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Giveaways by Philip Wong (29)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
jiuysn Westbrook One Auto JD 8
sezfia Print SM 8
mgjazn Mini JG 9
foinnm Addison Helmet AL 9
kmlszu Kamara/Dobbs NT Dual Patch CG 8
ajvtfa 98 Topps Jordan Roundball SV 8
tkvjaz Garnett Frame SM 6
kcechj Mini MF 9
ysuikl Brees Exquisite Auto MZ 9
eriuvi Giannis Prizm CF 8
pmhcpd Mini MF 7
ynoepq Stand KC 7
znjyvx Niners CL 10
jxywzq Seahawks CL 10
wtuvmj MB: Mixer Filler LL 12
mnxumc MB: NT BKB 4-1 LL 5
yokcyh MB: NT BKB 4-1 LL 5
ouvuzw Mahomes Prizm RWB CO 8
zybaus 87 Bellingham Griffey JG 8
trayfn Lawrence Prizm Disco SV 10
pjulgh Purdy Prizm RWB RS 8
eghmsc Main JD 5
lanssi Mini JD 5
koizia Choice CP 6
npxnfh Posada BB MF 5
kcupye Ali Frame KN 9
eyxrmf Mini HB 10
onutkr Jeter Pristine Auto PS 8
zcybzz Addison Helmet CP 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —