Giveaways by Greg Carlson (270)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
rdvmcf Mini #1 for Craig T 10
lntsay Dual for Curtis L 5
hejvdc Samuels for Kirk T 8
qtdgvk Winners Choice for Rick H 8
ghybxq Mini for Howie F 7
shpiuy Top 2 for Rick H 11
sqxhlh McCovey rc for Bob D 7
ltofbe Top 3 for David C 9
moanji Gold eagle for Scott M 8
hsqjny Foil Jeter for Tom B 8
ctzjru Top 2 for Rick H 12
fotlta Freeman for Bryan P 5
drxhnx Samuels for Kirk T 9
wobvxs Nolan Ryan rc for Daniel M 5
ohmkgx Update Yelich for Ryan S 8
qsmzki Silver note for Jason F 7
wtikvx NBA mixer filler for MB 7
sbnbbp Bowman box for Robert W 10
bswfoc Bowman box for Robert W 5
ftrwup Alexander lot for Joe C 7
ajutxp Martinez refr for Kyle P 8
wmibzq Main for Howie F 12
lgojop Mini for Steve W 9
likkss Final mini for Howie F 11
jzmbda Simpsons for Skott H 7
satipu 4way for Allan H 11
rbzjww $40 Freebie for Kirk T 9
tlngvs $40 Freebie for Kirk T 6 not completed
cytlfg Freebie for Kirk T 7
ywlpub Teams Divisional case for MB 5
fbpwbt Divisional case for MB 5
xqlqie Martinez refr for Kyle P 5
agixve Vikes helmet for Joe W 8
zcqdkc Top 3 for Jason U 7
uanrkf Yelich refr for Andy G 9
ndkhrf Gold Maple Leaf for Scott M 6
ghgwmk Main for Rick H 12
kluniu Johnson/Kemp for Robert F 8
fgmmmc Mini for Joe W 7
wdcakl Top 2 for AP 6
jwcdcn Update Harper for Justin A 10
whilfx XFractor Trout for David C 7
qmvbsr Main for Terry G 8
fzvkvf Mini for Terry G 7
ibbyjt Americana box for Rob W 9
nrmbya Silver Rounds 9
mtkzsj Redo for David C 11
xrrzdz Foil Jeter 8.5 for Robert W 10
mxqghv Williams for Timothy J 8
hnpoyz Gold Nico for Jeremy N 7
rtyuur Filler 3 for MB 11
vvjltr Tube of Eagles for Christopher H 6
wriuam Main for Robert W 9
koxbjq Mini for Robert W 9
jtxzbd Top 2 for Rick H 9
voetwm Frazier GEM for Isaac O 10
bpyolo 2 silver bars for Scott M 6
havqzk 10oz bar for Jhet 12
qdseah Acuna for Bryan P 12
cllnmo Filler 1 for Rick H 9
ekkjcm Foil Jeter for Robert W 6
rwrvck Update Trout for Sebastian H 5
yamdei Redo for Rich S 8
gyhbhf Mini for Joe C 8
ivwiad Testing 6
hqhjfk Test 10 not completed
cwfaxj Another Test 5 not completed
qcgydz Mini for Joe C 7 not completed
nzdrpt Testing 5
hqmzit Redo for Rick S 12 not completed
hnbyys test 5
ylqmfq Winners Choice for Rich S 5 not completed
drbemb Chrome Madrigrals for Rob F 11
tyjeln 10oz silver bar for Matt C 6
qdithy Top 3 for MB 6
eimail Winners Choice for SRR 6
vpxxyw Nolan Ryan rc for Jeremy J 5
axycwd Kirk Cousins for Duane W 9
wyqsqp Koufax rc for Jeremy J 5
mbunrf Kleinsasser for Tanner I 12
yhjkip Gold for Jhet 9
rzmmfi Acuna for Justin B 8
oqhmlx Top 3 for MB 7
xxokht Top 5 for MB 10
evcfdk Rudolph mini helmet for Keith S 5
swzeqx James Washington for Kirk T 8
pwotdp Maddux for Grant C 8
kcarsf Harperas for Bradley S 7
jgiasr Silver tube for Durk 5
ztgcpl 4 way for Derick P 6
oymszb Silver tube for Jhet 9
dpmkhq Harpers for Bradley S 8
qsclvp Harper 4 way for Bradley S 8
uqlahh Top 2 for Jason U 12
tmdxaj Chrome lot for Gabe Y 10
jqzraa Winners Choice for SRR 6
vbnplp 10oz Silver for Scott M 9
uvusyu F1 for Rick H 8
liatil 10oz Silver for Jesse S 7
dhvzdb 10oz Silver for Jhet 8
ntzlfo Hughes for Jeff B 8
whazoj 4 way gold for Durk M 10
ffpsmq Harper for Jonathan B 6
nvvisk Top 2 for Jason U 10
ofzqan ONeill ball for Howie F 9
myxpwy Bregman for Aaron M 7
kzquww Thomas for Stephen C 10
unhjsj Silver for Jhet 7
xapokm Main Mayfield for Terry G 8
dswyej Silver for John M 8
rtencg Teddy for Daniel M 5
ouctnr Purple Lavigne for Brandon H 6
wexgoi 10oz silver bar for Jhet 10
arkccg Silver lot for Barry B 7
fjcdyk Tube of Eagles for Brad J 5
ealzlp Mini for Brandon H 6
jkxthh Foil Jeter for Shaun T 6
zmbujv Main for David C 6
olqecf Honors FOTL for Shawn T 9
kvskgj Top 4 for David C 6
nehlod Mini for Terry G 8
mxeplp Lot #2 for Bradley T 9
glhixw Yelich PSA 10 for Steve H 7
esarfb WTA for Paul S 6
nwiqbl Main for Robert W 9
ftqeth Silver bar for Matt C 5
nsyhsc Mini for Robert W 9
hsifxc Coin flip for Durk M 8
josaum Harper for David O 5
ygvgfd Redo for Gerid B 8
gyayge Flip for John M 5
sdavrv Mays rc for Gerid B 7
amqcei Silver bars for Matt C 6
lssanj 1oz Gold for Gary E 7
vqkdhi Robert Smith for SRR 6
wwihpk Yadi for Aaron E 9
mdodno Freebie for Bradley S 12
cgfejx Freeman 1/1 for David C 11
kvxucn WTA for Bradley S 7
rfhdti Silver for Jhet 11
qqibxf Robinson for Rob F 5
jeoweg 33 Goudey Foxx 9
nmcfte Mayfield for Jereme B 5
hxyojx Kerhsaw for Moose 8
gzelbo Winners Choice for Tanner I 10
kzmtph Mini 2 for Rick H 12
obbpev Kirilloff for Timothy J 5
kqufhf 10 ounce silver for Jhet 10
myrgus Trout for Kirk T 8
nqmuxj 57 Drysdale for Steve L 9
vcpacy Sanchez for Howie F 7
lgcebz Silver rounds for Jhet 10
kbdzsn Royce GEM for Christian J 9
tvvgwa Lebron for Daniel M 5
uefsxt Main for Rick H 7
vqjeat Silver 4 way for Jeremy J 9
frgnop Mini for RWS 9
rrptxy BB Royce Lewis 11
ynxurc Judge for Isaac O 7
yxawqu Frazier ball for Howie F 9
sogmni WTA for Rex 7
dlgnul Carew for Keith W 7
vouhxw 79 Wax for Steve W 9
pygoem Bader refr for RWS 7
jwmouv DKs for Moose 8
bmeokn Mayfield for John W 5
hxhani Judge for Chris P 5
wzgbok 4 way for Rob F 5
rtgeud Bloom for Nick B 6
sbcmse Conforto for RWS 9
djtvdd 4 way for Jay P 7
hcrgaf 4 way for Doug B 4
dhlajo Robinson for Rob F 5
ldpfqo Harrison Smith for Dwayne H 7
vznrxr Winners Choice for Tanner I 6
wthsjc Dirk for Isaac O 6
ltqgaa Winners Choice for SRR 6
pzexra Sanchez dime for Isaac O 11
vcuube WTA for Steve H 10
ndcnpn Yelich for Steve H 6
xivfpd Top 2 for Rick H 11
lktylu 61 Hank for Jhet 10
eovskg Mattingly for Justin F 5
ubziaa 50/50 for Brad Z 9
actllk Mini for Howie F 5
nyconw Thome for Ryan J 8
ixzbph Top 2 for Rick H 9
zlgysb Redemption A for Mark G 7
hvwjuc $50 credit for Kirk T 8
zoovgc Freebie for Kirk T 10
xkzggp Judge GEM for Robert W 10
ulnxbk Trout dime for ERJ 6
neugfp Rudolph for Kirk T 9
iubttk Sendejo jersey for Keith S 7
zlyasw Hitman for SRR 10
qezhbx Hitman for Donny O 6
vpjzwc Vikes jacket for Paul S 6
htshlw Berrios ball for Dan L 9
vvsqof Main for Will R 6
rciext Mini for Will R 10
mvtrlf Update Arenado for Eric E 5
pfbwkg 67 Hank for Kody N 5
hllkww Judge for Isaac O 7
frzkki Chevy Chase for Nick B 7
ozldhu Tatis GEM for Steve H 8
surqkm Main for Terry G 7
noclwj Main for Justin A 7
ddoqrr Mini #2 for Terry G 6
lahaca Mini for Justin A 7
hmpidv Robles for Steve H 8
iyfmpm Mini for Terry G 9
ylxynw Chrome Soto for Jesse 11
mcbdoe Young for Jason R 6
wjysfn Main for Justin B 8
baeudi Mini for Justin B 8
aweyti Thielen for Jeremie A 5
ddxvxc Tek Trout dime 7
mdykah Soto for Justin B 7
musfzv Mini for Lee L 8
jzeprf Main for Rick H 13
aasqdb Saquon for Will R 6
tlwkmp AP helmet for Chris R 6
nsecyu Chrome Schwarber for Noel C 6
xhzuos Judge GEM for ERJ 7
wjqzwh Main for Trent D 12
hagxqp Mini for Trevor D 12
xlsfze Vikes Yeti for Troy R 6
wqelig Arenado for Ryan S 8
qdtcqk GOATS for Kurt V 5
gvilvq Nats filler for Cory D 6
kwpmjx NT Rosen for LC S 5
jahikc Senzel for AP 7
luvqac Tatis GEM For DO 8
xvcgem Bregman PSA 10 for Steve H 6
qecgot Main for JYS 5
skmxvj Doleman for Trevor D 11
iwuibp Mini for JYS 6
mpumsn 61 Mantle for Steve W 6
pxucht WTA for Anthony C 8
glhexr Mini for ERJ 6
vlmmkf Walking Dead for Davey J 6
nxejve Saquon for Anthony C 5
zeniki Magic lot for Rob F 5
zdtsfr Acunas for Kevin C 6
qedsye Reyes lot for Brandon K 7
lxyhlj Top 2 for Jason U 7
kldnmf Barry Sanders for Ses D 5
hvinaf Mejia for Brad D 6
wjexas Mejia GEM for Brad D 8
foxvfv Lambert for Rob W 10
lojduf Beckinsale for Daniel M 8
ayheun NT Mayfield for John W 8
mcmsac Bowman draft super case for Isaac O 7
adibdv Gronk for Kenneth G 11
anboxg Brady book for Terry G 8
lflano MJ for James U 6
ncksgh Top 20 for Harry 6
mpxkvg AP for MHD 10
ooiznl Chargers lot for Anthony C 8
jnjcjv Luka for Daniel M 5
mqigza Winners Choice for Tanner I 9
iyicfj WTA for RJ K 9
bawiae Wander for Rob F 5
mzfvrl Lebron for AB 6
rmbvrw Chrome Buxton GEM 5
elnknq Mini for Terry G 8
gatzyz Blue Alonso for Wes 5
zuqxsu Vikes ball for Chris R 11
ljnjys Winners Choice for RJK 6
zopnxp Trae Young for Robert W 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —