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Giveaways by Chris Devlin (62)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
iamzoe JoshW razz2 dec8 6
kunsst BradL Razz dec8 5
yidzzo JoshW Razz dec8 7
wjklwf StevenW razz2 dec6 8
fmscux StevenW Razz dec6 6
crlgks HarrisD Razz dec6 10
hxmkcq JohnR Razz dec6 10
fzpucj HarrisD Razz dec5 9
mfkcem DonP razz #2 Dec4 6
ahxhuy DonP razz dec4 5
uardlp BurlS Razz Dec3 9
gcgvia BurlS Razz nov30 6
ushlxb SteveL Razz nov30 9
vqnckp DonP razz Nov30 10
ffrqfm StevenW Razz nov29 7
axylto BurlS Razz nov29 7
qjklyf DonP razz nov29 8
eqzejh CDev bliss nov28 5
gmstml JimmyG Razz nov28 8
mtijam CristianCollins Razz Nov28 10
bymfff HarrisD wc nov28 12
smkkua BurlSs Razz nov27 5
oiumph DonP razz2 nov27 7
sllpyt DonP razz nov/27 10
vbwbzj BurlS Razz nov/27 11
ryvgtz CDev Razz wc nov26 7
dlrzws CDev Razzz nov25 10
lprrnm BradL Razz nov25 7
lygnjb CDev R2 Razz Nov24 5
mcmrgv CDev wc nov24 9
pzomjw SethP Razz nov24 6
ijcdwa Donp Razz Razz Nov22 9
kxoouu DonP wc Razz nov22 7
mzcggz DonP razz nov22 6
brxhux DonP razz nov22 6
fffcbd DonP razz2 nov21 6
sjkgcr DonP razz nov21 10
whavkc SethP alexa Razz nov20 WTA 7
ylapqf SethP bliss mini nov20 8
ejoupc JimmyG wc Razz nov20 5
zlcjte JimmyG Razz nov20 5
dwrgdo DonP razzz nov/19 9
pwcoca SteveL razz2 nov19 8
tijsrk DonP razz2 nov19 7
ktiuyc SteveL Razz nov19 8
mwtucx Donp Razz nov19 8
zsruhp DonP razz wc nov18 10
rwkrxw DonP razz2 nov18 8
zdekbe ChrisG Razz nov18 8
xucyfn BradL Razz nov18 9
sjcbhb DonP razz nov18 11
vxbpds HarrisD razz2 nov15 11
kueqiu JimmyG razz2 nov15 5
yegbmp HarrisD wc nov15 6
twylnu JimmyG Razz nov15 11
uvwzun CDev wta nov15 5
rqzccv JimmyG Razz nov14 6
watbzn Harris D w.p.1 nov13 7
tixuud DonP razz wc nov9 7
uxmynq Lucas Razz nov9 7
dnstlt DonP razz#2 nov9 8
wzrrbe DonP wc nov9 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —