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Giveaways by JammingCards (63)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(UTC time)
isuhwr Jim Gordon 🐻 V Jones Main 5
ucayoe Hurts RR Main Robbie 5
qyyndt Robbie Tates MTC Hurts 9
mmaymr Test Run 11
zzamwr Gio Walker Main 9
ytjbem Jim’s Browns 💩 Main 6
ssxize Owens Goat Main Event 10
nqeylu Owens goat BTC 6
vilxhy Owns Goat b7 5
klhjhu Owens Goat b6 7
xmnnye Owens Goat b5 10
qqiyuw Owens Goat b4 6
wuptkj Owens Goat b3 10
mqdpaz Owens Goat b2 8
uzvojj Owens goat b1 6
iymbuw Jayp TLaw Green Mosaic 6
gjokqz Jayp St Brown Rd2 6
bvyhlg Carmines TLaw Main 12
ymxumi Gio Wilson Main 5
vimubr Jim’s 🐻 Main 7
fslmzi Mitchs Mj Main 9
dcrqqs Mitchs MJ B6 10
srjzrd Mitch’s b5 For MJ 9
iawhsn Mitch’s MJ b4 9
bujoql Trevor Optic Cello Main 8
ehmsxz Trevors BTC Optic Cello 6
cmzqew Trevors Optic Cello b8 6
symbbq Trevors Optic Cello b7 11
ojfsfl Trevor Optic Cello b6 8
eezkri Trevors Optic Cello b5 9
qsemit Trevors Optic Cello Box b4 5
qvdruu Trevors Opticr Cello 11
nefviy Dip chit Rd2 7
pavuqb Trevors Optic Cello b2 5
eszhnd Trevor’s Cello Optic 6
xvxfzd MJ b3 8
htcyrw Mitchell’s MJ b2 6
ttdkfk Jeremy H2H 7
uyvksn Jeremy H2H 8
jhmaqw JM MJ b1 10
hydytb RR 5
kuvuad Curry Main 9
dzslzp Ja Morant b29 8
iwubvy T Law Cracked Ice Main 7
gwzjij T Law Cracked Ice b2 6
dtcefv T Law Red Ice b1 8
usnxkj Ja Morant M4 5
ziibun Ja Morant Micro 8 6
cfdqzm Ja Morant b28 8
lqbjhl Kamps Main BBC 6
acapzl Kamps Mini #2 9
ifmlfw Kamps M1 For Hurts BBc 10
wtrqty Motts Main 11
defwxn Motts BTC 7
vlbbxp Motts b1 7
bbddph Ja Morant b27 8
wfvqer Ja Morant b26 8
ncbmec Main for Jim Brown 9
fwzapj MTC for real this time Jim Brown 8
turxlx Mm7 for Ja Morant 9
wevnfs Ja Morant b26 10
wdzggi Ja Morant B25 7
ohthel MTC Jim Brown 5

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —