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Giveaways by ReggieCalsa (25)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Asia/Manila time)
uainor SMALL TIME CONTEST#475πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 5
crtfxj SMALL TIME CONTEST#474πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 11
motasu SMALL TIME CONTEST#473πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 11
ckkxal SMALL TIME CONTEST#472πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 5
ehziaj SMALL TIME CONTEST#471πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 7
nnptiz SMALL TIME CONTEST#470πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 8
ehrrma SMALL TIME CONTEST#469πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 8
orxepw RDC PM Draft 2 by Boss Ronald Daryl Catindig 10
ylaiwg πŸ’―MCMA 95 Pesos Draft Style: PART 42πŸ’― by Boss Maurice Chrystler Abay 5
yrsgtd SMALL TIME CONTEST#468πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 9
fchpjk SMALL TIME CONTEST#466πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 7
ivexxp πŸ’―MCMA 95 Pesos Draft Style: PART 41πŸ’― by Boss Maurice Chrystler Abay 8
gbsrpl RDC PM Draft by Boss Ronald Daryl Catindig 6
xgwfyj SMALL TIME CONTEST#465πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 7
jcvpyb SMALL TIME CONTEST#464πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 7
ikxifs MM15 Draft 2 by Boss Mico Maniego 7
ngtmhs SMALL TIME CONTEST#463πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 7
ivenew SMALL TIME CONTEST#462πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 5
aeiqqm SMALL TIME CONTEST#461πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 8
luhrad ‼️DRAFT STYLE CONTEST 3.0‼️ by Boss Christian Marc 6
rxheyn SMALL TIME CONTEST#460πŸ™‚ by Boss RM 7
hpemlv SMALL TIME CONTEST#459 by Boss RM 10
qhlomp SMALL TIME CONTEST#457 by Boss RM 6
quwqnk SMALL TIME CONTEST#454πŸ™‚ by boss RM 9
ciatfc Year End Pasasalamat draft πŸ₯³ by Boss RJ Legaspi Tingzon 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —