Giveaways by Greg Carlson (499)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
iajfym Orange Lauri for Kevin G 5
rszcej Sexton 1/1 for Brian H 6
tckvsh Deadpool for Brian H 11
nahsbr Heritage Trout for Aaron M 9
fxuadv Silver Luka for Jerry N 9
maqesm Update Trout for Aaron M 7
awgfeu Luka for Grant D 7
qhskfq Silver Luka for Grant D 11
paztbl Chrome Gleyber for Deecee 10
ipjgmt Mini for Nick B 7
frglkr Silver Luka for Grant D 10
ipnriu Silver Luka for Brad M 8
gvrtqj Luka for BS 11
socnii Silver Luka for BS 8
tnsgkh Vlad dime for Kevin G 8
pmuqmo Yeezys for Logan W 8
tcilan Top 2 for Rick H 13
oxvaap Main for Michael T 8
jrobqx Mini for Steve H 9
qmvlyp Mini for Michael T 7
hqmdde Top 2 for RIck H 14
byuvqy Orange Nova for John E 8
mifach ASE lot for David O 11
kaogka 89 UD set for Kirk T 7
puovcp DWade for ETJ 8
yxalev Amazon cards for mike G 7
ppduik Silver Luka for Red G 7
tychka Silver Luka for Grant D 9
iqxcjs Acuna lot for Timothy P 7
mzrpue Sweetness rc for David D 6
ncxeai Bagley 2 for Nick B 12
igzriu Collins for Jeremy W 12
dhtcww Silver Bagley for Nick B 11
gqsymv ASEs for Phillip R 6
wiajdp Top 2 for Rick H 15
jfvpwv Main for Phillip R 11
cqmuiw Mini for Phillip R 7
phugiz Tek Ripken for Barry B 9
siecmd Silver round for Kyle S 6
zblpxe 59 Hank Aaron for Steve L 8
mfwata Luka for Danny B 9
ubtrtz Chrome Tucker for Zach P 9
pubgqp Mega top 11 for Kenny H 9
nlcyjw Chrome Alonso for Rob F 8
zhibnf ASE Tube for Miles L 6
fwwbmg Luka for Brad M 8
nqjcwl John Randle for Paul S 8
icblek 2nd run Petterrson for Trent D 7
nboshh DU Pettersson for Trent D 8
hqzhdf Silver Luka for Tony B 7
vbkgew Prizm Bagley for Greg O 6
sqphkb Freebie for AP 8
rvtiud Blue Orelvis for ERM 8
pzxqtf Update Trout for Aaron M 8
agwawm Silver Luka for Brad M 7
fynvyn 96 MJ for James U 6
ndopsf Silver Luka for Grant D 6
klgogd Silver Luka for Jan Adrian 7
cjchit Silver Rounds for David O 8
sogxkx Scotty stackers for Danny B 6
tbwdwk Stacker 3 for Danny B 8
wzmqvh Luka for John N 9
ochpyp 69 Mantle for Bob D 8
mwgeao Luka for Charles M 7
gyhpxo Silver Trae for Ryan H 10
gqagmx Mayfield for Anthony C 10
ozspur Rivera ball for Howie F 6
aqwsjl Update Trout for Stacy M 10
fctoji Acuna for Steve H 9
luessb Luka for BS 10
aokcxo Luka for JSD 6
bhbajb Luka for Dan S 11
pxszat Blue Marte for Dylan W 7
veynpp 52 Topps cards for Jason Y 10
ddsmfz Silver Luka for CF 6
unmyka Top 2 for Rick H 8
qqqmzc Silver Mitchell for Gosh J 8
tzvien Luka for BS 9
ezbeui Silver Luka for CF 9
xpldcf Silver Luka for Kyle S 9
fmsrxd Silver Luka for Brian S 6
dqjgyc Update Acuna for Michael T 8
iolpal Blue Gleyber for ERM 9
sjpvuo Topps Chrome KD for Curtis L 10
xgzglz Silver Luka for Jeremy N 6
iiuldg Silver Luka for Grant D 11
qnwkcc 58 Cepeda for Jason Y 8
bnbxij Acunas for Eric M 8
sybsmx Silver Luka for Red G 9
ryfbao Ayton for Michael T 7
kzgzpg Ball choice for Howie F 5
bkquxr Luka for Maynor 10
rijbqp Luka for Jeff H 6
ajxkcr Vikes Yeti for Troy R 8
bsgcuc Acuna for Michael T 11
anqwuj 89 UD Griffey for David O 7
tgkojg Silver Luka for Grant D 7
rkgcoy Stacker for Kyle S 7
wdekuh Acuna Soto for Tony B 7
xofroy Silver Luka for Phillip R 8
lgonyq Mini for Joseph C 8
dwgncf Prizm Fox for Danny B 9
hpgpyf Box for AP 7
igfkfo Acuna for Tony B 6
saykep Silver bar for Benjamin M 5
ywzath Silver bar for Kyle S 6
gzeapt Stafford for ETJ 6
orvmvz 64 Mantle for Brian K 7
kgcvjv Prizm Giannis for Eric M 8
llwlsw Stafford for ETJ 7
qfkdob Lebron for Grant D 7
wqqkff Luka for Eric L 6
ugoset Wax choice for Howie F 7
bpphch Triple White for Michael T 11
uujctd Tube choice for Ricky J 7
lqzgdg 4 way tube for Danny B 5
aslswt Silver Trae for Tony B 10
loqvax Silver Trae for Huy 9
omvjyc Bagley for Steven K 8
rtboqr Blue Noelvi for Matt L 10
qfezgz Banks for Moose 7
yxkptw Robert GEM for Travis O 11
oqozbp Stacker for Mike P 8
xdchde Another coin for Kay K 5
dsxahr 2009 tube for Danny B 5
qpiymw Ebay card for John M 7
yhikme Silver coin for Kay K 10
rsjvfi Silver JJJ for Jeremy W 7
vfyogl Silver coin for Kay K 11
xmjnfr Another coin for Kay K 8
hupoyh Silver Luka for Mayner 7
vhszox Lunar goat coin for Kay K 8
xwkrrk Silver Luka for Brian L 10
naeyfp Silver Luka for Andrew D 6
iqubym Amazon card for John M 6
sfrhld Goat coin for Kay K 8
iqtccl Gleyber for Jae 6
hpznuj Silver for Justin P 5
hvskvt Stackers for Bob D 8
tmcsym Luka for BS 7
klhctr Silver coin for Kay K 9
nmoohz Silver round for Kay K 9
dpzyta Mini for Ricky J 7
ozsbej Silver Luka for Grant D 8
akibrh Silver Luka for Mark M 6
fxwifr Silver round for Kay K 9
ujxfde Silver Luka for Dan S 10
ytmviw Silver JJJ for Devin B 7
onosuv Sextons for Devin B 8
wiowjs Luka for Jeff H 7
rooboq Main for Phillip R 10
mgsyii MPJ for Grant D 11
pdfxjc Silver MPJ for Michael T 9
yyujxw Silver Trae for Griffin A 11
pxiabv Prizm Ayton for Jeff M 8
uujfmf Prizm Bagley for Jeff M 10
jzdwpp Top 2 for Mike P 7
pjegkp Mini for Phillip R 7
jscivo 4way 3 for Andrew M 8
jqgjdm Silver Luka for Grant D 7
tghqrf Matt Damon for Ike T 8
tnfxdu Silver Luka for Maynor 9
ljwqpv MPJ for Grant D 6
ekibhh Silver for Andrew M 12
yzgqip Silver bar for David O 7
aroskh Kyler for Grant 9
rqrexd 250g bar for Andrew M 5
ctsbvi Acuna for Rob F 7
mxjpiy Silver Luka for Isaac H 11
jaevoc MJ for Robert M 6
owjxri Acuna for Greg O 7
osgeba Eaglie roll for Ricky J 7
oszctf Silver Luka for Kev K 7
astshe White Lion for Miles L 7
pravmv Acuna for Michael T 9
qrbskq Gold rounds for Andrew M 9
qdepbo Silver Luka for BS 6
fnmujz Silver bars for David O 7
cpcpjo Blue Luka for CF 6
ajqaqb Silver coins for Andrew D 9
ufwiqj Gold for Michael T 9
hqrafr 4 Banger for Ronnie K 5
sgesli Silver MPJ for Philip R 12
izsnkf Silver Luka for Jeremy W 9
vxciks Silver rounds for Andrew D 8
wawwpv BAM for ETJ 6
dadkjf Acunas for Rob F 9
kwguzm Trae for David O 10
qvuajm Martinez 5
rusiwa 1g gold for Kev K 5
ihgvhn Silver Luka for Grant D 7
wqyovq Devers for Grant D 9
klwxwv Lebron for Michael T 8
mfhxgd Top 2 for Rick H 7
xrrthb AD for Seth B 10
qdelvc 500 HR Club ball for Howie F 11
toycuu Prizm Luka for Kev K 7
vtvyaq Silver Luka for Grant D 7
uhjsds Mini 3 for Wesley L 9
lakfzt Pink Soto for Chrarles M 10
qjxcfa Pete Alonso for Ryan A 9
jvxfkh Mini for Logan W 5
nshnvv 2 Winners for David O 10
otlruy Top 2 for David O 9
papiei Giants filler for Jason U 8
ndztzf Final Acunas for Rob F 7
rzagul Acunas for Rob F 6
fymxkr Gorman GEM for Tony B 10
gmrxjb Acunas for Brad M 9
zyegbm Acunas for Rob F 11
eflogl JRod refr for Macy Rob 9
cidazo Stafford for ETJ 8
hpgeut TTT Triple for Robert W 9
zrdeyf Luka for Michael T 9
tbzdjl Rerun for CF 9
wwezyj Top 3 for David O 7
dzkkbl Mini for Macy Rob 8
yilkiz Another Trae for Grant D 7
egdmer 2 stackers for Danny B 8
vardkr Trae for Grant D 9
nrytxw Silver Trae for Grant D 6
vtzwfk Shai for Dustin N 8
vxrvsd Kilo stacker for Kyle S 8
qeahqv Yordan for CF 12
umxuvx 10oz 6 way for Mike P 7
bvddsi Silver Luka for Logan W 10
deufja Kelenic for David C 6
rbdjhr 5 oz bar for Kay k 5
jexxqh 2 stackers for Danny B 10
vwkipx Purple Canario for Max E 10
emsnkf Top 3 for David O 7
ynupts 52 Campanella for Jason Y 6
cefmny Top 2 for Preston R 9
nqqvjb Chrome Robert for Isaac O 8
ebanko Chrome Robert for Isaac O 5 not completed
ucivox Trae Young for John W 7
runxbq Luka for CF 6
qittog Stacker 2 for David O 8
dosopb Canseco rc for Robert F 8
uzgcuz 5 ASEs 2 for David O 9
itkrwe 50/50 Stacker for Matt R 11
ullibo Silver Prizm Luka for Grant D 12
ffhuyd Vikes Yeti for Troy R 8
mepizi Stacker for David O 8
noogbn Gold for Kay K 9
wkbprs Bowman Chrome Trout for Danny B 5
dbzmgo Main for ERM 7
jggrxx Top 2 for Rick H 9
vqfzma 3 Deep for Ike E 8
gqgwlh Ichiro for John W 6
chzqtq Prizm Luka for Logan W 7
bqntpt Silver stacker for Brian S 11
ttbcfc Green Canario for Jeremy B 6
zbnuyz Vikes tumbler for Troy R 11
gacqmk Mini for ERM 7
yordtv Silver Luka for Jeff M 8
ugacti Wander refr for ERM 8
tuslyx 1g gold for Kay K 7
tjbxkn Silver Trae for Phillip R 7
cgwzpj Sliver bar for Benjamin M 5
ghspsf Gold coin for Jeff M 8
rdddrh Pete Alonso for John W 7
amkecj Last 1 for BS 9
nuwihc Silver bars for Jeff M 8
isxbwa Optic Trae for Rob F 10
igejtm Prizm Silver Trae Young for BS 6
sptwsr 5 ASEs for David O 7
aaqlou Foil Jeter for Kev K 7
rkvdfk Trae Young for BS 5
ndwupz Silver Trae for BS 8
xbsfkt Silver Trae for BS 9
zmwvjz Silver Trae for BS 12
spytfv Acuna 4 way for ERM 8
embymu Blue Bagleyf or CF 7
xprkgz 6 way for David O 12
pirgro Kilo stacker for Danny B 5
zkntpy Traes for BS 5
xyqfou Watsons for Charles Z 11
nhetvr Silver Bagley for Danny B 8
bygzzk Acuna for Logan W 7
fljans Prizm Luka for Danny B 6
lvidag Silver Trae for Grant D 7
hvwrjt Silver Luka for Grant D 10
nfljsv Gold for Kay K 9
jntfnj Silver Luka for Grant D 8
uwsyyl Chrome Tucker for Brad M 10
lmsjdd Chrome Tatis for Danny B 11
dxiocx WTA for Andrew B 6
oebpsv WTA for Andrew B 6 not completed
vzmmjy Brewers filler for Jason U 7
xfmoys Blue Jays filler for Jason U 7
aagxzp Silver Luka for Red G 7
fnylih HTA boxes for BS 11
nujket Mini for Jason M 6
nzioux Ohtani for Donny F 6
veyzgg Luka for Danny B 8
dccxhh Purple Luciano for Matt L 7
liwhkp Flawless Jones for Brian H 10
pokjxi Mini for Kyle G 8
ydsqgl 4 way for BCW 7
sxmzqz Top 4 for Andrew B 7
lsyvsp Silver Luka for Vince P 7
uxkfjt 6 way for BM 7
wxcuyf Mini for Steve W 3
lrjjsb Box 5 and 6 for BS 7
syaxst Blue Wave Alonso for ERM 9
mzxxvl Kangaroo for Kyle S 5
afyfdp Winners Choice for Trystan W 8
tqbykc Stacker 2 for Danny B 9
cuzmou Stacker for Danny B 6
cezanc Single Stacker for Ricky J 6
gxhrqq 5 ASEs for David O 9
uovoxn Acuna for Gabe Y 9
rarhxn 10 franc for Tim B 8
vaghse Test for Eric L 8
ybpxby Soto for Logan W 8
llbpln Acuna for Logan W 7
ikhpcw Blue Waters for David C 6
xzerhu Inception Trout for ERM 5
ewfzdz Final filler for John G 8
iumxgz Purple Luis Robert for Tony B 6
rjdmcs Lamar Jackson for Christian J 6
scenel Mini 2 for Steve W 7
edzjxh Spiderman for Brad Z 7
zbjrpo Soto for Sean S 10
uhjswh Main for Greg H 7
iuxzsq Mini for Greg H 9
ftkzhh 2g gold for Derek W 6
mosvyx Acunas for Logan W 7
uuroqd Mini 2 for Michael T 6
vmpozr Yeezy for Gary J 7
sjankz Acuna for Rex 6
ofdynh Foil Jeter for Danny B 7
ttmehp 4 Banger for Gary E 12
trzfac Baker for Matt L 10
lotrgd Winners Choice for AP 11
lqwqkw Main for John E 9
uxdapr Mini for John E 10
xotjeo Dream Team for Brian S 8
grjaqv Mini 1 for AP 7
ybpgiu Main for Eric C 11
tjyhjn Mini #2 for Eric C 7
vykrbn Blue Koffenstein for Bobby N 11
nfwhgh Chrome Bregman for Jae K 7
szpkjv Jumbo box for BS 6
xifwhf Mini 1 for Eric C 8
wbpzqp Main for Nelson Y 7
oworlq Silver Luka for Tony B 9
cerguj Mini 2 for Nelson Y 8
xsrifj Flawless Lamar Jackson 12
ainthp Traes for Danny B 7
lniswz Gold Wave Tatis for ERM 10
oftrry Silver Luka for JSD 7
qocnzp Gold Panda for Tim B 12
zbfqtg Silver Luka for Grant D 6
wiqviw Spiderman for Ses D 10
tphxtq Silver Luka for Jeff H 6
jvpntk Blue Waters for David C 10
rixgde Chrome Bregman for Jae K 6
owpbcj PSA 10 Acuna for Greg O 6
hvwwuv Update Acuna for Logan W 7
cvbpnd Acuna for Greg O 7
saqdtq Silver Luka for JSD 11
ycwbel Silver Luka for John C 6
npjvsm Chrome Hays PSA 10 for Royce 5
qgqhzd Bird DR Magic for Jereme B 8
dthcnd Kyler for Jeremy J 5
wsudiz Serena for Brad Z 8
bnhigy Round 2 for Nick B 6
sriyoy Watson Rerun for ERM 6
whyvfn 650 Top Loaders for Kirk T 8
qrvmys 69 Mantle for David O 12
patvqd Mini #1 for Craig T 9
rapapi Optic Watson for ERM 8
cpdcbd Mini for Doug B 12
lgcuir Mahomes for David C 6
ytbado Silver Luka for Grant D 12
rybbeg Silver Luka for Isaac O 6
umxkso Mini #2 for Preston R 7
zmsaoq Luka for Isaac O 7
guugml Chrome Carlson for Shawn H 6
xluyjw Top 2 for Jason U 10
swfhln Dak for Jereme B 6
kxfifv Foil Jeter for Vince P 8
isbazs Box 2 for Kirk T 9
xnbslp 67 Mays for Brad Z 9
xgdbew Mahomes for Danny B 10
dujtap Seth Beer for BS 5
ysfiad Xmen for Ses D 10
xgnpbb Lewis refr for Aaron M 8
jjaqyw Five Star Ozzie Smith for Brandon J 8
zimnoc Prizm Ayton for Brian S 11
emnxfp Silver Luka for Brian S 9
ezkhbs Diggs 11x14 for Robert S 10
omwgaq Silver Luka for Danny B 11
elqwcf Silver Luka for BS 7
gbovzd Luka for BS 8
rcnoyj Redo for Rex 8
lglnsz Blue Nico for Rex 5
yxvtut Contenders Luka for JSD 7
mkcbaf Spawn for Seth 6
zcoglv Luka for Danny B 9
aglbeg 4way for Scott D 5
gzizah 57 Hank for Brad Z 9
atxqlq 2 silver bars for Mark M 7
rsoqyk Acuna for Ricci L 8
thgvhs 67 Mantle for Brad Z 5
amxnxb 65 Mays for Brad Z 10
vszvwu Purple Canario for John M 10
yawvsu Barkley for Tommy V 12
czoxcc 58 Mays for Brad Z 7
xokxpe Mclaurin for Jason F 8
iracwf 58 Mantle for Brad Z 6
jlzblh Luka for Wes 8
zvdkrh Freebie for ERM 7
fooxwq Base Robert for Travis O 7
cqdrnx Hobby Box for Kirk T 7
sxvhcs Kiner auto for Kirk T 8
rthmxa Contenders Dak for Jereme B 8
atgqas 5g gold for Ricky J 7
ftiwps Kaboom Saquon for Charles R 8
bztrzq Carter for Adam L 8
mofgdh 2000 Bowman Brady PSA 10 6
crvhyo Chrome Mauricio for Grant 6
wpwlew Tube for Danny B 9
mvswhi WTA for Chad E 8
ssrfwx Prizm Luka for Wes 7
rzaeom Silver Luka for Wes 6
dsfpmu Silver coins for Gary E 6
kzhhin AG Acuna for Clay C 10
qtyyiv Stacker 1 for Danny B 12
sgatym Acuna for Logan W 9
xsmhsv Acuna for Greg O 8
jqcnsd Panda round for Gary E 11
kmhrcs Scottsdale Stacker for Chuck R 10
rggnqr Luka for Tim R 6
rzahwk 89 UD Griffey for Danny B 9
bczqdy Watson for Scott M 8
ebjhve Box 9 and 10 for BS 10
xprtif Box 8 for BS 6
tbnpfk Cousins helmet for MSK 8
cfzgtl Box 7 for BS 8
lvyaml HTA box for Kyle B 11
pawbxy Acuna for Ken G 11
qtjfsz Luka for Trae for Christian J 7
oudmlf Sterling Trout for Kyle B 6
mjhxvm Freebie for Brandon P 7
ytxxdr List random for 3k 4
joxhyk 1gold for Brandon P 8
lrzoqc Tatis for ERM 9
cimlyz Mattinglys for Kirk T 7
ksafzb Silver Trae for Jordon G 5
kaiznr Eagle Tube for Ricky J 11
cuniyj 01 SPX Pujols for Eric C 8
fozlcp Main for Rick B 6
zobfsa Mini for Rick B 12
belzmi Chome Nico for Travis O 7
trvizb Soto for Logan W 5
wapcuh 1g gold for Brandon P 8
fashcg KRob PSA 10 for Eric L 10
kieuyq Hornung helmet for Kirk T 7
ytlqzo Prizm Luka for Wes 10
xhducl Tatum for TT 8
mgastf Marino/Eli for Dale R 8
resspc Purple Simmons for ERM 7
nhjkxo Luka for Wes 8
bdcytl Orange Cutler for Dan T 8
rgoxhv 1960 Clemente for Brad Z 6
jmuxve JJJ for Greg O 7
ykxsek Barry Sanders for Leslie S 8
unofgr Mahomes for Rich C 8
auxcwz 10 oz silver for Bill E 7
dscwqn 58 Mantle AS for Ricci L 8
gbufrh 67 Mantle for Brad Z 11
jxnggk Stacker for David O 6
vlurnf Silver Luka for Grant D 6
pyiula Luka for Jayson A 7
lrqqpw Yordan GEM for Jhet 8
fquqij 58 Mantle AS for Ricci L 10
xthvko MJ refr for Ricci L 8
ibkmnr Silver Bagley for Danny B 5
zvsxue Ebmiid for Bobby N 6
mdckcg Trae Silver for Danny B 6
vadujj 89 UD Griffey for Danny B 8
ysryjm Final mini for Travis O 6
usieqm Soto for Jeremy N 8
svvpoa Mini for Joe Z 7
xcgcvd Stacker 1 for Mike P 6
cdgvsq Green Lucka for Greg O 8
zslhsf Mini for Travis O 9
mobyif Top 3 for Jereme B 9
ysqkmz Main for Kenny H 7
vpcswr Final min for Kenny H 8
nmavfs Robert PSA 10 for Kyle B 11
cpxyxy Main for Rick H 12
kzljoy Silver bar for David O 5
kcjynn 4 way for Jimmie S 7
ewuvkj Robert refr for Travis O 6
fxszcn Mini for David C 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —