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Giveaways by Bryan Donnell (51)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Michigan time)
mfaiej Hutch bobblehead. BD. 14
jcojoj Michigan chrome mini. SR. 9
uehizx Seatback WC. KVH. 12
vyhiys Michigan chrome mini. SR. 12
yxneif Seatback WC. KVH 15
lbtxpa St. Brown WC Helmet. BD. 12
vrouil St Brown mini. BD. 5
tcdxti St. Brown mini. BD 7
xctgyr Peppers rep. AF 14
bqfgyv Peppers rep. AF 15
gchric Peppers rep mini. AF. 5
tvvasv St. Brown lid. BD. 11
aeyvph WC. KVH 7
lglldj WC. DF. 5
uwlkgs WC. KVH. 9
xzwdlx WC. KVH. 10
efohaa WC. KVH 8
jsqhig WC. KVH 7
ozquip WC. KVH 5
acfnsc Michigan mini WC. SR. 6
lrgudu Bobble WC. AH 7
wiqeim Calvin Johnson card. JK. 7
bbhqnc Eminem/Snoop comic. BG 8
ruvkxj Eminem/Snoop comic. BG 8
lylavb Desmond Pics. BD. 11
vktfhm Desmond mini. BD. 8
pasmag WC. KVH 6
pntcmo WC. KVH 8
mefaed Desmond mini. BD. 6
conoea Desmond mini. BD. 6
ivlzjq Billy Ripken card. JK 7
edccxj Barry card. JK. 12
ravetv Barry card mini. JK 7
ydlntp WC. KVH. 10
xkewsw Lions football. ML 10
ogsimz Michigan chrome mini. SR. 6
jdvsrg Corum Mini. SR 13
gxcusb AFC 13
hdiubs NFC. 10
yciaiz AFC 10
ikwuyg NFC 11
lbahlc Barry Card. JK 13
wqeqnj Barry card mini. JK. 5
mehual Freebie. 8
vsgyvm Detroit Jerseys. JK 14
snjyss Michigan mini WC. CP. 9
lrdkqw Piston tickets. GF 5
oyvini Piston Tickets mini. GF 6
diatvc Lions Card Lot. JK. 9
rahanq Calvin Rookie. JK 10
rfdflz JH 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —