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Giveaways by Mr. Monotone (46)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/East-Indiana time)
nkwcpp Tiny Tina's Wonderland main DDL 9
taxybd 007 TWINE main JM 7
rcmrci Pick yo mo fuckin prize main BR 9
rzwrit Revenge of the 5th giveaway rd 2 DDL 8
nicdpb Revenge of the 5th giveaway DDL 9
xgjqud Hunter's Delight main DDL 7
dgfgvu Zelda OoT CE main LEEF 8
kxhyxe Pacman 2 main BG 8
wjbdgc Tom & Jerry main NE 9
xfoytj Tom & Jerry closing mini NE 6
otgxwz Tom & Jerry mini 1 NE 7
kgzhnl N64 loosie goosie main BR 6
yhbmot Womb Raider mystery box main BR 9
ocnhyr Goldeneye 007 main BG 6
wgqpdu Goldeneye 007 mini BG 9
oxjdki Tony Hawk giveaway main BG 8
lzoxkh Shadowgate 64 main JM 9
dumini Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Guide main DA 12
aicojg Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Guide mini DA 8
bnwucu Battletoads/Double Dragon CE main AM 10
jczowc 1080 Snowboarding main YV 10
antjpv N64 duo main JM 9
qqvoap N64 duo mini JM 12
ehxzmy PS5 mega bundle main DDL 7
ovrvju PS5 mega bundle closing mini DDL 6
gsqlqx PS5 mega bundle mini 3 DDL 7
digptx PS5 mega bundle mini 2 DDL 6
fbttci PS5 mega bundle mini 1 DDL 10
kvthdx Mario Kart 64 main JM 6
bjnmyx Mario Kart 64 mini JM 11
hwblja Pokemon bundle main BR 9
kslqta Pokemon bundle mini BR 10
exscac Womb Raider giveaway BR 8
ypnsad April Giveaway SM 6
hiueab Bio Freaks main JM 12
ifmidy Dual Heroes main LEEF 7
ujigej Space Station Silicon Valley main BR 8
fomlxw Ridge Racer 64 sealed main LEEF 6
prhisw Ridge Racer 64 sealed mini LEEF 9
edtgwl NFL Blitz Special Editon main CR 9
crcemk Cruisin' World main JM 11
vgftez House of the Dead Switch main DDL 9
fsyciy Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 main CR 7
auvvum WCW Nitro main LEEF 6
kvhusb Mortal Kombat Trilogy main CR 7
catlhi Double dip 4/29 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —