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Giveaways by Michael D. Torian (41)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Pacific time)
qohhtc Ag card 6
xbbjfb Old gold f3 7
rxupng Old gold f2 7
voofwv Todd’s 20rd flip 20
umnugr Todd’s 20rd flip 20
mcldrm Lib lot main 9
ljxtro Lib lot f5 7
dxbwbt Lib lot f4 8
fcvict Lib lot f3 6
jbjnrc Lib lot f2 11
yyjdjp Lib lot f1 8
bzobes 1g pamp 8
jclskr 5g main 6
hzhacb 5g mini 11
erjpje 5g f2 11
rgqrsw 5g Suisse f1 7
rkoskf 100g 6
qgvywr 2.5g igr 7
mspciw Travis’s game 13
thhusc Travis’s game 7
wubnei Todd’s 20rd flip 20
ihgpmy Morgan main 11
xuampb Morgan mini 8
ppkhjo Morgan fatal 1 7
cspczn 2x 1oz 6
ysjisu Old gold main 8
niwjtu Old gold FM 8
cdalqs Old gold f4 7
abuljy Old gold m2 6
orxqwe Old gold m1 9 not completed
rcmjya Old gold f2 11
vptfao 5 dolla f1 11
wplxyg Old gold f4 8
lgaupu 5oz poker main 7
gqslri Poker mini 9
ctadpc Mix lot 7
lfvacv Old gold f2 9
kulpqc 2g main 11
nkrmzt 2g f2 11
qnayft 100g bar 7
vidfxl 1g main 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —