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Giveaways by Wild West Ventures (64)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Mountain time)
ywipup Spy point 4
fbyuji Copper oil rig 8
ezqbbj scratchers 9
hprcti blanket round 2 4
fryalb Brown Faux Fur Throw Blanket Size 60” x 80” 4
sbbffo Nov 26th choices! 3
kmhcqj Black creek in black comes with two boxes of feed 10
ptvoal Long pew pew of choice 7
rfozwr Closer up mini black creek open to the main only till morning then I’ll post it up on the group as it’s own post. 10
lewvxb Ninja CFP301C DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System, Single-Serve, Pod, and 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker 10
cciuar Final mini here in the comments coffee 4
ltnjib Close it up long pew pew choices big boy style 9
urjcxx mens stocking nov 24 3
hatpgr combo 3 nov 24 7
cmpbwe 2500 win your way in mini 9
oteutf Pick 2nov 22 2
fvwfcf Morgan combo 2 7
lvghwr Morgan combo nov 20 5
bmandn Henry 17hmr 👉🏻two boxes of feed come with it 9
euakaa Marlin 7
wlnrpm Final Henry mini open to all 6
nvvscv Henry 17 mini open to everyone 4
ddnrhh Happy Hippo nov 18 5
hjqdiu live scope nov 18 10
vrwyhy NOCO Boost HD 6
qrkovq Final live scope ice bundle mini 4
thnups Combo closer final live scope mini and booster pack 9
ljfxvg $500 cash up one winner 7
bjijma Member of the month 2.0 7
zljhze Pick 3 9
cphylu Combo filler final live scope ice bundle and $500 cash up 7
hkgcgn Black creek 5
dgbgcy Nov choices 5
bkphvu Henry 17hmr (edit)👉🏻two boxes of feed come with it 9
qwdtns 10 spot live scope ice bundle mini 2 6
kjdilz Black creek mini 10 stickers open to the main only 7
hrcaps Combo closer for the Henry and the live scope mini 4
fjlmkp Live scope ice bundle 9 spot mini leaving 9 in the main. 7
yewfwa Combo mini time 8
umbxzy Combo closer for the combo mini 8
msttrb Nov choices mini 3 8
zgogah Combo closer for the combo mini 9 not completed
xmotza Christmas Charity 50/50 9
upymco 100 anything November 9 5
mdtfeo STEVENS 334 BOLT ACTION RIFLE, 308 WIN, 20" BARREL, BLACK STOCK comes with 4 boxes of feed. 7
muqdvk Final Stevens or choices 7 spots one winner 8
dkwbkk Nov choices mini 2 7
lhdnam Stevens of choice 10 spot mini 1 winner 9
ovwcxv 10 spot live scope ice bundle mini 8
hwlmwg November choices mini? 7
qlpkne 2 Fixed Raptor Claw Knife free one 5
coaneg 2 Fixed Raptor Claw Knife,Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Tactical Knives 8
hvruaq 2 Fixed Raptor Claw Knife,Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Tactical Knives 9
ithmsp Combo closer and survival kit 8
blgyax Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit - Fixed Blade Full Tang Handle Portable Butcher Game Processor Set 5
kdfbmt 100 anything nov 6 8
aahrvw ENOKING Serbian Chef Knife 6.7 Inch Meat Cleaver Forged Chef Butcher Knife Full Tang 9
muxxsi Large CUSTOM Acrylic LED mirror (measurement 26.7” x 13.3” 5
gsuhrd Morgan combo 6
gtgirp Savage cal of choice 10
viigtw Closer up open to the main only winner takes the last four in this savage choices 6
lmwzry Last 4 winner takes all open to you guys only binos 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —