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Giveaways by Garrett Klemme (88)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
ghcsnp Kenny eevee main 8
gjiwsp Bogard zard mini help 6
chkcty G ultra box 5 main 8
nxahsq G ultra box m4 12
fhvqsc G ultra box m3 9
mlgysc G ultra box m2 11
xlubrl G ultra ball box m2 micro1 6
rgiuse Julio squirtle main 9
ilovik G ultra box 5 m1 5
moppnw Julio squirtle m1 6
vurnal Julio squirtle m1 dob1 12
oheqve Julio squirtle dob1 7
xgemfb Ward base set main 8
qqmfre Ward bae pack wff4 5
qohqrp Ward base pack m1 5
tuidsy Ward base pack wff3 6
xtyofg Ward base pack wff2 10
bkruqg Ward base pack wff1 9
zmvayy G ultra box 4 main 7
yzeyvi G ultra box 4 m3 12
qzqylj G ultra box 4 m2 7
qyswll Monroe topper zard main 8
heunld Monroe topper zard m2 6
ifcveg Josh topper zard dob1 7
gnziax Joan topper zard m1 6
ynjdki Josh topper zard m1 dob1 11
smgkui Josh topper zard wff1 9
hcynal G ultra box 2 m1 7
hdoqbn G Ray Ray dob1 10
knzicb Cole cele lot 9
mjdrzc Hunt gengar m2 6
woeooj Hunt gengar m2 dob1 8
roidbj Hunt gengar m1 5
gfgomx G ultra box 3 main 10
hpwaoh G ultra box m3 6
mmdpmw G ultra box 3 m3 dob1 6
ecchkg G ultra box 3 m2 9
ixhnom G ultra box 3 m1 11
rhqzso G ultra box rd 2 main 11
ingwti G ultra box 2 m3 5
acskvr G ultra box 2 m2 8
oiydre G ultra box 2 m1 9
ocghgp G ultra box 1 main 10
zkgjun G ultra box m2 5
rjmief G ultra ball box m1 6
vmayhb G pack trio main 11
eswywz Shawn exp zard main 6
odriif G pack trio m4 8
cqppzi Sharon exp zard m2 7
ovckgr G pack trio micro2 to m4 7
tfxqjc G pack trio m4 micro1 8
yflonx Shawn exp zard m1 7
rsrxma Shawn exp zard dob3 10
xlbakt Shawn exp zard 6
psktmb Shawn exp zard dob1 9
ibrscr G pack trio m3 9
fxljtu G pack trio m3 micro 2 8
auosbr G breakpoint artset 9
ywrfbw G pack trio m3 micro1 8
iusoar Shane Lugia Mn 8
vmfstg Shane Lugia main 11
ondkob Shane Lugia dob2 11
fnoiql Shane Lugia dob1 9
yfpjlr G pack trio m2 7
shgijw G pack trio m2 micro2 11
uubofg G pack trio m2 micro 1 6
skwskc David retro pika main 9
zvwvfv David retro pika m4 5
dghzbl G pack trio m1 5
mvvlwq Josh zard mega 2 6
upcjnw G pack trio m1 micro2 7
bsjlcw David retro pika micro to m3 9
ibyibz David retro pika m3 dob2 6
tnlach David retro pika m3 dob1 5
fpfhje G JPN packs m1 micro 1 7
zyjuje Slyk LC zard main 8
pbwpis Memori zard dob1 6
xowmle David retro pika m2 6
bhkfke David retro pika m2 dob3 11
pxkoto David retro pika m2 dob2 5
pseofo David retro pika m2 dob1 10
ksxcav Slyk zard m1 roulette 10
ookfaz David retro pika m1 8
okaoxt David retro pika m1 dob2 8
jbmeas David retro pika m1 dob1 7
xvrjww Slyk LC zard dob1 10
kscefq G triple pack m1 dob1 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —