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Giveaways by Amanda Clare (35)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
etudlj Dinner! 9
zogrop Felipe WC 🏈 12
nvdbgq Noah Rockets Locker 5
ucqeqb Jaime Rockets BBH 6
iilghr Ian Bagwell Jersey Main 7
zkbgdz Payne Yordan Ball 6
owvheo Payne Yordan WS Ball Mini 10
mopseo Ian Bagwell Jersey Mini 8
mtsghx Chris WS Balls 8
otszfr Chris WS Balls Mini 7
egeozb Payne WS Ball WC 7
dblnem Blanco Jersey Main 13
cronxv Blanco TI Jersey Mini 6
kvnvov JCF Altuve Jersey Mini 8
rufksx JMM Freebie Tix 10
zivxbn Ernie Toro Main 10
wjhmcf Pena Tucker Funko Mini 10
zlpdnb HCF WC Mini 7
nelpta Ernie Toro Mini 3 8
dqztma Toro Mini 2 Ernie 8
itvmsi De Leon Tix Main 6
pwzloe Ernie Toro Mini 6
spclff Jay Hello Kitty 6
tmyuvh Heleno Altuve Jersey 8
cstqxg Ian Bagwell Jersey Main 6
syvjzy Ian Bagwell Jersey Mini 8
hysnlp Bevan Yuli Ball Main 8
ooeslt Bevan Yuli Ball Mini 10
clypgx Ordep Freebie 8
vdlgid Ordep WC Rd 2 7
bxavsx Ordep WC Rd 1 10
djvzfn Ordep Rockets Razz 7
dagfpx Randy WC Rd 2 10
ngxzov Chi Tuck Funko Rd 2 8
ithccc Pena Watt BBH 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —