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Giveaways by Neil Parker (39)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Michigan time)
wmsqwm 100g Scotty Dragon Main 9
qfjaft 100g Scotty Dragon f2 7
msjnvs 100g Scotty Dragon 14
fyeufa MK pizza Main 7
lwanoi 25g Knife Main 14
rtcqxy 3oz COFFIN Main 12
kdmrox 3oz COFFIN f4 13
fvisot 3oz COFFIN f3 12
jzriga 3oz COFFIN f2 8
pypksz 3oz COFFIN f1 15
tylyfn 0.5oz Main 11
sefamf Yoda 11
qwlbuw 2 - 1oz Vintage bars Main 6
lflini 2 - 1oz Bars fatal 9
wilizu 0.5g Gold Skull MAIN RD2 11
hxuwje 0.5g Gold Skull f1 RD2 10
lfetek 0.5g Gold Skull f2 RD2 8
gntesd 0.5g Gold Skull Main 15
jlkiyp 0.5g Skull f2 11
tuzgfx 0.5g Skull f1 9
kjwagu Kilo Main 10
rxcloj Kilo M4 Main 10
tvzehe Kilo M4F4 11
sdcnmr Kilo M4F3 6
hmyjlc Reverse Proof Set MAIN 12
pwfedm Kilo M4F2 9
ckwyhx Reverse Proof Set F5 10
xrkvgl Reverse Proof Set F4 9
tricpb Reverse Proof Set F3 8
tqnxcp Reverse Proof Set F2 14
wjrfhz Reverse Proof Set F1 9
gefmyz Kilo M4F1 9
bmhvpi Mini #3 kilo 11
jlubfp Kilo M3f5 12
idqpow Kilo M3F4 13
lvguow Kilo M3F3 10
sbgufw Kilo M3f2 13
otmatj Kilo M3f1 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —