Giveaways by Autograph Collectibles (25)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
hbasye Michael Florentino- Mini 1 ... The Babe 7
eumcyg Howie Fleischman- MICHAEL JORDAN 1986 Fleer Rookie Card Raw BGS graded 6.0. 6
fpuwtn Anthony Auspelmyer- MO DAY STADIUM GIVEAWAY #2 9
kspmqm James Red Cesario Jr.- 1933 Sport King Babe Ruth 7
emqylq Michael Florentino- Mini 3 Ty Cobb ball 9
vgahul Program mini helmet 5
ikbazj James Red Cesario Jr.- 1933 Sport King Ruth mini 1 6
bcvrmv Howie Fleischman- LEGENDS WINNERS CHOICE 10
ssbqnl Shane Schurosky- ANOTHER BAD ASS JETER RAZZ 9
uwjoql Shane Schurosky- MEGA MINI TO FILL MAIN - 2 WINNERS 7
jjrtjm Eric Peckerman- Yogi Berra Signed baseball with “#8” inscription. PSA certified 6
hbttlj Michael Florentino- WINNERS CHOICE, TED or JOE! 10
dwqyvs Howie Fleischman- TWO WINNERS!!!!! MARIANO RIVERA Captain America bobblehead 9
snexbd Michael Florentino- Derek Jeter bold auto on a pearl 2001 World Series ball 10
muwwid Shane Schurosky- MEGA MINI #2 - 3 WINNERS FILLS MAIN 10
ayxeiw Mark Mancini= Mickey Mantle framed 8x10 5
ywcsjl Mark Mancini- MINI to Close the Mantle No 6 framed picture 12
bcqxcy Brian Boone- Final mini 12
vfqpqd oguh 5
bntkei Michael Florentino- 2 Winners! 6
unrzmh Billy Durando- Upper Deck Baseballs seeking new Homes 8
slosfi Eric Peckerman- MINI Joe Torre Signed baseball with 7 inscriptions 7
fxaocm Michael Florentino- SICK 2 WINNER RARITY ALERT 7
rtnyuv Billy Durando- Mini to close the 3 winner Mantle, Williams and Griffey 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —