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Giveaways by Richard Smee (46)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
zlojmx Iwo jima 6
yprhxr Hero main 7
xokvur Gangster Scrooge set main 10
nilesi Scrooge f3 set 8
rfqqsq Scrooge set f2 11
xawcju Scrooge set f1 7
ytxbtz Scary octopus main 7
pfcetq Scary octopus f1 10
idtwll Scrooge main diner 7
imwjob Gangster Scrooge f1 7
bazqco Tiger 1g main 12
kjkucg Tiger g f2 8
lhlvxg Tiger g f1 9
wijcxh 1g m diner 6
ugglcw 1g f1 10
dsdzzb Bidens icecream 10
weqdrj 10pz f1 7
hervts Main 1g 6
prqesz Diner f2 1g 11
tbnywo Perth 1g f1 6
nhjacd Jm 10
vntzff Doyle 9
dvipog H2h doyle 10
jerqos Main dine g 8
likktf F1 dine g 7
kgjimu Chucky 6
bteksu Gaw stamp 7
auyvzo Allen diner slab 7
mohgzu Driving Scrooge diner main 6
jxcixv Diving diner f1 9
dmfrxl Panda diner 7
cpydbs Diner 50g f1 9
oqytut Beavis main 100up 8
mbjswe Beavis f3 100up 7
svnsqb Diner fatal 9
yqgxdf Diner main Beavis 7
nqfghz Beavis diner f2 8
zztmvx Beavis f2 100up 8
zgkivw Beavis 100up f1 8
jezvkr Beavis f1 diner 12
tksaat 1oz dragon diner 9
asycmu Moiz diner 1 9
baqqmo Gold stamp 7
cttbct Monsters main diner 8
pgyuhs Minsters diner f2 7
jdatdg Monster diner f1 10

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —