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Giveaways by duke fountain (30)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
fvwmet ruger precision 308 Main Draw 3
zdivmr mini b for ruger precision 3
curioi mini A for ruger precision 3
jevmtp kel-tec sub 2000 9mm 3
vwacmb ruger american compact 7mm-08 3
zznwmp henry mares leg 22lr 3
evskma chiappa 45/70 main 3
efwqen final mini for chiappa 45/70 3
tnbczn mini A for chiappa 45/70 3
foirbp tikka t3x 243 3
rivypm MAIN DRAW for 100oz silver asahi bar 3
kdkbks final mini for 100 oz asahi silver bar 3
clmujv mini D for 100 oz silver asahi bar 3
wqdtnb mini C for 100 oz asahi silver bar 3
tvuuhh tokarev svt-40 7.62x54r 3
xyveuq mini b 100oz Asahi silver 3
bluzmc mini A for 100 oz asahi 3
sxvigr kriss vector 22lr main draw 3
rlgwpv mini for kriss vector 3
plsqio marlin 336 30-30 3
glvaah mrx bison 5.56 main 3
skxeru beretta m1 garand main draw 3
djfcgp mini A for m1 garand 3
emgxrx antler arms 7mm main draw 3
nrijnx final mini for antler arms 3
zwgfdl mini B for antler arms 3
euwkil mini A for antler arms 3
oxtvni gsg 16 22lr 3
rwwdce ruger 10/22 forged barrel main draw 3
kblrfe mini for ruger 10/22 hammer forged 3

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —