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Giveaways by Garrett Klemme (58)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
eckner G ex box m4 5
irefje G ex box m4 micro1 8
kgiquq Corey gengar main 9
ifnnin Kevin gs mewtwo main 8
rnhkri Corey gengar dob2 6
eityxf Corey gengar dob1 8
lokrkz Kevin gs mewtwo m5 9
tbcpxl Kevin gs mewtwo m5 dob1 8
kbleii Kevin gs mewtwo m4 7
ycwhfs Kevin gs mewtwo m3 10
aaghkx Kevin gs mewtwo m2 dob2 7
qpqmnh Kevin gs zard m2 9
mafprd Kevin gs zard m2 dob1 9
gpxjgb Kevin gs mewtwo dob2 10
uhrlyd Kevin gs mewtwo m1 8
trkqut Kevin gs mewtwo m1 dob1 7
cpxwfa G ex box m3 10
lzswhw Shannon pika promo main 9
acrurm G ex box m2 9
vroygu G ex box m3 dob1 10
sircdp Alan stamp promo m1 7
ekwsdj Shannon pika promo dob13 7
yvpqsm Shannon pika promo dob12 6
lqnlko Shannon pika promo dob11 5
qrnejp Shannon pika promo dob10 7
jacgph Shannon pika promo dob9 7
edodyj Shannon pika promo dob8 7
fxfegr Shannon pika promo dob6 8
igyhea Shannon pika promo dob5 10
kqfbsd Shannon pika promo dob3 7
iwyjxq Shannon pika promo dob2 9
sasrpg Shannon vangogh pika dob1 5
uoagyt G ex box m2 dob1 7
muhxyn G ex box m1 9
gbkdtb CJ mcds squirtle main 11
lhuxkh CJ mcds squirtle m5 6
zqvhva CJ mcds squirtle m4 7
kmshkl CJ mcds squirtle m3 6
qgwhce CJ mcds squirtle m2 6
gsrcgw CJ mcds squirtle m1 11
ktgdoo Jordan W koga’s trick 8
yepkab Ward WOTC bundle main 9
pngmep Ward WOTC bundle m2 8
vteoyb Ward WOTC bundle m1 9
kpijgi CJ backpack main 5
mzantt CJ backpack m3 9
cgzshb CJ backpack m2 7
pqwguw CJ backpack m1 11
rvfruu Ward umby main 5
dmoxci Ward umby dob1 5
tvfhtx Ward umby m1 9
ptacjh Jesus Karp dob1 5
pgnoad G paradox bundle main 5
wldcmz G paradox bundle m2 10
xqpvdl G paradox bundle micro2 10
bwgcrn G paradox rift bundle micro1 7
iqiofy G paradox trio m1 6
wiqxat G EH gym box 2 dob1 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —