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Giveaways by Canadian Promos (30)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Mountain time)
nalxng high roller mini 7
mrycyj Mini Filler For Dodge Dart High Roller 10
ajfzcd Mini for Dodge dart 7
blktvc Mini Closer for Dodge Dart 5
ulsamq #346)🔥Big wheel round 3🔥 5
gcfoxo Mopar mini filler 5
fqjybb Big Wheel Mini Closer 8
xjlcvn ❌❌ Harley Davidson/Polaris combo ❌❌ 10
lvgcux Snowmobile quick mini time! ❄️🛷 8
ueereg Player of the month February 5
ojubcl Big wheel mini #1 7
frvrns Lotto Max 7
matvpn Final 8 7
tczgti Mini Closer for player of the month 3
bdfghq Western Diamonds Sled Mini 7
vnmczp Mini for dodge Dart 10
azxcnu 5G Gold Bar 11
illjud Aimee's Ink Therapy mini 4
iqkhqi Mini closer for P.O.T.M Mega mini 6
hapsbo Mini filler for Player of the month Mega Mini 5
ccboup Airtags and P.O.T.M spots 8
iyvfyf Three Spot Dodge Dart Main 9
snaluf Shania Twain Mini 2
togjls Mini Filler Shania Twain 6
nvgbym Dodge Dart Mini Promos 10
lfbrgm Dodge Dart Mini Western Diamonds 5
ztrcrf Mini Filler For Dodge Dart 6
rnxayz #320)🔥Nintendo Switch™ with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con🔥 7
wrrtvz #348) Nintendo Switch Mini Closer 3

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —