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Giveaways by Stephanie Obie (32)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
ooibpr Harris future stars card 9
kvilym JJ chain rd 3 11
bdvmth BH Hank 16x20 main 7
gtikte BH Hank 16x20 final mini 10
gnzlhd GGj 7
twdqaj FM winner takes all 12
wdghyy DC hats 8
pdseak KM Chrome Acuna 8
ohubsg DC hats 11
znxhcd JJ’s BBHs 11
ubeeel BH winner take all 8
cuwgjq BE Acuna gilded gold 7
zkwkft CG Acuna 10
iwhixi Brandon’s Harris Topps 1989 7
amdqpb JoShannon VSeeBox 8
jnyflw DC hats 4/10 9
yozldd Joshannons cleats mini 2 8
mgmyrp DC hats 10
yylpdf Dc hats 9
rebdii Acuna GU cleats mini 1 7
hvntzl Herbert’s Harris sig swatches card 10
dugusr Blake’s Acuna heavy lumber 8
pbvjut Andrew’s smith Shawyer 11
hxxosx Joshannon’s vsees 12
yfcnmk Andrew’s Acuna card main 9
xnbdcg Andrew’s Acuna card mini 1 8
ddqjwu JoShannon vsee box 10
vaxndm TH WS team ball 7
hxlpdi BH Riley bowman chrome main 8
cwdjnw Big 3 HOF set main 6
kovytu Bowman Acuna 10 6
zqbpdf BH winner’s choice mini 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —