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Giveaways by Bryan Donnell (57)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Michigan time)
dbubal Lions tickets. RS 9
gyqabh Calvin banner. PH 12
jvdvak Harbaugh Mini. RB 10
izapok Jamaal bobble. JP 13
urdwcw Miggy ball. DPF 11
sccjcj WC. MA. 10
hnfjzt Trout mini. TH 9
jdjdnp JJ mini. DG 12
afcudf Goff Card. PC. 13
qeehzo Gibbs cards. ET 8
hqrief Calvin lid. BD 11
coqdro Calvin mini. BD. 12
wirdca Calvin mini. BD 13
pgdeqj Michigan jerseys. TP 11
uiqbfx WC mini. TH 11
tlpuaz Barry Card. ET. 12
vzdiwp WC. KW 5
mvfrjl Slabs. PC 15
jzpyan Corum mini. SR 9
ecmnqx Riley Jersey. SZ 16
cgtszs JJ/Cade. BS 9
emghcx Greene Card. CK 14
oopule Hutch card. DS 15
gllkcr Miggy ball. TH 12
ohwlcr Woodson pic. JW. 17
dxkocx Miggy ball mini. TH 12
xrxudm Woodson pic mini. JW 10
yzwpnc Miggy ball mini. TH 13
opoiux WC. KVH 12
xfecjt Hutch bobble. ML 14
ixavob Silver. JB 7
wecemq Miggy Card. TR 12
bgpkgk WC. KVH 11
johrrj Silver. JL. 14
xndoxt Silver. JB 11
yxkekc Hutch mini. RG 11
pbqycg Hutch Jersey. MP 14
tqoery Mize/Skubal. SEH 11
cwvieg Silver. MS 11
tkglra JJ card. BS. 16
hlqzpk Barry Heisman. DG 13
ohkeuc Lion/Bears Tickets. BD 10
gwcnfn Hooker mini. RM 7
xndqgn Barry mini. DG 11
ohjaua Victor. PH 9
kqwlxx Lion ticket mini. BD 12
cinwkn Calvin card. RM 11
pyjsjy Tork Jersey. AC 10
bwqmzm Miggy. MH 15
yvtecp Miggy Seatback. KVH 11
pkunhh Jamo. MB 9
drysxy Jamo card. MB 13
yadzik Aidan/Jamo. 7
yvgpzd Jamo card. MB 14
jhnqsi Jamo card. MB 7
sjyqcg Jamo mini. MB 12
hjgpei Jamo. MH 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —