Giveaways by Greg Carlson (604)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
snvwhy F4 529 for Rick H 10
mcrrpi Acuna #3 for Alex B 7
fyzaes Acuna #2 for Alex B 6
ggqort Lebron for Jeff H 9
rormjf Acuna for Alex B 5
lmmlbc Casas for Shawn B 7
upyoym Lebron for Nate C 8
fyfmzt Optic Ja for Andy H 7
bsabka Update Soto for Tommy V 11
fvopmj WTA for Billy D 6
appwvh Update Yelich for Andy H 9
gulpse 10 rounds for Fred F 10
kgwvsa Prizm Ja for Andy H 10
uysdue Gold Eagle for Chris W 8
rswjou Ja 9.5 for Andy H 10
ruvoje Ja for Andy H 6
miinyw Green Luka for Eric M 5
ifxake Soto for Bradley S 6
yowlzn Blue Kelenic for John E 6
dsuaba Gold pamps for Mike B 7
txbzqz Booker jersey for Sam G 8
qgqvcm Round 2 for Thomas B 11
mkkcdx Prizm Luka for Garrett K 8
ffiizd Acuna PSA 10 for Brad J 6
jaijfn Trae for Robert H 8
hpbtmc Ja for Michael M 5
zuuotz Chrome Robert for Abbott B 10
qmvffx Booker for Andre B 7
gezpmh Swinging Bellinger for Garrett K 8
idiigh Lebron for Matt H 6
aqztln Ja for Tyler M 9
gzdgpg Watson for Matthew J 10
iwkvke Acuna for James L 9
slfxvx Bellinger for Garrett K 12
cjdkmg Soto for Brad J 10
ibngpy Luka for Russ M 10
rnvxdt Zion for Billy D 7
zmtobb Acuna for Brad J 8
jbtyxk Gold Eagles for Stephen C 9
dfnnsh Luka lottery for Jeff H 7
czjmim Lebron for Shawn P 9
ufgiag Garland for Matt S 11
trqzcb Acuna refr for Jeff H 6
ylobcm Gleyber for Paul S 7
asnydg Culver for Matt S 7
rmksjb Luka for Jeff H 10
llctip Main for Christopher W 6
fshqou Lebron for Matt L 5
tiaqny Mini for Christopher W 7
gztqxl Graham for Michael T 7
dmjjrn Acuna for Alex B 7
cruzsi 5 Geigers for George B 11
vzzpdd Top 2 for Rick S 5
qbwiop Acuna update for Eric M 12
rjnwyt Curry for Edwin M 6
gkdjgt Acuna for Alex B 12
pxevvt Eloy for Brad M 8
dbnbri Update Acuna for Jonathan H 8
kijtvm Ja for Jonathan H 6
mdrdsb Kyler for Jeremiah H 6
lofshu 89 Bowman Griffey for Matt H 6
innvny Marvel rounds for EJG 6
nojdhr Bellinger for Sam G 6
kgxmxi Trout refr for Richard T 6
bgyoxe Rashford for Justin B 11
kqtqcu Main for Tung 8
hqgwix Mini 2 for Tung 9
xdwymt Tatum for Mark G 9
oavmkt Blue Lamar for Travis O 5
rynkcu Lebron 17 low for Rick S 10
clyzqw Koufax ball for Ron H 11
vzvquy Mini for David C 8
yyrxfs Mini for Tung 9
gzloor Zion for BOL 8
gdymzt Update Soto for Brad J 8
tqcors Stackers for Tony T 6
oranrl Silver Trae for Brian S 7
hayqbp Stitch for Shawn P 7
anqeki 2g gold for Brad J 10
anbxbz Trae for Brian S 6
eggewf Silver Walker for Brian S 6
fzmxhl Acuna for Eric M 5
pgvurj RY Mitchell for Aaron M 7
xvnxqm Pujols for Travis H 9
ztiyus Ja for Mark G 10
vhuicw Bo for Andrew G 7
psdipr MJ for Gabe Y 8
kfhqji Zion for Mark G 8
lltaoo Lock for Jonathan H 8
lszghc Robert for Michael C 11
tkoiyk RJ x2 for Jon C 7
snnakt Acuna PSA 10 for Matt H 8
gjwfcu Ja for Andy H 6
yqbkzq Trae for Josh B 5
whdmob Update Acuna for Matt S 11
higbfx 2 Geigers for Ben U 6
juousn Blue Wander for John E 8
dxwfjg 90 Skybox MJ for Brad M 8
emeioh Mini for John E 5
fhvxaf Soto for Matt C 11
pndwxv Watson for VInny C 8
lvctfz Lebron 17 low for RIck S 11
lmails 100oz bar for James T 8
qmwrnq 2.5g Valcambi for Ricky J 8
lnxwgj 89 UD Griffey for Brandon R 6
paygjv Acuna for Brad J 6
stlxps Top 3 for Joshua D 6
cwzqrh Geiger for Mike B 11
mjzsac Mini #2 for Joshua D 7
ihlsij KRob for Brad J 7
jtamrg 89 UD Griffey for Tom F 10
gofxja Orange RJ for ERM 6
wpgzgv Zion for Paul F 6
auazrn Ja for Matt S 7
zvmsde Mini for Rick S 8
ljiptp Acuna for Robert W 7
nwxybz Mini #1 for Joshua D 6
cfnbch Round 3 for Paul S 10
wmnbhb Round 2 for Paul S 6
ifbfgg Random rounds for EJG 11
kewwzm Orange Acuna for ERM 6
rplrva Acuna and Gleyber #2 for Aaron M 8
iyvuib Geiger for Paul S 8
xlhwgs Vlad for Tom F 8
yhqpdv Main for Robert W 5
vzvhkn Mini for Robert W 5
dqchjo Zion for ERM 7
xmqcao Prizm Ja for Robert W 7
rycmph Winners Choice for Rich S 9
ysbpix Filler for Rich S 9
veznwz White for Nick T 8
sjybby Porter Jr for Robert W 8
jxtpnu Casas for Brad J 5
mxdvql Trae for Robert W 7
comcte Update Acuna for Shawn P 11
bagbfr Volpe for Sean R 8
coagyx Rice rc for Nate C 8
uxjawj Kyler for Aiden B 11
hqczvu Blackstone for Rich S 6
ygzfly Ryan rc for Ricci 6
aioisu Fatal for Chad H 11
hzzjcz Acuna for Hunter S 7
qwdqwf Arenado for Aaron M 8
ahkxkq RJ for Todd S 5
ijmwhd Gleyber and Vlad for Courtny W 6
tskvsr Ja for Bryan D 5
whdnfj Silver rounds for EJG 7
kxmout Drew Lock for Brad J 8
ijsmrk Kelenic for Brad J 8
mzhkqf White for Matthew J 6
esderg Blue White for ERM 7
mxhzvb WTA for Ron H 5
xqjfsh Lebron for Andre B 9
kwuczw Chrome Hiura for Michael C 8
dmnvqh Silver Hondo for EJG 10
ioydrz Eagles for Rustin 9
zbjlpu Final Haskins for Aiden B 8
zymwkm Haskins 2 for Aiden B 8
bmnfwp Haskins for Aiden B 11
hmgqup Green RJ for Aiden B 7
oedonu Update Acuna for Brendon S 6
cozplx Ja for Todd L 9
sygtan Gold round for Steve W 7
zinczm Luka for Matt L 7
aebtbm Daniel Jones for Gosh J 8
vwuyyu Sotos for Dane S 9
porfdd Zion for Robert W 9
phhbkn Optic Allen for Robert W 8
waihcv 5 way for Paul S 7
eappht Pinstripe Gleyber for Tom B 8
cyqrei Stackers for Scott M 10
zyqbdq Ja PSA 9 for Eric M 5
lryyja Update box for Travis H 12
ujmrma Gleyber for Tom B 7
sjyxkt Ja x2 for Kevin M 11
yakmsu Tiger for Ryan C 11
ghvijf Ja for Brad J 7
grlssx Acuna for James L 8
ygfftc Silver Paschall for Robert W 10
ejpczj Silver rounds for Paul S 7
llqqmz Freebie for Brad D 8
phjrvf Jordans for Eric M 12
kfslbe Mayfield for ERM 7
juutnx Immaculate Murray for Eric M 6
klrgut Fitz for Andy H 7
vtpqjl Eagles for Josh H 7
hhrrlj Gold Maple for Chris W 7
nycwfw Soto and Vlad for Courtny W 6
bwelcs Luka for Billy D 6
fdozfr Gleyber x2 for Brad J 7
rbxkxh Silver Lebron for Kev K 9
zmomld Round 2 for Grant D 7
bchvlw 90 Leaf Thomas for Grant D 9
jwjhsq Lebron for Kev K 8
rkrfbz 65 Mantle for DP 6
rmetih Zion mega 9
fwmmce Gold round for Tony B 6
rxjfps Shaq for Josh B 9
byvala Update Soto for Tom B 12
auapqk Heritage Acuna for Bradley T 9
bswbkp Gleyber for Tom B 8
knrwah Geiger for Shawn P 7
rfwzju Mini for Eric E 8
eyviqv Emergent Luka for Ricci 11
dtpznx Derrick Brooks for Anthony C 8
vntcng Trae for Nick B 11
xhhwif Kobe for Ricci 7
cnitbw Yordan for Brad J 12
tqsxzq Silver Bagley for Brad J 6
yritvo Acuna for Michael C 9
piuhil Mini for David C 9
dlxjwo Luka for Anthony C 7
sldjin Note for Shawn P 7
iksweb Stacker for Neal L 6
kqhcrg Clemens ball for Ron H 7
xqcgxv Batman for Shawn P 6
ocxyzx WTA for Craig P 7
lnzymf Zion for Andrew A 8
gapcxh Mini for Ron H 7
mgziad Stacker for Brandon T 6
ripxfd Case of Geiger for James T 8
etgjus Stacker for Benjamin M 5
eoemos 10oz Stacker for EJG 8
ddrcyi TMac for Bradley T 7
dggozc Acuna for Jhet 5
wuyifc Acuna for Brad J 11
bnzxwh Zion for BOL 9
uankxy Zion for Todd L 7
bxzjeq Pamp for Mike D 6
rmhmas RWB Rui for Todd S 5
kkzydt Flint MJs for Rick S 5
obqixl Bellinger for Brad J 7
tlsvtl 2.5g pamp for Mike D 9
pvmwoa Update Yelich for Mike D 7
wkkrjk Last rd for Sam G 5
frwvsw Bosa for TJT 8
hbmnps Zion for David D 7
acbtrh F4 520 for Rick H 8
xtyoqg Ja for Abbott B 8
gnlttv Silver Mitchell for Vahe 7
hxbjat Top 2 for Rick S 7
gxapyc Mini for David D 8
xsbwtg 52 Bowman Mays for Josh B 9
pnvozy Chargers and Ravens filler for Jason U 10
qofncb Stacker for Mike P 6
wxymsw Eagles filler for Jason U 6
pqbcao Stacker for Brandon T 6
duddgr Prospector for Tim A 8
vbwajc Mega for David C 10
meuuvu Silver pandas for Chris P 10
bhpcap Gold round for Dennis A 7
spbuyd Adebayo for Bradley T 7
apcmyc Manning for Curtis L 8
jagqjc Coby for RTG 8
lhkzeq Trae for Matt H 5
smgvaf Acuna for Mike D 6
wgnvyf Zion for Andrew A 8
ieqnai Silver for Josh H 8
tllkkh Gold Indians for Cameron R 10
xgsvge Ja x2 for Brad J 10
cpnjrf Mini for ERM 10
clwafv Prizm FOTL for Brian D 10
ntqanh Luka for Danny B 7
swiybs Gold Panda for Tony B 8
bmhgtz Purple Ice Kobe for RTG 7
uyrwxh Mini #1 6
cgqsaa Gold Indian for Cameron R 7
mpvhhf Filler #2 for Jason U 6
bkeeit Filler #1 for Jason U 7
lwlxhz ASEs for Jeremy N 8
clraxb Mini for Dawid 8
pddnoj Five Star Warner for Robert F 8
memtwc Update Acuna for Stephen W 5
afmwcq Update Gleyber for Stephen W 7
yulqmz Lebron for Jonathan H 7
zwpyda Gleyber for Stephen W 10
hkoojm Zion for Danny B 6
dheocv Select Allen for Robert W 9
btkzlj Update Soto for Eric M 11
tfcvuv Yordan pair for Eric M 8
nbvgqq Soto for Eric M 7
elllkr Mixon for Robert F 7
pxheru Main for Jon S 11
kugxlv Luka for Greg G 8
imbklj Barrett for Jonathan H 6
xhcfqo F1 518 for Rick H 15
xjhwtd H2H for Aaron M 8
yzhiwt Mini for Jon S 8
deyqzt $ for Rick S 5
uzpstk Spurrier auto for Robert F 8
zzvlfg Lebron for Jonathan H 7
dvkzaw Moss for Craig P 9
twcvfm Lamar Jackson auto for Eric C 6
aqhwfs Lebron for Brendon S 9
zxddoy Main 517 for Rick H 15
kqecfg FF 517 for Rick H 7
drjvhb Round 3 for Steve L 8
pthnkx Select Lock for Nate C 8
ytwutg 2 Geigers for Andrew M 6
ojhkpd Soto for Gregory D 6
kvzqap Zions for Jamison L 6
blxtoq UA Sliders for Rick S 5
ospneh Acuna for Dusty A 8
ocvbch Eagles for Tony B 6
vqztzg Best Buy for Sam T 10
snbsqc Luka for Dan S 12
ursjdo Acuna for Tony B 6
pnlbvd Round 2 for Sam T 10
vcxynv Acuna for Eric M 6
dovfiq 2.5 gram gold for Sam T 10
cqqorc Gold round for Sam T 7
oqzsfo Vlad refr for Jonathan H 6
qwjjnk Silver Barrett for Grant D 7
qaluax Main for ERM 5
aqyndb Chrome Witt for Nick S 8
vzmpgg Mini for ERM 6
lgelbb Gleyber for Eric M 9
jilgpg Puason refr for Nick S 6
tkmybt Update fat packs for Steve L 8
tpmjel Update Soto for Brad J 7
hnwixm Gold rounds for Matthew D 7
kpxlmi Eagles for Sam G 5
axejsk Sotos for Brad J 5
mbnxiv Zion for CW 6
jswhjs Zion for Robert F 7
xgwhpt TMac for Jhet 6
yoxaol Lindor for Craig P 8
izbcpo Zion for Kevin C 10
wjteod Gleyber for eric M 7
dmhjxr Prizm Watson for ERM 7
qdvcbx Orange Ryan for Eric C 7
oyikvl Barrett for Robert W 6
dsmndc 90 Skybox MJ for Jhet 8
mkvvhs Zion for Jhet 10
qhxnsn Eagles for Travis A 6
euwfsn Zion for Andrew A 10
iszurk Foil Jeter for Wes 10
iajtvi H2H for Aaron M 8
ddfsvx Gold round for Dennis A 7
oghhbc Mini for David C 10
rtvifk Fatal 6 for Matthew D 6
bbvwlw Top 5 mega 6
fknhec Zion for CW 12
yvweve Puason refr for Nick S 6
cdpqsq White lot for Mark M 11
sgtbxg Main for Nick S 8
cbtpub Mini for Nick S 7
nzpjbk Judge for Tom F 6
nbrkby WTA for Dennis A 9
vobmtw Gold Shimmer Acuna for ERM 7
cvwjlh Stacker for Shawn P 7
iotpiv Proof with display box for Matthew D 7
aivrtm Bellinger for Tyler M 6
mmgxgr Gleyber for Tom F 10
butvbr Puason for Yeehoy 8
kowdra Uncut 20s for James T 7
oumrja Akiman rc for Robert F 7
ssptqh Ja RWB for Danny B 9
etfgcg F3 513 for Rick H 12
dsvugp Mini #2 for Mega 7
llxqjc 1g Geiger for Brad J 6
ofmyez Jasson for David D 11
ybnhwh Nolan Ryan for Charles M 7
edebwu MJ for Brendon S 6
orwxzl Daniel Jones for Nate C 8
psmtru Update Trout for Brandon S 6
bgmlib 2011 Update Trout PSA 10 10
cfreps Kyler for Nate C 6
uuriwz 10 ASEs for Brad J 6
jqbvmi Pearl Harbor round for Dave B 6
atqmit Mini #4 11
cfghjb Update Sotos for Andy H 9
xestzb Update Acuna for Andy H 6
thsgkg Grant Hill for Robert S 9
smrngs Mini #3 6
vrzgiw Acuna refr for Jonathan H 6
ateqyn Cash for Rick S 9
vleoxt Acuna for Sean B 8
ztyrdw Update Soto for Jonathan H 6
sivbei Update Puckett for Robert F 6
svckes Vlad for Jonathan H 11
vbostc Zion for Giancarlo M 10
uqvayg Update Soto for Aiden B 7
jmjliu Jeter PSA 10 for Jeremy N 6
vxunuy Filler 4 for Michelle B 6
hbqjhi Booker for Adam R 7
osvyjb Silver bar for Brandon T 6
famejp Shaq for Jeremy N 8
bgwsgs Winners Choice for Matt F 9
csjjcm Update Trout mini #2 10
ksrhlh Vlad for Aiden B 5
tatuyo Zion for Grant D 11
cylxlk Luka for Grant D 6
dsyppk Update Soto for Aiden B 8
kjwxyv ASEs for Cameron R 9
pwbgwb Zion for Grant D 10
ytjzyi Astros filler for Jason U 5
itrpvm Gold round for Brad J 7
kfhers Os lot for BBJ 6
jcvulp Update Acuna for Kevin M 8
eaxjzm Tube of Eagles for Rob F 10
eiqaci Bellinger GEM for Brad J 12
ieqrhz Trout mini #1 7
ccxepq Gleyber for Andy H 11
uazmaj Griffey auto for AP 6
ghsuni Vlad for Andy H 6
yeoull Silver Trae for Matt H 11
todjgc Trae for Ryan D 6
fflkfr Prizm Watson for Grant D 8
xymslt Zion for Ricci L 11
xqrmst Acuna for John E 10
oeaefd f3 512 for Rick H 10
hvwkrr Shaq for Ricci 9
kmfojf Zion for Ricci 8
idgjuz Meadows refr for John E 7
zqfzry Acuna dime for John E 7
dosizi F2 512 for Rick H 11
njkmcm Gold for Able P 8
huokfp Silver Trae for Frantz S 7
ujhmyc Watson for Frantz S 7
floaan Tatus for Ryan J 8
azreio Acunas for Christian J 8
bpzrii Soto and Vlad for Brad J 9
zrucnr ASEs for Cameron R 6
jzbemm Lindor for Brandon R 8
pcicud Luciano for Gary J 8
lxfcgt Zion for Brian S 7
dytpaw Gold rounds for Abel P 7
nuzsmu Update Soto for Eric S 7
waftix Luka for Lane P 6
pilasu Ja for Matt H 10
ucgrqh Soto dime for Michael T 8
pahhcv Mosaiz Zion for David D 9
pdkqny Zion for Tung 8
qfenyj Zion for David D 11
gnaujh Update Soto for Max E 5
tokbpt 5oz bars for Cameron R 6
crobog Giannis for Wes 5
cauxhh Philly Special for James L 9
raweqk Chrome Acuna for ERM 8
wadxgr Acuna for Grant S 9
yjtgml Jasson for David D 8
xsflpy Luka for ERM 11
jgufgi Acuna 5 for Ibbs 8
paldut SP Jeter for Ricci L 10
auxzrz Update Yelich for Ibbs 9
doeyfs Alonso for Tyler M 11
upsdyj Blue Eloy for ERM 8
blcpws Acuna 4 for Ibbs 8
zpjbas Topps Update Acuna for Ibbs 8
pcnctr Acuna for Ibbs 9
hrtrjh Winner picks for Howie F 6
aogtbv KD for Gerid B 9
jksalf Update Trout for Ricci L 9
uucple Silver Lebron for Gerald F 10
cdutol Eagles for Philip R 10
natjei Zion for Nick T 6
gtvceb Vlad for Jeremy N 9
gkggrm H2H for Ibbs 8
tqnpqh Gold Round for Rob F 11
rrhxaj Ja for JM R 8
fliqsn Main for Chris W 6
dyetda Purple Pereira for Nick S 8
zoqhgc Mini for Chris W 10
ayqgxd 90 91 MJ for Will R 9
wcivwx Yelich for Ibbs 10
vcdlgi Speakers for Rich S 7
qweiuc Acuna for Jon S 9
esnmje 53 Jackie for Tom F 6
awgrcl Mini for Aaron M 9
eoegtb Machado for Ryan S 10
okttec Gold for Abel P 8
jpjijy Jasson for David D 8
jhrgyv Top 3 for Michelle B 7
uzqdvv Main for Rick S 5
axrjhu Update Acuna for James L 8
gnbhmp 1g gold for Abel P 7
giifvy Top 2 for Rick S 12
nspmbm Chrome Correa for Aaron M 7
rljlsf Silver Check for Shawn P 9
higkod Jeter for Danny B 11
gdnsfh Gold Rounds for Chris P 9
opavse Stacker for Ben U 6
xxsefr Nikes for Rick S 7
fhqbfm Zion for Danny B 9
ucieuh 2 Stackers for Cory G 7
qyjjoq Gold rounds for Cory G 9
diyequ Tube of Eagles for Bob D 9
vggyhq 10oz Stacker for Chris W 7
qalkci Lunar Mouse for Ricky J 10
euaeqq Main for Aaron M 11
wsxzsj Round 2 for Neal L 8
meqwhw Mini for Aaron M 6
pjjbvx Update Acuna for Matt C 10
mtqxjq Acuna for Dustin H 8
vronwu Tiger for Kev K 8
vvzspf Groshans for Matthew J 5
nbhtgr Brady for Charles M 7
pfrdlo Update Sotos for Danny B 8
ftrqvz Brady for Charles M 10
xbovpb 2018 Prizm Luka for Jeremy N 8
pstnsr Main for Rick S 8
rcrwmx Mini for Rick S 7
tyertq WTA for Mike P 7
rkovdj Pink Lebron for Charles M 7
gdpsvb Soto and Gleyber for Stephen W 9
kgxshq Judge for Brad D 6
gzvbhk Kobe for Charles Z 6
dvjxfb Update Soto for Stephen W 8
esgsyi Gleyber for Stephen W 11
dazppe Ja for Brock M 9
ojkkmx Gleyber for Stephen W 6
yddvqy Update Acuna for Edwin M 6
suqxrj Gleyber for Stephen W 6
uxohdb Update Soto for Stephen W 5
thjzih Gleyber for Stephen W 7
kcgrnd Gleyber for Stephen W 9
tqwtbg Ja for Grant D 6
mnldtv 62 Jurgensen for Robert F 8
uofdfx Light Blue Lebron for Charles M 9
hqljvl Ja for Grant D 9
xjwkup Stacker for Brad M 6
hxhhhb Lebron lot for Charles M 8
ftvcjq Diamond Kings boxes for Tyler M 9
xcbbks Top 2 for Rick S 9
bozuje Lebron for Charles M 8
bwrfda Luka for Brad M 9
rlvnzm Chrome Lux for Dan S 6
elrvir Barrett lot for Howie B 6
kmxxpt Purple Thomas for Tyler M 6
mpygtw Vlad for Stephen W 7
xvsohb Update Acuna for Jeremy L 8
fsyqkc Trae for Jeremy L 7
kfnbpu WTA for Rick S 9
kzxqrh Update Acuna for Christopher W 7
pxnamj Zion for Benjamin W 9
yqtexo Top 2 for Rick S 5
vkvxaw $$$$ for Rick S 10
xkctbr SP Jeter for Aaron M 8
musdsk Update Acuna for Griffin A 7
wuocxi Lebron 16 for Rick S 5
oqhrwq Zion for Greg G 12
auvawq Grill set for Rich S 8
khyzpa Gold Prospector for Chris P 9
jzrnij $ for Rick S 11
aqycws Lebron for Michael M 8
qunbrb Luka for Ibbs 8
oyrxtg Winners Choice for Howie F 8
kmaydw Update Acuna for Abbott B 7
uphhqg Kawhi for Tommy V 10
hwqekr Melo for Cam F 9
uslouo 10oz Silver for EJ G 10
pikldr Kobe for Benjamin W 8
lgvvts JRod for Russ M 9
ktwezx Bohm for Jonathan H 6
mrmbul Lebron for Charles M 10
yiwcbt $$ for Rick S 6
bpklfr 2001 Ichiro for Russ M 6
hnelhl 10oz Geiger for Mike D 11
jcmvvu Pink Gleyber for Dustin H 8
gjwpuz Update Gleyber for Tom B 7
pvsyzo Mini for Jereme 7
tumbxr 87 Tiffany set for Jhet 6
flkzsi Jaylen Brown for Randall B 11
gbveja Update Acuna for Ibbs 7
ksdbte Gold Prospect for Cameron R 9
rswunw Update Gleyber for Kevin M 5
vnnylk Bellinger PSA 10 for Brad J 11
frbvhr Acuna for Kevin M 11
cerjno Acuna GEM for Brad J 7
nmzbdw Jasson for Nigel 7
fzkjsd Update Bellinger for Brad J 6
rfhzvm Mahomes PSA 10 for Christopher W 7
mepmyy Zion for Kevin S 9
rcbazk Luka for Eric S 6
gdoosc Air Pods for Justin A 7
vtlwpd Mini for Jereme B 7
mztgap Prizm Trae for Danny B 6
yuxaaf Mega Top 3 6
gqhwxr Venom for Abel P 12
mdybko Honey for Brandon T 8
aadjuf Shaq for Robert F 9
reorsg Gold Maple for Mike D 10
cfzmzo Update Soto for Brad J 6
jpscrm Lebron for Kyle S 5
xarotp Soto PSA 10 for Kevin M 9
mbwsiu Ben Baller Trouts for Grant D 10
ooaqfr Soto 4 way for Brad J 9
tbmbjk Zion for Eric L 6
emzjbr Lebron for Bryan B 8
ecznix Jordan 4 for Josh B 6
ijvcmn Soto for Jonathan H 8
vvpigf Update Yelich for Matt C 7
koqfyh Black Flag for Michelle B 12
zmvfgo Fishing Bundle for Rich S 10
tvbeis KD for Danny B 6
phtryh Main for Gerid B 7
yrbgak WTA for Eric S 10
oknzzh Round 2 for Brendon S 9
djdthj Top 3 for Gerid B 10
nribzu Ohtani for Dustin H 8
bqdfhy Update Acuna for Brendon S 6
otmpqi Jordan 13s for Rick S 7
asjeov Update Acuna for Dustin A 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —