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Giveaways by Travis Longendyke (89)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
xxzxwz Dean paul O’Neil main 9
xcluzt Brind brown SP 7
gpebrd Brind montana main 8
qphiri Brind montana mini 12
rgilzk Brind montana twist 7
ahdrol Boyer Brady filler fatal 10
blyrlv Brind montana SP 8
kvjcdv Nev jerky main 7
ntcknr Nev jerky mini 10
lgsqvg Brind Peyton main 10
ikbfqc Brind Peyton mini 8
lammjy Brind Peyton filler 10
bkicfp Nev jerky micro 11
tsouyg Brind Peyton twist 2 8
jwtckp Boyer Brady nano 9
qvwdtb Boyer Brady filler 11
eotkbr Brind Peyton SP 8
jrsaxr Boyer Brady filler 7
bzqxqs Joe brind Peyton twist 10
gitpjs Boyer Brady twist 8
dayccx Boyer Brady nano 9
hlmvvh Boyer Brady filler 12
dmruml Boyer Brady filler 7
bbvbgc Adams Willis main 7
grxggt Adams Willis SP 7
hkcieu Boyer Brady nano 2 10
oqhcas Boyer Brady filler 8
tulwlo Nev jerky main 9
tbaeeb Nev jerky mini 7
jssdsn Boyer Brady nano 10
fqjuib Techau Rodgers Main 11
fopjfe Techau Rodgers minj 8
cvokmo Techau Rodgers SP 11
kufelu Nev jerky minj 7
jzdwkg Baron Ben main 7
rbpdjg Baron Ben SP 9
gsiiva Nev jerky main 9
wafbrq Nev jerky mini 9
bnzmpj Joe brind sanders main 11
qwfdiz Joe brind sanders SP 8
azfstt Nev jerky mini 7
zhploo Techau winner choice main 10
omngto Techau winner choice mini 9
uztyfi Techau Brady mini filler 11
uykxcw Techau winner choice mini filled 12
lzzcdm Techau winner choice SP 7
stidaa Techau winner choice mini 8
lhckov Techau winner choice mini filler 10
jjrvkq Techau winners choice twist 8
szgeyu Techau winner choice twist filler 2 11
vvrezm Nev jerky main 10
gshlrt Techau winners choice twist filler 9
proiws Nev jerky minj 10
tpqccb Nev jerky 9
ixwlzl Techau Brady main 9
rzsrtb Techau Brady mini 8
atpxox Techau Brady SP 8
hweuil Techau Brady mini 7
tnzwjz Techau Brady mini filler 12
qdinwc Techau Brady fatals mini filler 9
alluvy Techau Brady twist 3 7
vhygbo Techau Brady fatal to twist 10
ggxczg Techau Brady fatals to twist 7
fbyviy Techau Brady twist filler 8
gpfqrg Techau Brady twist 2 7
uhrwhv Techau Brady twist filler 2 7
bpbbso Techau Brady twist filler 7
qgtaem Techau Brady twist 11
zmvunk Joe brind Brady main 7
ollmmi Joe brind Brady minj 7
xskgeq Joe brind Brady SP 10
ygrjux Joe brind Brady twist 3 11
ogmeua Joe brind Brady twist 2 7
hzrksw Joe brind Brady twist 10
azxgmk Joe brind jordan main 7
rlypwm Joe brind jordan mini 8
kplufj Joe brind jordan twist 2 7
qzijtw Joe brind jordan twist filler 8
xfxngc Joe brind jordan SP 9
ljpssp Joe brind jordan twist 2 8
ovgjai Joe brind jordan twist 7
nxfmcf Techau Martin main 7
xrdakj Techau Martin mini 8
kxefrm Techau Martin mjni filler 8
ludewg Nev jerky mini 8
iaaxac Techau Martin mini filler 7
cbglrb Techau Martin twist 8
jryouf Techau Martin twist filler 11
gdwhin Techau Martin SP 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —