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Giveaways by Stephanie Obie (37)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
rzxtdb PB Hank ball 6
hcfeyj ER Niekro logo ball main 10
voyhqw Niekro final mini ER 11
omfgyx Harris Topps Chrome 10
pjowpx Harris spidy BBh 7
aelpil MS Acuna BBH 7
pqnjvi Eric’s winners choice 10
ylkrkk Hank winners choice main 9
ekexvv Hank winners choice final mini 7
lqifbx Hank winner’s Choice mini 11
fsabka Dusty globes 9
zmhjeb Dusty’s winners choice 8
wzkftz Shawn’s winners choice 11
gkmqoi Shawn’s Winner’s Choice 8
qvysoa MH winner takes both 12
cnrmdz Acuna WS ball 8
yfnyav FM Kelenic lot 8
awltxg Hank winners choice mini 9
hhhsdi Chipper Canvas 9
nehefg Shawn’s winners choice 7
meswmn Justice/Crime Dog 11
cycwzs Shawn’s winners choice main 7
jlhszl Shawn’s winners choice mini 1 7
odgmgv Top 7 win main 8
ibgbsm Carsons harrris BBH rd 2 12
abrdxs Carsons Harris BBH 10
imnojk Harris BBH - JJ 11
uxiure Brandon’s top 7 win final mini 12
lwjmeb Eddie’s Olson 23 ASG ball 7
ingnhb Brandon’s top 7 win mini 1 10
wcfaqf Dansby Mother’s Day ball main 7
prgrux Acuna winner takes all main 8
rhifgs Dansby Mother’s Day final mini 8
xuxycq Acuna final mini to close main ER 8
xxrvqx Albies Luminaries CJ 10
qqxbnq Chipper Jones auto lot 8
dbjjbb Chipper auto lot mini 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —