Giveaways by Greg Carlson (400)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
qusnlg Trae for Tyler M 8
pdyvrz Robert for Pete B 7
sygwan Silver Ja for Gary D 7
vrmfko KD for Russ M 6
fctkva Luka for Tyler M 6
jqofxa Soto #2 for Arthur C 10
osragk Bo round 2 for Pete B 7
pjyuvn Hurts for CNBB 8
xlcdgy Gold Soderstrom for Michael R 6
hkjocs Vlads for LSW 8
ezcxfr Soto for Arthur C 7
sltjsx Bo PSA 10 for Pete B 9
lkfknv Wander 5284 for LSW 7
ltlwwg Acuna for JMR 8
fizxjy Zion for Jacob R 6
tcefgd Gold round for CW 5
ewioxo Mookie for Garrett K 7
rxdhud Wander for LSW 10
naepuo Ruis for Grant D 7
gkbxms Prizm Luka for JAFS 8
eiikks 50g Geiger for Dustin B 5
wsweze Zoom Freak 2 for Rick S 11
cmzdmc MJ for LSW 10
gtqzah Acuna for Grant D 12
lvwmxq 100g Geiger for Dustin B 10
mtesjd Pokemon lot for John H 8
csavhm Foil Jeter for Gosh J 6
ngcwbj Philiharmonic for ROT 5
zunzsz Gold round for Ben U 9
gdbgri Zion for Tung N 8
igyxtw Soto for Tom F 6
ehhgpo Liberty for LSW 5
fjjqsr 93 Foil Jeter for JMR 7
dsbckc Silver Eason for Todd S 7
rjgist 5 buffalos for Fred F 12
szkncy Coin machine for Rick S 6
rrudkl Lamar for Rex 7
qbwsvr Lamar for Rex 7
wwgzea Playoff football packs for Kirk T 9
ohqmns Gold bar for Dustin B 8
ptglhm Buffalos for JEremy J 7
hlmeii Trae for Arthur C 10
zvycvi Round 2 for Tom F 9
yggcjk Acuna x2 for Andy H 7
miifty Round 4 for Aaron M 8
uxdhup Round 3 for Aaron M 10
ftgqfh Round 2 for Aaron M 6
qphbkf H2H for Aaron M 10
msfnaj Mosaic Ja for Kev K 10
pkvrch Zion for Tom F 5
elwbln Ja for Kev K 9
ripeks Zion for Tyler M 8
pznsgk Luka for CNBB 8
zvxace Coby x3 for Matt R 8
xoonkh Machados for Aaron M 8
ehtgvj 2019 Donruss Zion PSA 10 8
bzmwxj 10oz Stacker for David O 9
mhxzpu Gold round for Nathan F 8
jsekse Acuna for Chris W 8
egnajt Trae for Grant D 7
qaiycy Kevin Porter Jr for Cord B 12
hhtjeu Winners Choice for Howie F 5
dxtvnl Mini for Tim C 12
ithsvj Silver Rui for Jermaine B 7
chaeml Luka for Justin I 6
ggvgey Trae for Grant D 6
lhgplb Tatum for Aaron M 6
ccwodc Gold round for Dave B 7
xoknzo 86 Traded Bonds for Josh A 8
gkzgau Ja for JSD 8
mnmzvz 2018 Prizm Curry for Paul F 6
mszpwo 500 for Gary E 8
aalslk Mitchell for Jermaine B 10
ioybds Zion for CNBB 7
rqwbxs Luka for Brad M 8
ratfhs Trae for JSD 12
wwgmoz Jasson for Vince O 11
njmjfw Rui for Nelson Y 8
bkvjav Kelenic for Tony B 8
yrbyhr Zion for Arthur C 6
nuppep WTA for Troy P 10
lcixff Jasson for Tommy V 6
ozhjob Acuna x2 for Tommy W 7
bmzxak 10oz stacker for David O 8
yowjum Mitchell lot for Aaron M 11
vtqctv Silver bar for Brandon T 6
ogvvuj 89 Fleer Griffey for Frantz S 10
jpvjtr Gold round for ROT 10
gtcwlj Optic Zion PSA 10 7
cuyomn Silver bar for Brandon T 8
crtlkc Batting foes for Frantz S 6
lpzrni Main 685 for Rick H 11
raegdc Bowman Draft Mike Trout for Jermaine B 7
ikptyr Round 2 for GVA 7
ncmtly MJ for GVA 9
yvjezg Tatis for Liberty W 7
mnskct Luka for JSD 5
nakwrr H2H for Gosh J 8
jonjnk Acuna for Brad M 9
lqyrrv Silver poker chip for Curtis E 8
htwkgi Zion for Brad M 8
kkzbfn Acuna lot for Nick Y 8
awomql F3 684 for Rick H 9
vpqbzm Top 5 Tatis for Liberty W 9
tlopnr Zion for ERM 8
ltlviq Tatis for Michael C 9
kslzpc Trae for Pete B 11
kzxqcd Zion for Nick Y 8
xjiahg Gold round for Aaron M 9
mcryxi Ja for Vince O 6
kbvqkc Optic Luka for Sean B 10
asekqs Silver Kilo for Dave B 8
mckkfb Zion for Sean B 8
sogxqx Main Luka 10
zfpstm Luka for CNBB 12
xtqqcx RWB Luka for Andy H 7
cacbso Prizm White for Andy H 12
xxumcg Trae for CNBB 7
mqstwg Mini 6
umqjyw Prizm White for Andy H 7
zokomf Rui for Randall B 8
cycrhd Soto for Michael T 8
pucdkk Zion for Gerid B 5
blbnce Canadian gold for Brandon T 10
poxppc KPJ lot for Stephen C 10
ccmvek Winners Choice for Howie F 7
javnie Tiger for Gerid B 8
umioqv Riu for Stephen C 9
isistg MJ for Gerid B 7
ubbqhb AGE for Brandon R 12
oiwony Air Pods for Roth W 7
nbjfbp Rui for Stephen C 9
auaprr Silver Mo for Michael G 5
kuhudv Silver Johnson for Matt H 11
pvlzce Main for Jordan S 6
zlmcln Mini for Jordan S 6
yykwru Allen for Grant D 9
xwjfda Robert for Adam I 6
mzvzbg Zion for JMR 10
mfpaol Optic Mahomes for Christian J 7
vtklwc WTA for Mikey H 7
mmythr Gold rounds for Dave B 9
zkbuwa RWB White for Brad J 7
hhdfye Orange Ice White for Adam I 9
tsssuh Kelce for Rex 7
okcnrm Pink Herbert for Sean B 12
lqriek Trae for Jeremy W 6
ddnjnp Big Money redo for Michelle B 10
acebot RWB Shai for Robert M 5
mziisx Big Money for Michelle B 6
kqcwwl Acuna for Ken G 12
zbnmbb Soto 2 pack for JMR 8
mykiym Allen for David B 7
rsboph Prizm Herro for Gosh J 11
nbnyex Jefferson for Jordan S 7
upgqtx Optic Luka #2 for JSD 7
ytazgh Round 2 for Tommy V 7
wiqupf Lebron for JMR 6
athazt AGE for Brandon R 10
xtilrn Main for ERM 10
mthnfn Optic Ja for Tommy V 8
nekhba White for Aaron SS 7
lzswdp Prizm Trae Young for Michael C 7
ayhhto Mini #1 for David S 6
mncmwy Trae for Michael C 9
hffsdk Select White for Tommy V 10
rcjuji 200 BTC for Mikey H 6
pgqxbf Mini for ERM 10
cylzov 300 BTC for Mikey H 9
bsddck Hunter tube for Ben U 6
zsrdsk Gold Geiger for Nathan F 7
xlbwtv Optic Trae for Kev K 11
mdzfjl Gold round for Nathan F 8
bchbve Trae Young for KEv K 7
pjtfpw Gold rounds for Al W 12
rqdcbo Allen for Sean B 11
rtudvl Silver Stackers for Dave B 9
djmlcp Ja for Brad M 10
gpqkda Zion for Joe K 10
rckjrn Trae 10 for JSD 12
xtqaxi Silver Zion for ERM 9
lnjyve Prizm White for Vince O 10
isphmr Prospectors for Brandon R 5
fhgjpa Lamar Jackson for CNBB 8
vmvtrs Luka for Justin F 8
xlcxcs RJ PSA 10 for DJH 9
lboxtm Round 2 for Sean B 7
hstruw Derrick Henry rookie for Kirk T 9
htqrjv 61 Bart Starr for David K 11
llntzg Select Kyler for Sean B 9
pqpswk Bagley for Justin L 9
mwpozy 10oz Silver for Aaron M 6
kszgsa Libertad for Fred F 7
wxjcdv Ja for John P 9
dolmay Acuna for Brad M 10
xrvzhu Top 4 mega 9
ogurkp H2H for Gosh J 12
dbaeon 250g Geiger bar for Brandon R 9
elvwqy Triple patch for Kirk T 7
phkqrk Ingram for Seebast 8
snepgu IPad Pro for AP 9
egrhyv Tatis for Matt R 6
haszes Lebron for Steve L 10
ypbckr Trae bottoms for Aaron M 8
svxxsd Silver White for James T 10
mqunei H2H for JVG 7
ielpdh Prizm Trae for Brian S 8
entipn Lebron for Randall B 7
bxrcyo Round 3 for DHIV 7
ztlttg Green Ja for Aaron M 10
huspjw Silver Keldon for Jason A 6
iozcev Luka for Shawn B 8
bsgppc Acuna for Brad M 11
htpyel Baker for David B 7
dwejcy Round 2 for Stephen C 10
eammxf Game 6 for Jason M 6
nvbtmp Zion for Shawn B 9
wdllhl Game Stop gift card for Austin C 8
gfmczu 63 Mantle for Steve W 6
rbxqwv Game 5 for Jason M 8
znyvqj Game 3 for Jason M 7
gtychx Soto 2 for LSW 10
xrenzy Soto for LSW 7
mfbkzi White for Rob F 6
vydqau Zard Mania for Mikey H 11
idptyq 5g gold bar for AP 6
uicxwt Ja for Tommy V 8
gmxolp Silver Allen for CNBB 8
lnhtzt Luka for CNBB 12
nyszwo Purple White for Andre B 7
epdiio Burrow for Scott S 5
vpvjjm Zion for Brad M 7
veanlo Round 2 for Arthur C 7
zgpntv Game 13 for Jason M 8
wunlll 500 USD for Jason M 6
ckcqhv Top 2 for Rick S 7
ntyjzc Stellar Lumens for Brian H 6
vslhlg Lamar for Sam M 7
mqauqp Half Tube for Brad M 6
jdueiw Zion #2 for Bhavin 10
toyiyz Zion for Tommy V 8
xdemps Zions for Miles L 5
omkhcz 89 UD Griffey for Joe B 8
ylgwea Zion for Bhavin 6
lswseq Mini for WC 9
vqpose x2 Geigers for Ronnie D 10
taxmne Soto dime for Kyle S 8
erxiqi 10oz silver for Ronnie D 9
uabzul Luka for Nick Y 6
aneqol Ruby Lonnie for CNBB 9
jnrrgz Zion for Grant D 8
mdkgwx Ruby Wave Lonnie for CNBB 6
ogleio Krusty for Andy H 6
pulrkr 5g Kinebar for Nathan F 9
pmmnwa 10 ounces silver for Robert M 5
ysnfiu Fox for BOL 7
iuwrqi Silver bar for Justin A 8
rwkwez Silver bar for Jeremy J 8
iadnhf Gold lot for Ryan B 11
uaxnwy Acuna H2H for Gosh J 8
uxwina Trae for Matt R 6
thcphq Henry for Jaime M 8
tahhvy 5g Gold for BOL 10
ttmeux Silver Chuma for Grant D 6
xrebxs 1g gold for Brandon R 8
eemgzw WTA for Brad J 7
dwxxun Trae for Grant D 8
kmzgsb Tatis x2 for Matt R 7
eyhhkt Tiger for David C 10
zjwpqo Another H2H for Gosh J 7
noyqgv H2H for Gosh J 8
weulnu Hyper Pink Luka for ERM 10
zladuf Prospector for David O 11
awwpmh Mahomes mega 8
langfg RJB for Andy H 11
bkxhcv Shai for CNBB 10
kbvvow Blue Velocity Zion for Robby H 7
rfmbrn Prizm White for Christian J 8
gczeqk Acuna 10 pack for Tommy W 8
znsuwg Luka for Matt H 7
ggkdwe Gold and Silver for Rob F 7
wjaksc 10 oz silver bar for Aaron M 10
cdebva Freebie for Brandon T 9
fhijtf 5 ASEs for Brad M 8
dlujov Silver bar for Brandon T 12
mahddq Silver Mitchell for Gosh J 8
ouqial Eagles for DJH 8
spsihh Round 2 for Eric P 9
dfpqag Gold Eagle for Michael T 5
tbgojy Xmas freebie for Kirk T 7
ctxxpa Prizm White for John D 7
ldedaj Mega top 7 draft 10
pdwdmm Zion for Tung 7
hflmrr Red Clarke for Dane S 6
shndco Ayton for Eric P 9
taekak Prizm White for Eric P 7
yikdxq Zion x2 for JSD 7
xsjgqu Zion for Miles L 7
sfstxf Mini #2 8
rxqbja F1 674 for Rick H 6
cyvccr Zion for Brad M 10
qnachx Gold round for ROT 7
tqkgyx Kyler for Eric P 9
nbphud AGE for ROT 9
uwzbuo 89 Fleer Basketball box for Justin B 8
vfjjum Ja for Michael C 8
pknate Duran lot for JPB 6
stiiun 20 ounces silver for Eric L 6
vaytsx Silver Kamaras x2 for Justin F 8
ydjbuw Mini #1 6
dkhvhl Silver rounds for Brad M 10
gcmnhc RWB Zion for Gosh J 7
znsgzo Mini for Robert W 10
dgmilk RJB for Michael T 12
ngmxno RWB Zion for Gosh J 9
fnvobg RJB for Matt R 10
wwijim Zion for Robert M 10
szewva White RJB for Aaron M 6
hwhbhq Acuna for DJH 10
ryrykv Silver bar for Brandon T 8
jwfbmb Gold Round for Brad M 8
njqsqu Zion for Ryan C 9
ocnqaq Ja for Ronnie D 7
gslxxf Luka for Howie B 7
tfbtjr Zion for Brandon R 12
dhxnxd Silver Hunter for Billy D 7
gvmefi 2x Peanuts for Jonathan H 9
cnmbpe Optic Mahomes for John E 5
rlwxkp Mini for Will R 7
zcnstk Lebron for Randall B 8
fyzqmn Zion for Robert M 9
qgxvwp Lebron for Bradley T 10
etnsmg Silver Culver for Pete B 7
gplhcb Brady for Josh A 8
zeszqe Yellow Flood Luka for ERM 5
qujrvx H2H for Aaron M 9
oyajmz Zion for Russ M 6
hpwrmc Ortiz for Brandon R 7
qtpupk Mini for Gosh J 7
pipgxn Purple RJB for Tommy V 11
zagian Origins Conner for Kirk T 9
yjujxt Luka for Paul F 6
gjbeum Gold round for Alex B 7
ecznbj Zion for Brian H 10
wuzqys Gold round for Brandon R 10
vfyxwc Prospector for Dave B 6
nuajoh Griffey for JMR 7
kihgzx Stacker #3 for Dave B 9
yhgbyj Stacker #2 for Dave B 8
ihxsnd Zion for John E 8
zdoirz Stacker for Dave B 10
zpcjfj 2 Whites for Grant D 7
ebjkni Expansion card for Rich S 11
eetusv RWB White #2 for Chris A 9
cmojzb ASEs for Jonathan H 7
vvtysj Brees for Jeremy J 6
khkdvx Prizm RJB for Jeremy J 10
kesctz RWB White for Chris A 6
fhbbmj Tony Perez for Kirk T 12
fajodo Flawless Rice for Jeremy J 6
huhjzi Soto PSA 10 for Jeremy J 10
uzejio Prizm Herro for Stephen D 12
ovtzlu Optic Zion for Jeremy J 6
bnbbch Wall for Matt H 6
hbmytf Update Soto for Jeremy J 6
yyemhh MJ for Josh A 8
klhfht Mosaic Lebron for Matt R 7
yrzvdf Mojo RJB for WC 11
jpifjr Zion for Andrew A 7
ndcgbb Blue Velocity Zion for Charles M 11
mpiwvo Herro for Gosh J 7
kxofpl Mosaic Zion for Charles M 6
qjyqmt Wander for Pete B 10
awocyh Zion Variation for Chris A 7
mtnhyq RJB for WC 11
tdydku Ja for Benjamin W 5
ucurrb Blue Sexton for Roy D 6
rmlcwq Tatum for Maynor 11
vgrthd Luka for Eric W 8
mplfdp Gold Eagle for JA 8
isyzxp Gram Gang for Andy H 6
apdthv Silver White for Vince P 7
onyfap Gold Eagle for Justin A 5
namgst Ja for ERM 9
wuwuwk Zion for Grant D 5
zeaqxt Zion PSA 10 for Michael C 9
kveyzg Zion for Ryan J 8
okbetm Orange Ice White for Micahel C 9
rewusj Prizm Zion for Benjamin W 11
eyffcv Insert lot for Christian J 8
wddklx Lukas for Jeff L 10
mtidme Zion for BOL 7
hykrax Box #2 for Kirk T 9
fgtekq Ja for David O 7
vyxnfw Round 2 for Alex B 5
onvtcr Kyler for Benjamin W 12
lzncao Block Chain for Ricci 6
rvdqqf Random for Ricci 6
nkxefr Trae for Kevin C 9
dbmrfa Zion for Charles M 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —