Giveaways by Greg Carlson (278)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
uuvtsy Purple Judge for Jeff H 5
ootklf Purple Acuna for Ryan S 11
swqkwb Chrome Bichette for Bryan P 6
uolmtp Chrome Vlad for ERM 11
efedgw Series 2 Acuna for Eric S 9
qgxvsq Prizm Mayfield for ERM 6
bzszlc Freeman for Bryan P 7
qshzjl Kieboom 3rd run for MSG 7
kvpbbb Bowden/Deion for Justin F 8
fwdhph Round 2 for Preston R 8
yrrzyx Kieboom PSA 10 for MSG 9
swtbft Acunas for Shawn H 8
lxjwll Chrome Kieboom for MSG 9
jniwcp Bird/Magic rc for Preston R 6
autfvn Acuna 4 way for Doug B 6
eotcha Prizm Trae for Jayson A 5
xmfhdp 2000 Chrome Brady for Isaac O 6
aqyphy Silver Trae for Robert W 7
ciprme Chipper for Rizzy 6
sddnng Gleyber refr for Isaac O 8
zbtzqm Unparalleled filler 4 for MB 9
jkmnji Opulence filler #2 for MB 7
duyrib 2000 Chrome Brady for Isaac O 6
ylcqfo Mini for David C 8
tozulq MPJ for Greg O 6
echzxx Acunas for Bradley S 8
hetaqy Trout ball for Bradley B 7
kjauok Foreman helmet for Joe N 5
wzhpzl Gold Coin for Danny B 12
tnnpoz Chrome Correa for Mike G 10
xpsxkl Chrome Eloy for Mike G 9
ggexhy Hank Aaron for ETJ 8
essgss Chrome Bichette for Isaac O 7
mlvdyx Mini for ERM 4
uhqsyr Kirilloff refr for John T 8
aleftx Update Mookie for David C 7
rvqvts Chrome Bichettefor Christian J 8
ymlomw Red Luka for Clay C 5
xephvz Chrome JRod for Alex G 6
fmjmom Trout for Luke Y 11
xwdomu 5 oz lot for Ricky J 6
debkco Luka redemption for Red G 6
zelfbm Silver Trae for EKK 9
razuev Foil Jeter for Luke Y 10
bffzjd Filler one for MB 5
hlcqel Cartaya for Christopher P 6
vmxusf Winners Choice for Davey J 9
pfjafv Sotos for Paul R 11
rmsfca Silver Trump for Ricky J 9
kvazor Lukas for Tommy C 11
mrabxm Chrome Lebron for Isaac O 9
oksufr Chrome Bregman for Chuck R 9
ozcxeh Chrome Soto for ERM 8
qqvmps Yordan refr for KE 7
fmqvjo Hiura for Nolan J 7
vnpygd Devers refr for Jeff H 8
oamihy Yelich refr for ERM 6
mfnowm Mini for Preston R 10
rbfzdf Silver Shai for Greg O 7
gvpdlr JJJ for Greg O 11
eeyhvo Chrome Tatis for Dane S 6
fdvwek Chrome Wander for Robert W 7
aivxvu Blue Gleyber for ERM 7
lkcbsc Chrome Tatis for Todd L 8
rhnqvz Chrome Luciano for Eric S 9
oqnsbu Luka War for MDG 9
wgznqs Bryant/Rizzo for Nick P 8
isusgn Sterling Judge for Miles L 6
fruplo 5 ASEs for David O 9
rvresz Absolute Mayfield for Preston R 8
oaseyw Silver Trae for Greg O 7
qznrom MJ rc for Preston R 9
uzeeur Prizm Young for David W 7
uyakwg Luka for Robert W 7
hipqme 1g gold for Allen G 7
asrlwi Gold Betts for Vinnie K 8
ryhhii Chrome Moss for Rich C 8
ifzobd Silver Bagleys 6
kxkeaf Mini for Benjamin B 10
msnafp Chrome Bichette for Isaac O 11
isbuud Carded gold for Shawn P 7
juzphd Foil Jeter Joseph W 10
zuwgnu Flawless Rice 2 for Wes 9
hepblx Mariners filler for Jason U 7
voewqz Flawless Rice for Wes 9
puzgkm 83 Fleer Gwynn for Wes 9
pfwied Cardinals filler for Jason U 10
freepj 85 Puckett for Wes 5
ltxmaf Another stacker for David O 8
qcnxev 10 ounce stacker for David O 9
ffjiwm Mini for Brian H 6
nctxqu 3 Eagles for Ricky J 6
wxketu Five Eagles for Brandon O 9
ztfnfp Silver Bagley for David W 8
sggqhi 3 Eagles for Ricky J 5
iarogf Chrome Yordan for Brian H 9
oyrhte Chrome Yordan for Brian H 5
gmikmr Lucky auto for Starr 12
ngqzfr Bullion for David O 6
gnrssb Chrome Yordan for Ryan H 6
alubbd Chrome KD for Aiden B 7
sqqblt MJ refr for Alex R 8
rsrdam Crown Peach for David O 6
arbciv Trae Young for Vinnie K 8
jtdpef Barkley for Robert W 8
gwoles Optic random for MB 8
vprxni Optic list for MB 8
eyyjjz Mini for Vinnie K 8
nanxcr Bichette refr for James M 7
eeztjn Royce Lewis refr for Robert W 8
iydowt Flawless Curry for ERM 9
ikhuna Prizm Mayfield for Robert W 6
ywiygc Aikman rc for Tommy C 8
rbhnut Duncan refr for Preston R 10
lshmwp Silver Young for Preston R 6
ockzdq Prizm Ayton for Danny B 10
yyqkcz Chrome Soto for Bill T 8
abxlzl Kirilloff GEM for Jeff P 8
drxmvy Triple for ETJ 8
rnpgfb 50/50 Filler for MB 5
ysribq JRod refr for John W 11
tqhhpe MPJ Mojo for Jeff M 7
eknlgs 53 Topps Jackie Robinson PSA 3 6
oxaeci Blue Robles for Isaac H 7
avnvrm Soto for Vinnie K 8
mfzqgk 89 Donruss Griffey for Steve B 5
kpzump Drew Waters for Jason Y 7
uifwfh Update Trout for Bradley S 9
fdvnjz Bart and Homer for Ronnie K 6
ezsnfw Keisel for Anthony H 8
jjarle Five Star Marino for ETJ 7
ipskvo Immaculate filler 4 for MB 7
tgrsuy Luka for Christian J 10
flxgww Luka for Warren P 8
kimfmo Marino for ETJ 7
fsbcgs 5 ASE for Derek W 7
sdiyct Mini for JSH 8
ulizqf Chrome Acuna for Tommy C 6
clymyx Marino for Danny B 8
iighcy Trout for Bradley B 7
tzazjb Hitman for Paul S 9
pobyed Mini for Miles L 8
rhzeue Chrome Yordan for Ryan H 8
bbxxmv Last run Trout for Christian J 7
icgjio Chrome Bichette for MSG 8
jubrgk Trout for Christian J 10
kpxqas Acuna refr for Tommy C 8
utjnww Mini for David C 6
ochuha Lukas for Danny B 8
pcyanc Lukas for Danny B 8
jevibb Chrome Welker for Gabe Y 8
hzvgnd Vikes sign for Kelly S 6
xjglwj Moss ball for Robert S 6
vjfmja Main for Paul C 9
gldort Mini for Paul C 5
xzrlkg Heritage Benintedi for MSG 7
gomrrg Purple Freeman for Matt M 7
hqzhjc Chrome Bohm for MSG 9
jgeonr Chrome Nico for MSG 7
nkkdqx Acuna for Mark M 6
asbezx Luka for CF 7
bqrpuu Chrome Tatis for Shawn T 7
awvvfx Acunas for Jordan H 5
cypvtg Foil Jeter for Danny B 7
vwqmpq 62 Topps Mantle for Ryan T 11
pbkvgx Perez rc for Brad Z 10
wdwjjy Chrome Tucker for Max C 9
tenhlw 60 Mantle for Ryan T 8
oxakem Foil Jeter for Joe G 7
erzoau Mini for Robert S 8
ytzuqw Henderson rc for Brad Z 5
njvext Tatis for Robert F 7
lcnjzh 67 Mantle for RWS 7
yvjnxb Morgan rc for Brad Z 10
lyooct Vlad for Russ 11
yaubcw WTA for David C 7
ihswgn Gorman GEM for Tung N 10
tdomsj Chrome Bregman for Bradley S 6
gqoxen Griffeys for Moose 8
meeowa Top 3 for David C 6
puwlan Silver Bagley for Trent D 9
yueget Main for Patrick C 11
vcckhm Ronny GEM for Joseph R 11
lpjpnb Chrome Correa for Joseph R 10
mruglg Mini #2 for Patrick C 8
cnmvwh Silver rounds for Brian S 8
bdlhal Mini for Patrick C 7
uiyihw Barkley rc for Jason A 7
saqsyo MJ rc for DJ H 7
cfzrcw AJ Green for Kirk T 8
ohqodt Mini for David C 9
veosnz Encased teams for MB 6
bfzgip Encased list for MB 6
qnyobj Serial mini for David D 8
mqyngv Top 4 for MB 8
vxxosy Silver bar for Jeff H 6
bqdclu Heritage Acuna for Robert W 8
glyczc Pache/Rodriguez for Shawn T 8
jazcri Jesus Blue for Royce 10
vslzmu 1st and last for David C 8
kcxelb Dynasty Rizzo for Steve M 5
endyqj Pache refr for MSG 10
jvhwjt Chrome Gorman GEM for MSG 8
fqwday Prizm Ball for Tung N 10
vbhepa Yordan PSA 10 for Cam F 7
gqbvxx 65 Mantle for Glenn R 8
hmknwl 59 Clemente for Brad Z 7
nfzvpo Kamara for Paul S 11
ipcdpd Chrome Tatis for Jeff H 10
zbfdez Amazon cards for Grant D 11
nxcqxo Hiura for Tung N 7
efpkrd Bellinger for Alex B 8
lthlto Chrome Tatis for David C 7
kughyh WTA for Ricky J 7
yufhap Green Vientos for ERJ 9
qmcpdj Main for Joe W 5
wcblzw Redo for Trent D 9
nhuiny Posey redo for Paul S 7
ajniot Final mini for Joe W 11
eqysqq Posey for Paul S 7
sgalxg Silver Trae for Danny B 7
yxprkl Purple Acuna for Jason Y 7
enqfic Filler #1 for Joe W 5
ylddes 5g gold for John W 7
hgztcj 2 Bagleysfor Danny B 8
klmesu Bird and Buffs for Ricky J 8
xtimnq 52 Bowman Berra for Paul C 9
clasya Tek Trout for Josh G 11
oqplhl Speed Authentics for Joe W 8
xmdjor Chrome Bregman for Bradley S 6
vtspuj Chrome Yordan for Tung N 8
czarkb Gorman round 2 for Isaac H 6
qwanua Chrome Betts for Sam G 6
tvkvvk Chrome Baez for Timothy F 8
acplwd Hiura refr for Mike G 8
hkozsp Chrome Ramos for Bradley S 9
inornj Chrome Gorman for Isaac H 8
qqjceu Yordan refr for Joseph R 9
ffylsl Prizm Young for Mike S 6
lupiue Gold for Logan W 8
jlwdsw Tube of Eagles for Ricky J 7
xsszbh Blue White for AJ K 10
rpowyz Silver for Ricky J 7
eeiwdy Wander Base GEM for Kyle G 10
mgfaro Main for Preston R 9
rdgzjl MJ refr for Alex R 10
pyrwon 5 Stackers for Gary E 9
wvrsaz Purple Gorman for Mike G 6
adklhm Chrome Bichette for Kyle B 7
drcvus 2011 Bowman Chrome Trout for Danny B 6
itpscp 2001 SP Pujols for Wesley L 10
xpibjw Chrome Kirilloff for Mike G 7
yzzozn 2 Silver Bagleys for Danny B 12
mmugff Blue Julio Rodriguez for AP 6
abgktc Foil Jeter for ERJ 9
uotaau Purple Luciano for Isaac H 6
sufmby Soto Foil for Eamon 7
nwulfe Tube of Eagles for Miles L 9
qqepmw Mini for Howie F 10
iqaapr Sweetness rc for Preston R 9
mxskhc Blue Yordan for Isaac O 9
jvcqbm Blue Luciano for Terry G 7
oufgni Mini for Howie F 7
ojihkv Contenders Mayfield for Preston R 7
lmkkfs Luke Cage for Nick B 6
nubxgz Hiura for Mike G 12
nbyqsm Kirilloff refr for Doug R 12
bdgvbe Silver Tatum for Will G 7
cgntll AG Padres for Jason U 7
teoqgm Bart GEM for Isaac O 8
nkcvuq AG BlueJays for Jason U 5
psgitw Chrom Yordan refr for Matt D 7
fepouy Yordan refr for Matt D 7
snxujk Brees for Preston R 10
rfovey Betts for Ken G 11
rlzbau Blue Trae for Cody W 9
qtryhs Curry for Jason A 9
ktzipu Green Haseley for Isaac H 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —