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Giveaways by Trytheveale7 (83)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Pacific time)
upoayu Ceedee lamb fluorescent for Nick 6
htxlua Lamelo for Ricky 6
dxeawh Mini for ceedee lamb for Nick 9
aghvbe Team random for Will 5
cunkhr Micro 3 for final mini for Elbaz 8
ooqyts Team random for Will 9
ljdjjt Mini 2 6 bix hit parade for Will 10
qsbokh Joey b b4 for final mini Elbaz 6
vzsbjd Mini to 6 box hit parade for will 9
vygtrp Micro for final mini for elbaz 6
uiexjm Joey b b2 for final mini Elbaz 5
rrtsfb Caleb Martin for Ricky 8
mtddmz Hit parade chiefs random for Will 7
ggwbsu Case hits closing mini for will 7
posbhn Joey b b4 for elbaz 7
qgrutr Team random for Connor 9
otgwau Joey b b3 for elbaz 9
tpikqw Closing mini for will 10
pfglrd Joey b b2 for elbaz 9
avqxli Joey b micro 2 for elbaz 10
jdocvl Commanders closing mini for Will 8
ctjybk Joey b micro 1 for elbaz 6
sxotya Tlaw for elbaz 8
qjbecx B1 for elbaz 6 not completed
tkjuzl B1 for elbaz 6
rnrevz Trey Lance for Al 8
uojucs Trey Lance sp for Al 10
wesnsi Trey lance Mini #1 for Al 11
osozxp Bottoms 2 for Al 9
gxgtef Optic fotl falcons mini for Connor 10
mxmifz Optic fotl steelers mini for Connor 7
ebfhng Trey Lance b1 for Al 6
zzirkn Optic FOTL closing mini for Will 5
fpytes Herbert chancer for Patrick 11
hjzdqu Bottoms for Patrick 9
pbtqoj Smith slab for Declan 6
owcajv Herbert mini 1 for Patrick 7
ypchio Devonta Smith mini for Declan 7
rlhyes Hit parade mixer closing mini for Will 6
fpidlu Sparkle pack for Colten 8
xqeuyr Closing mini for will 10
sjelqu Hit parade mixer mini 2 8
lgxlxy Hit parade mixer mini 1 7
ogzxux Pickett/tlaw booklet for Al 8
nfnzbb Closing Bottoms for Al 9
xusxni Mini 1 for Al 8
ggkbve 12 boxer mini 2 for will 11
qtlvhu 12 box mini 1 for will 6
evgjkz Bottom 1 for al 9
rqnrsz Hit parade mini for Connor 7
dbtocm Prizm divisions break division random for Connor 10
nqpvlx Prizm divisions mini 3 for Connor 5
luihvd Prizm divisions mini2 for Connor 9
xdiinw Prizm divisions mini for Connor 8
sxqaja Hit parade team random for will 7
pzjyuo Steelers mini for will 6
wjfwoq Team rndom for Connor 7
vyjtvs Wildcard points for will 9
xmtlic Steelers mini for Connor 9
jeltre Closing micro for steelers Connor 10
mlrjev Steelers mini for Connor 9
irwmqc Hit parade Closing mini for Will 7
ynxtkd Clearly steelers mini for Connor 8
fpoyhb Wax random for Christian 5
ejzton Commanders closing mini for Will 9
tfotji Steelers mini for will 8
ronddh Divisons for immaculate 9
jxlsqp Mini for Connors immaculate 11
irkgnw Micro for immaculate mini 6
znfpoq Divisional mini for Connor 8
wlyjgm Credit giveaway for will 8
rmpkbj Credit for will 7
fjlbuh Wills honors team random 7
ztmzwp Closing mini for will honors 8
rzzlqs Mini 1 honors/donruss 10
bwfnth Closing mini for Connor 6
nnmqei Closing micro for Connor 7
caekvh Jaguars mini for Connor 7
lcayoi Micro 2 for jags 8
wtkeji Jags micro for Connor 10
cpgewl Steelers mini for Connor 8
arckhm Micro 2 for steelers 9
dlquwz Micro for steelers mini 5

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —