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Giveaways by Trevor Langham (27)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Pacific time)
xlvyot Big Cat Mauler 11
kdnakh Goldy Mauler Mini 11
vnparb Dan's Haslab 9
aucoen Tag Team main 4
dspeng Tag Team Mini 13
jgrtrg Luther Haslab 5
rmivab Gordo Syrup 13
smitea Bossman vs Bigelow 8
mjcmcv Luther Giveaway 11
hwmuwi Serpentor saturdays 7
emgkqk Serpentor mini 12
dtqwsi Sat syrup 15
bhchiw Taco vs Boss Man 12
flemtp Heartbreaks Choice Game 12
qauros Goldies Stormshadow 15
yvqnxh Mega Powers vs 2 w Attitude 11
yjwvwf Gordo Syrup 11
mqrmbu Trev vs Trav 17
bhbthz Big Cat Spirit 10
vnvcig Rick G 8
hkquto Big Cat Coco 14
zuovwo Shaun SD part 2 12
nuvvus Gordo Syrup 8
qvyvjj Shaun Starduster 7
eipjur Andrew vs Trevor 14
cgxzwj Shaun SD mini 9
bcwscv TACO Tuesday Jan 3rd 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —