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Giveaways by Canadian Promos (21)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Mountain time)
zlgcyx Polaris high roller 6
qameaa Mini filler for polaris high roller 5
mydmzw last 15 in the Polaris high roller mini closer 4
gntgvn Mini filler for 350Z 9
zyieyh Polaris sled high roller mini closer filler 10
gnaojw Nissan 350Z mini 8
ofbhcj Harley Davidson Dyna Main 11
ztavaq Blazer High roller mini filler 8
qaxfgx Oilers game 6 tickets 8
jhjyuu Oiler mini 2
hzrkes Harley high roller 7
yaekbw Oilers playoff tickets 3
xfsqsw Oiler playoff tickets mini closer 4
omwhdp Mini Oiler Tickets 6
eplznh harley mini filler 11
zgtipu (#401)🔥Big wheel🔥 6
wtdlac 416)🔥Oilers Game 7 or First game (Round 2) Playoff tickets 🔥 3
cyreki Oiler playoff ticket mini 4
igsmta Guns n Roses tickets +$$$$$$$$ 10
njafyk 10G Gold Bar multi options 4
gpreax Player of the month 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —