Giveaways by Greg Carlson (103)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
tweahv 55 Jackei for Robert M 12
yzkhmu Teams for Robert W 5
xitjty Names for Robert W 6
peqdqd MJ ball for Michael F 8
ptipwj Gold rounds for CW 10
qtsyvk Blue Mead for Pat L 7
gndlju Gold rounds for Pete B 6
qzedrz Mantle for Michael F 5
pjfxsc Main for Gosh J 10
kzhubc Mini for Gosh J 10
jbhitm Gold round for JAKN 10
psibqi Gold rounds for AP 7
ciicyw AJ Dillon for Anthony C 8
cxbcca Main for Travis O 10
notqlg Winners Choice for Howie F 8
eorcxv Final mini for Travis O 8
nmzjnz Eagle for Danny B 10
vjskjh Emmitt Smith for Anthony C 7
ezqzog Ja for Kirk T 8
xjicjs 78 Sweetness for Kirk T 7
xivsfk Gold round for JAKN 5
cpagxq Gold rounds for Danny B 12
wpszbk Lebron for Tommy V 5
eibnmi Winners Choice for Howie F 7
lophbc Mini for Howie F 10
mcssxq Gold rounds for CW 6
xiaulz Freiermuth for Kirk T 10
mqvhrn 100 for Rick S 6
lgwfir Mini 4 for Michael F 5
ommbeg Mini 1 for Michael F 9
mgfwae Prizm box for Bhavin 10
qznoyd 58 Mantle Aaron 6
hawvrw Cam Netwon for Chris S 8
lohsmt Green Ja for CW 6
bhheph Main for Travis O 5
ypwhbx Mini 6 for michael F 7
xlfbhd Mini for Travis O 7
cobwxe Filler for Travis O 8
iugvzb Update Ohtani for Jeremy L 5
wmzzbu Hull for Kirk T 10
nphsgv Bradshaw for Kirk T 8
szdjie 55 Clemente for Robert F 5
udberb Prizm Tatum for Kyle S 8
zfpwoe Watson for Kirk T 7
yepisp Silver Tre for Eric L 9
rysach Volpe PSA 10 for Michael C 7
oneyyn Crosby for Samy H 7
uqgjjh Ja for Kyle S 10
kiimxd Two winners for Howie F 6
jfnpyj Bat Down Acuna for Brad M 8
vzblsc Winners Choice for Howie F 6
zlognx 65 Mays for Jason Y 6
qvoacx Update Mookie for Tommy V 5
xtdsow 51 Bowman Ted Williams for Jason Y 7
bethrb MJ rc for Paul S 8
rhgitf Ohtani batting PSA 10 9
nvutlx Opus for Robert M 6
zbegpd Opus One for Robert M 5
yzllay Mini for John M 5
phpwvd Ja for Gosh j 7
qktinm Wood ball for Howie F 7
dsvsmk Bowman Jumbo box for Gary PII 9
mtdtsh Howard the Duck for Gabe Y 8
ubmfsl 52 Billy Martin for Jon C 5
qyabzd Ebiid for Eric J 5
mjypiz Gold round for Pete B 9
kwsilh Winners Choice for Howie F 8
jlbscm Gold round for Scott M 6
exouno Gold round for Andrew H 8
tpvmez Gold rounds for JAKN 11
dwbsaa Tiger for Robert W 7
lpcptk 55 Killer 6
iuhipo Sayers for Justin F 6
ihcbrx Silver bar for Danny B 8
khbygf Jordan Retro 13 Navy for Rick S 8
unblys Winners Choice for Howie F 9
aaqysb Chipper and Rickey for Jerry N 8
gmsyec April credit for Kirk T 10
zeazyf Nolan Ryan rc for Gosh J 7
tieqel Target card 2 for Joe B 8
xoulau BC Judge for Gosh J 10
mvzuxk Mini 3 for Michael F 6
inoihn Apple card for Joe B 9
yklkhs Target card for Joe B 11
lrflft Mini 2 for Michael F 10
twwfqw Red Blue Acuna for Gosh J 8
gcrpvi Winners Choice for Howie F 11
panmkd Gold rounds for Danny B 11
cqygpn Acuna red and blue for CW 11
ndxjli Tatum x2 for Michael G 9
fllaml Hank Aaron ball for Howie F 8
zuclsc Zoom Freak 3 for Rick S 7
kxrrws Wilt Chamberlain for Howie F 11
wzrhtz D9 Gummies for Kyle S 8
avjtja Stacks gummies for Kyle S 6
ntfpdz Mini 2 for Howie F 6
hxwura Gold rounds for CW 11
gwrgcu 3 Eagles for Danny B 6
szdzvf Mini for Howie F 7
gnysls Gold round for Brandon R 8
ksnzvm Gold round for Tony B 10
sxkaog 250 for CW 7
vjkvhv Silver bars for CW 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —