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Giveaways by Neil Parker (34)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Michigan time)
cikzqx 10oz Engelhard Main 15
imkdkl 1oz Engelhard Main 12
tmgvan 10oz Engelhard Bull Main 7
zpnzke 1oz Engelhard Lot Main 12
gpuulc 1oz Engelhard Lot F5 11
suvnjv 1oz Engelhard Lot F4 16
yfbbrk 1oz Engelhard Lot F3 14
lpqhun 1oz Engelhard Lot F2 11
rhqctb Engelhard Lot f1 9
akfasp 5oz Silvertowne Bar Main 12
rrwymv 1g choice main 8
mvehqt 5oz Silvertowne F1 12
etvoxx 5oz Silvertowne Mini 1 5
xihzwz 1g Choice Main 8
fyeqde 1g Choice 11
jenmtv 10oz Scotty Meatloaf Main 11
olpphj Raphael 1945 dos F5 13
yocviw Raphael 1945 dos F4 9
whlsua 10oz Scotty Meatloaf f2 7
hdyrxx 10oz Scotty Meatloaf f2 11
psqqkw 10oz Scotty Meatloaf f1 12
msfzpd 1oz Choice 11
wqhusn Inflation 1oz Main 12
edvtkn 1oz Golden State 13
fxnqcp Raphael fatal main 8
grxtno Batman 13
zmfiom 1oz Pamp 12
tshnnj 10oz Engelhard Main 13
evavwp 10oz Engelhard F6 15
aavkku 10oz Engelhard F5 7
jolgyz 10oz Engelhard F4 5
xjpvzj 10oz Engelhard F3 9
mutdhf 10oz Engelhard F2 8
ttvxye 10oz Engelhard F1 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —