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Giveaways by Collin M Abler (21)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
iyzips Ya Nagaba Promo Cards x3 12
atbemp 7 of 9 Ya Nagaba Promo cards 10
uxwhak CHAT Ya Nagaba Giveaway #1 11
qpgltp Ya Nagaba Promo Jolteon Espeon 12
oxnvlw Leafeon Ya Nagaba Card 14
jmctco 5 x Ya Nagaba & Glaceon RR 11
pdhprf One Piece OP 4 Jap Booster Box 10
jskpxf Vstar Booster Box!!!! 11
taxxez MEWTWO EX x2 15
wirhyu YA Nagaba Promo Pack Giveaway 10
rqxufa PROMO packs Ya Nagaba x2 #3 11
uybhny YA NAGABA Promo Packs x2 Shipped after Release 15
vyiwpi #2 Ya Nagaba Promo Packs x2 17
rmjixv #1 Ya Nagaba Promo Packs x2 14
vixbqf Main 25th Japanese BB 12
nnwrim Mini for 25th Japanese BB 9
rbtzyj Mythical Squishy minty Box Sealed 12
nzudnv Disney 100 Japanese Booster Box 13
ribjvr Togepi Squishmellow Giveaway 12
uapxqk 2 XY Full Art Trainer Cards 10
dfnxen Pika PSA Slab Giveaway 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —