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Giveaways by Justin Bamm (43)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Mountain time)
snaycq Shane’s slab 10
cttduy Mile high mint 1.2oz 6
oiwbbu Martins ase slab 7
wsczai Plums 5oz lot 7
baxesy Plums pair of coins 7
lkeabc Mask 2oz 8
mmpqrt Martins halves 7
azoufl Flag oz 9
mhithz Mouse coin 10
tyluoa Dans hangover silver 8
ixpxat Martins fatal coin 7
vxxwue Dans lot main 12
adgfsg Dans silver lot mini 2 7
oblfzj Pegasus coin 8
mcoewu Kookaburra coin 6
misyrh Martins reckless fatal 6
bolcto Jerry’s 5oz button 7
snybzm Jeremy’s 007 7
rewcso Juan’s in god we trust f1 7
abpqkn Saint sinner coin 10
lzxpkc Shane’s Nadar game 7
fhmndj Viking cheap round 12
othpim Scarabs main 6
kgppdy Scarabs mini 9
bxerml Todd’s Morgan main 10
pakxjz Todd’s Morgan f2 7
asnlzr Todd’s Morgan f1 7
zfitar Todd’s 2g gold main 8
tweywd Todd’s gold f3 7
yqtixp Shane’s toned ASE 9
mgpncc Jeremy’s silver lot main 6
hajjrg Todd’s fold f2 7
dksmkx Todd’s 2g f1 6
cydbqu Todd’s Pegasus 9
gmyeqs Jeremy’s gold f1 6
jmfsbh Jeremy’s h2h 2 7
iawgou Jeremy’s gold H2H1 7
oazmav Todd’s gold fatal2 7
brsvsx Plums lion king 8
tcbqre Plums mini 10
pgbaby Martins choice game 6
gkoslp Martins platinum game 6
hmlovt ASE main 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —