indarto purdy f1 6
jvudmp Drummon Tua red 7
vhpwct Derek Maxey ftc 9
klbkje Roy Brady 8
jqklht Derek maxey rd3 f1 6
dwqcuj Johnson console main 8
lmsjqy Johnson console ftc 8
omkmsm Johnson console f2 6
oxkvii Johnson console f1 7
xdqopi Marc hurts H2H 7
ommgvn Leonard Tatum 8
vnkgtw Clayman brown rd3 10
tgowjd Tval stroud rd2 10
cewxay Drummond Edwards H2H 7
aigbfl Derek maxey f2 8
xfpynz Derek maxey f1 10
zuhxax Clayman gold rd2 8
oawqct Marty Aiden 12
oviwts Indarto lebron rd 3 f1 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —