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Giveaways by Razz Room (25)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
oidmpi Main choice tube 9
urpfpw Main 10 oz and choices 17
ybecap F3 10OZ or choices 7
jpflkn F2 10OZ and choices 10
nhfoor 10 oz and more F1 12
oxgeoa Main 10OZ and choices 13
zeqaos FF 10OZ and choices 17
texiev F3 10OZ and choices 8
tniedc F2 10OZ and choices 13
jsyfjf F1 10OZ and choices 14
rrrxxa Main 5gr and choices 8
nqwqwx F7 5gr and other choices 15
redpii F6 5gr and choices 5
dkccnv F5 5gr plus choices 10
sueqjr F3 5gr and choices 7
goojnl F4 5gr and choices 6
scinzf F2 5gr plus choices 10
gabdtb F1 5gr plus choices 8
ftlxtt Main 3 gr Scotty and others 11
ufrzme F1 safe or scotty 11
oinwtq Main 2 gr or scope 9
ornyfq Main prospector 8
laganb F3 prospector 10
ifvpez F2 Prospector 5
agdqlu F1 Prospector 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —