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Giveaways by Victor Hernandez (30)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Arizona time)
gzzphm Q2 Bengals vs Chiefs Numeros 7
mrndng Q2 Bengals vs Chiefs 9
idzfwp Q1 Eagles vs 49ers numbers 7
xfospe Q1 Eagles vs 49ers list 11
lvzcbk Mini break 4 9
atumhf Ray Mini 7
kozfeg Ray micro 8
tkvyzr Q2 Cowgirls vs Weiners numbers 9
ynkzco Q2 Cowgirls vs Weiners 8
xgtncz Q1 Bills vs Bengals names 8
qnsiyv Q1 Bills vs Bengals 11
swjnqh Q3 Giants vs Eagles numbers 9
ksngcq Q3 Giants vs Eagles 9
kcfpoa Q2 Chiefs Vs Jags numbers 9
ulcaug Q2 Chiefs Vs Jags 8
hxpvdj Q1 Chiefs Vs Jags numbers 8
ybxtli Q1 Chiefs Vs Jags 9
nmxyro Q1 Cowgirls vs Bucs numbers 11
mcldrm Q1 Cowgirls vs Bucs 8
ampqju Q3 Bengals Vs Ravens Numbers 10
cylzgk Q3 Bengals Vs Ravems 11
midydw Q2 Giants vs Vikings Numbers 8
ffwsgb Q2 Giants vs Vikings Order 10
arejmb Q1 Bills vs Dolphins numbers 9
idvzjp Q1 Bills vs Dolphins Orden 11
rrogcg Q2 Chargers vs Jags Numeros 8
ipmurn Q2 Chargers vs Jags Orden 7
mausur Q1 49ers vs Seahawks numbers 9
bqongb Q1 49ers vs Seahawks 12
mueqba What to be 14

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —