Giveaways by Greg Carlson (45)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
ggcxig Final fatal for Scott M 10
yuwdle 2017 The Rookies Mahomes 10
nbnezg Mini for Gosh J 7
aeaojg Scottsdale for Robert M 6
avgzqc FF for Miles L 9
glfhlg F1 for Miles L 9
pxbzvh Mercs and Rosies for Miles L 5
qxbcxm Gold rounds for Danny B 10
mgpyui Lamelo for Kirk T 10
lonzyk Gold rounds for Danny B 8
djpmqo Zion for Jeremy N 8
trvykz Round for Eric A 6
fqetdr Main for Miles L 5
abwunk F2 for Miles L 9
wcjxkb Luka for DJ T 8
zsjweh Ohtani for Bhavin 8
mjnjgk Panda for Miles L 8
sjynlu ProV1 for Ryan B 11
dmjnwl Shaq for Ibbs 7
yszwdk Tua for Ike T 8
mtanby One Cool One for Bryan B 5
yvyipx Herbert for Brian K 8
mfpbrd Burrow for Jeremy N 10
qgujls Kobe for Justin F 7
nqruzg Dudes for Rick S 7
lxhjpv Hurts for Thomas B 6
tdxldx Batman for Ibbs 6
ziqkgs JM Kilo for Miles L 6
eexuev Silver Mac for KC 12
civdou Harris for Kirk T 9
dqrxic Prizm Luka for Justin L 5
nzzhtv 3 gold rounds for Danny B 8
bfqycc Gold round for Danny B 5
ctblfl Gold round for Danny B 8
tmwtii 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Mike Trout 7
ucnora Another for Miles L 8
vdfvoa Gold rounds for Kyle S 6
bxoabk Gold round for Miles L 7
gdjolg Ship round for Brandon R 8
ldlegl Another gold round for Brandon R 8
awvujz Gold round for Brandon R 10
mckhzp Gold round for Scott M 10
saagop Prizm Herbert for Danny B 8
fxquju Akers for Kirk T 8
nenvzw Akers for Kirk T 6 not completed

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —