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Giveaways by Dallas v (27)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Eastern time)
iltdgk Nano 6
rnndgt Crazy pico 7
jrsgtp Whatever comes after pico 9
mlrzdo Mega series prize 6
rbxztx Mega series main 11
ennrhe Mini to close 7
dimvwv Micro 5
phzipp Nano 12
iknaxf Cheap ass pico 5
hgoohe Cheap ass pico 9
jufqrq Mini 6
gfygkx Micro to closeMini 6
ouqyto Cheap nano 7
njlclm Crazy pico 11
hjrdhk Micro 7
xnfegm Cheap nano 6
kehhxs Pico to close 6
ypoequ Cheap nano 5
pakasv Crazy ass pico 11
jrsfwp Cheap ass pico 11
xhmfpj Mega series prize 7
ybwxqv Mega series main 6
nxqvqm Mini to close 5
owltxk Micro 7
wvalmz Nano 10
keagbv Mini 5
wiquor CraZy micro 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —