Giveaways by Autograph Collectibles (27)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
tojpml Howie Fleischman- Mini for the SANDY KOUFAX ball or MARIANO RIVERA 1992 Bowman PSA 10 rookie 7
mbleth Howie Fleischman- 1993 Bowman Baseball Sealed Wax Box 8
xolmzp Eric Peckerman- Nolan Ryan Signed baseball 8
gvvmyy Michael Florentino- FINAL MINI BABE RUTH 11
dczwyf Michael Florentino- Mini 3 for The Babe 7
zzumau Eric Peckerman- Derek Jeter GAME USED batting glove 9
pwcbrd Eric Peckerman- MINI CLOSES THE MAIN Joe DiMaggio Signed baseball with “Yankee Clipper” 7
zebxfg Michael Florentino- DEREK SANDERSON JETER full name 10
hcsher Michael Florentino- Mini to close the Jeter full name ball 7
kqcwyr Aaron J Falcone- 2 BB Razz 6
shsvjo James Red Cesario Jr.- Mini to close Yordan base auto 6
zyvvzi Howie Fleischman- Gorgeous MARIANO RIVERA Ball 7
tkavox Felipe Rodriguez- PATRICK MAHOMES RAZZ 10
wzsqng Michael Florentino- MINI 2 for The Babe- Top 3 7
wxghwu Michael Florentino- MINI 1 for The Babe- Top 3 5
fxqtvx Howie Fleischman- Winner Chooses 1 of 3 baseballs 6
xwcoxs Michael Florentino- Mini to CLOSE the Mantle 7 Bat- Top 4 8
aqcnyt Michael Florentino- Mini 3 for the Mantle 7 Bat 8
prvvxf John Mikhaylov- Mini- Dual Signed Mantle with Dual inscriptions. 5
yswejj Michael Florentino- Mini 2 MANTLE No7 Bat 11
rsfwme Jason Smith- Yogi Berra autographed baseball hof 72 inscription 8
hcutdk Howie Fleischman- Mini- 500 Homerun Club Baseball!!! MICKEY MANTLE &TED WILLIAMS 9
mupsmw Michael Florentino- Final mini 9
yfsikk Howie Fleischman- 1953 Topps MICKEY MANTLE SGC 10 10
uvbbhw Kenneth C Kirchhofer- Yankees Showpiece 5
fvvhre Kenneth C Kirchhofer- Final Mini for 11 Spots Yankees Showpiece 11
onpdzv Michael Florentino- Jorge Posada with his #20 added 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —