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Giveaways by Joe Ricciardi (28)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
vcnyxj Bao’s mini 5
penggy Jeremy’s Heisman 10
veiaiq GM Pow's Luminance Line 10
qrdmbs Scott's Downtown Line 8
vljybe Jake’s line 6
xtsnyu Scott’s NT line 5
axzkrq Mark’s UD Line 6
zzsksk Scott's Leaf Decadence Line 8
irzqwk Greg's Spectra Line 6
iovhwa Travis Leaf Line 7
pmbckc Kyle's Triple Threads 7
fjgqfy Cory's Immaculate Line 12
okxyfh Nick's Colorblast Main 7
thzlei Nick’s mini 6
kxqafz Craig's Free Giveaway 10
dheftq Kyle's Pro Set Dual 9
obmmxx Mark's Pro Set 1/1 9
bgbycd Isaac's FOTG Line 11
iyompj Mark's Leaf Line 5
jjnats Mark's Flashback Line 11
vzuxde Nick's Colorblast Main 10
cjzecm Nick's Colorblast mini 5
hjfbpq Craig's LaserView 7
referk Jared's Flawless MAIN 7
tbwrsv Jared's Flawless MINI 11
crgulr Scott's Panini One Quad Patch 10
dfwuvm Craig's Miles Sanders 7
kqmdrz Craig’s Giveaway 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —