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Giveaways by Danger Den (23)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
sppknv Goku shirt 13
orkhfm Eric Mat Giveaway 11
yjexlb Reroll Eric playmat 5
omdkta Eric play mat 12
gaggmk Danger den shirt black and gold 11
ijpjfz Friends 2XL hoodie 15
obrwyw Psa 9 Gengar 13
cdstox Gengar and Mimikyu Slab 14
yjwrff Zard pair 10
ycodbz Injured dragon slab 16
eagcda Danger den shirt #2 14
gibbre Danger den shirt 11
mtkcvc Kid buu shirt 11
gkjduu Galarian shirt 13
apokaf XL Vegeta shirt 12
gaahki Blasty shirt 12
lrmnuy Riachu, Pikachu, Pichu tshirt 14
ilanbb Shirt giveaway top 5 13
qbwzcr Charizard FA 14
dqwtis Xmas giveaway hf etb 12
oieogc $10 Giveaway 13
dnudyr Tyranitar GX CGC 9.5 12
yswqma Gogeta shirt XL 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —