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Giveaways by BLACK HILLS BULLION (61)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Mountain time)
yhrtym Geiger Main 8
axkwef Geiger M2 main 5
ybzfhe Geiger M2 F2 9
ajawzn Geiger M2 F1 9
mqpdfy Lara DeLong main 9
wrifnx Geiger M1 MAIN 6
wtraml Geiger M1 F2 6
chwlko Geiger M1 F1 12
vxusha 2021 10th age 9
hzttpa Maple 10th 7
suuzmo 10th maple 10
ficquz 100g Main event 8
exvmkq 100g FM main 10
zkmvdb 100g FM FF 7
nntjce 100g FM F4 11
majcpo 100g FM F3 6
oapdin 100g FM F2 8
ixyprg 100g FM F1 10
aeqign 100g FM H2h 5
jwovmt 100g M3 main 5
lgpeay 100g M3 H2H2 6
ejuiiv 100g M3 FF 10
uuseli 100g M3 F3 11
myspcy 100g M3 F2 11
xmqmmw 100g M3 H2H 6
ivrwvd 100 M3 F1 10
ftrcaz 100g M2 main 5
mthcbp 100g M2 F4 8
dpqlnq 100g M2 F3 12
tdqxuh 100g M2 F2 8
frwipl 100g M2 F1 7
iyttmu 100g M1 main 6
vnfhrx 100g M1 h2h 9
lfigbb 100g M1 F6 9
nxmpso 100g M1 F5 8
fxnnfm 100g M1 F4 5
rirgrc 100g M1 F3 7
mfvacb 100g M1 F2 6
kpnjxn 100g M1 F1 6
wmeooz Pamp grammy 6
ijyamh Roman Age 5
hvpbsr Standing Main show 6
wzjtdb Standing F1 7
amzrek DIEZ PESO F4 6
udergi DIEZ PESO F3 5
cslylv DIEZ PESO F2 9
istgat DIEZ PESO F1 7
kgiafz Reckless 10oz main 6
hkswuf Reckless 10oz F3 6
kstbgi Reckless 10oz F2 7
syupjx Reckless 10oz F1 7
wbgpeq Fetter set main 6
aotlax Fetter set F3 7
ushhny Fetter set F2 9
momcga Fetter set F1 7
jagbfv Whores Ŕ US main 7
cfshjz Whores Ŕ US F2 9
fyybop Whores Ŕ US F1 7
zyhgcr Waffles Main 11
ufttvd Waffles FF 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —