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Giveaways by MichelM (40)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Eastern time)
rmunnx Geiger Main , 3
dqrtbw Geiger STB F 3
xonste Geiger STB E 3
dulanm Geiger STB D 3
bseupu Geiger STB c 3
dljqke Geiger STB B 3
hlcuob Geiger STB A 3
jmionz Valcambi Main// 3
yuvwgw Valcambi Main/ 3
xphape Valcambi STB C/ 3
bfanqu Valcambi STB B / 3
iimvfy Valcambi STB A / 3
yuxmvd QB Main .. 3
pfhrss Queen Beast STB B.. 3
dhxtez Queen Beast . STB A 3
iumhdv J.M Main 3
nzfqjx J.M STB E 3
efobqa J.M STB D 3
zgzsih J.M STB C 3
qbotzf J.M STB B 3
tcupiz J.M STB A 3
ppgkfg Valcambi Main.. 3
hqvkcg Valcambi STB D.. 3
npkggm Valcambi STB C.. 3
zhnwfn Valcambi STB B .. 3
zigwir Valcambi STB A .. 3
rlnuga King Charles STB Main 3
zmipae King Charles STB G 3
akjrkw King Charles STB G 3
tlokmz King Charles STB F 3
mwosvz King Charles STB E 3
ibkmku King Charles STB D 3
wrthpk King Charles STB C 3
cllaxd King Charles STB B 3
xxjhau King Charles STB A 3
dmnega Charles STB A 3
tldrtd Queen Beast Main,, 3
bbxgdi Queen Beast STB C, 3
tkcmnj Queen Beast STB B, 3
gbkaxn Queen Beast STB A, 3

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —