Giveaways by Greg Carlson (774)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
ulvhug Acuna for Brad M 9
epdqzb Update Acuna for Tommy V 7
hlqxsf Chrome JRod for Kellen W 6
kdxpuv Top 2 for Aaron M 7
xmwhic Mini for Aaron M 10
qfwvil Saquon for Jacob R 5
qrcqwi Purple Maitan for Grant D 11
qynyms H2H Zion for Lane K 6
pfqzzl Ja H2H 8
umlbaj Ja for Chris G 7
yzzoid Chrome Tatis for Brad M 9
uvwcjh Mini for David C 9
dtmtsa Luka for Josh B 11
tugngj H2H Orange Ice for Jack T 7
uyiame Gold Sexton for JSD 9
wfdpdb Zion for Jeremy C 8
mlvvkb Prizm Ja Morant for Courtny W 10
qxpsfv Mini for David C 10
pmhumc 1990 Score Emmitt Smith for Brandon S 5
bxophg 89 Deion for Brandon S 9
ohkhja Prizm Sexton for JSD 10
faquld Kaboom Kawhi for Matt L 9
znejps Prizm Ja for Courtny W 9
uqjorl Gold Panda for Courtny W 7
syxjra Aikman rc for Brandon S 11
mvvrwq H2H for Trevor 9
hczcku Luka for Josh B 7
hlkoje Ja for Cournty W 8
rjgrcn Minshew for Will R 9
augpic Jeter for Sam B 7
phewgk Acuna for Anthony C 5
hcgkuy 5g gold bar for Courtny W 6
qwyvnq Herro for Todd D 6
yhadje Ronaldo for Justin F 8
iwvpup Purple Brown for Cosimo S 6
nanvzq Chrome Pache for Robert W 10
pgmlrx WTA for Jonathan H 6
amxgbb Chrome Royce Lewis for Shawn B 5
zlwvoq Update Soto for Shawn B 8
rvxxhk Stacker 1 for Mike P 12
oadtxv H2H 1 for Bhavin 8
hsslme 3rd time 7
izmxnn Run it back 7
enuiqw Tatis GEM for Terry G 9
kzlken Jrod refr for ERM 6
hxkogj Henderson rc for Kyle S 10
thhmvb Eloy for Eamon 9
udzwfj H2H for Trevor S 8
njjbtg Main for Matt L 9
gkxmkd JRod refr for Grant D 9
liypbt Mini for Matt L 6
fegjxw Chrome Alonso for Michael H 8
okndwt Ja for Mike B 6
dusejm Canario lot for Brandon H 10
pilvcc Blue Ice Graham for Grant D 5
zwflrl Gold and Silver for Brad J 6
trsnru Tatum and Graham for Mike B 10
dxiako Update Acuna 4 for Jeremy W 7
xctcjb Update Acuna 3 for Jeremy W 11
rdlkrg Lebron for Isaac O 7
ywpqkd Update Acuna for Jeremy W 6
xeaefb Coby Ice for ERM 6
cwgkwh H2H 7
xdeere Adells for Grant D 9
kdosik Silver Trae for Brian L 7
uhrdkb Gold round for Courtny 12
spiiok Contenders White for NC 9
htuimy Red Ayton for Brian L 9
davvep H2H for Bhavin 7
szqehz Trae PSA 10 for Caleb H 8
wqsgjd Gold round for Courtny W 11
tvtxzv Gold Pamp for Courtny W 7
fisauq Casas refr for Vahe 8
dwichf Purple Mauricio for Alex B 5
sjngbe Luka for Alex B 6
oljhbd Eloy for Eamon 8
awzpcu Orange Ice Zion for Timothy L 9
entdfo Purple Mauricio for Alex B 10
kdzovf Chipper for Alex B 11
kehbad Main for Alex B 7
qpwrap Mini 1 for Alex B 7
wkeuwe Judge for Alex B 6
glydqe Ja for Joe D 8
dqfqno Acunas for Natlie M 6
vcmacy AI for Kevin C 8
lnkdva Chrome Eloy for Matthew F 8
hszkjs Main for Brad Z 9
glvews Mini for Brad Z 11
gtlvdj Rodgers for Eamon 6
gqxgpb Eloy for Eamon 5
hqjjfn Acunas for Andrew A 10
mscgfy Tatis for Shawn T 7
cmthjr Chrome Mookie for Ryan S 6
lpafga Tatis for Andrew A 7
cjvwel Prizm Trae for Justin B 8
efxnpn JRod refr for Sam G 8
ifydny Silver Bagley for Benjamin R 7
aymzid Acunas for Andrew A 8
wmiczc Zion #2 for Macy Rob 9
ratcvb Silver Rounds for Aaron P 7
ecapca Silver Rounds for Aaron P 6
cmoudl Zion for Macy Rob 6
xmnlgg H2H for Tim S 9
sccafi Nico for Bradley S 7
ecbaom Hobby Lobby card for Gerid B 10
olokdh Silver Trae for JSD 6
jselhe H2H for Bhavin 6
xcrcmj Mini for Jeremy N 10
fahxlg Rui for JSD 9
ysjdex Wander for Andrew A 9
tdjkve Shaq for Gerid B 12
ztibln Select FOTL box for Robert W 10
zezzcs Zion for Zach E 8
kntbmb Alonso for Alex B 9
oqqlck Acuna x2 for Grant D 7
vnkcrl Ja for Wesley W 7
tdwsls Tube of Eagles for Junky 10
fjxina Top 3 for Wesley W 6
xtqdts Blue Zion for Matt J 8
szremv Zion 5 for Wes 7
iylufg Optic Zion for Josh B 8
wlafxz Winners Choice for Dan S 7
qctocx Zion for John M 6
hwqdvn Zion 4 for Wes 12
gctaeo Main for JSD 12
jtgvno More Wallys for Rick S 9
ywqntl Silver Ja for Grant D 8
shvnnx Trout for Aaron M 7
ybjqsk Zion 3 for Wes 7
cedkck HD Wallys for Rick S 8
jxtmul Zion 2 for Wes 12
kxwroc Ja for Nick B 8
xcxfoj Zion 1 for Wes 7
oeztnb Mini for JSD 12
luaazg Optic Hunter for CMP 5
stioug Wallys for Rick S 12
ntpmqw Acunas for Grant D 9
imkhps Update Betts for Scott M 6
xsinbt Bellingers for Grant D 12
lvebbn Top 5 filler for MB 9
zgnstg Hey Dude Wally for Rick S 5
acmffl Chrome Lebron for Lane P 9
kqfbjk Silver Ayton for Matt L 7
xselfx JJJ for Jeremy J 7
qkzzbj WTA for Mike P 8
lubhcz Silver Bagley for Eric M 6
gmepxu Chrome Robert for Ryan B 9
bdmjrc Purple Tatis for ERM 7
mccyfj Silver Bagley PSA 10 for Alex B 6
ygvtya Bag 3 for Alex R 7
zndzjo Freebie for Billy D 7
irhliw Round 7 for Billy D 9
okfvwd Bag 2 for Alex R 6
fwyebo Round 6 for Billy D 7
ttritl Round 2 for Andrew M 7
rxnuvx 3 grams gold for Courtny W 6
fcgcqs MJ for Mike B 6
nhamvb Ohtani for Alex B 9
mvraru Silver Bagley for Alex R 8
qnsofo Pokemon for Anthony P 8
dxbhyv Chrome Kirilloff for Jeremy W 5
oboqxz Round 5 for Billy D 8
elxabr 89 UD Griffey for Mike B 9
iktfif Round 4 for Billy D 9
tnztpm Round 3 for Billy D 9
zdnnpe Acuna for Mike B 7
xmjlcx HD Shoes for Rick S 6
wkzavi Round 2 for Billy D 7
cvuhyb Round 1 for Billy D 11
heound Silver Mitchell for Gabe Y 10
spcrgs Fireworks Zion for Christian J 9
qjluwu Update Betts for Ryan C 7
qbnydz Prizm Joker for DL 10
mhfxlw Hey Dude shoes for Rick H 7
gbovqx Update Sotos for Christian J 8
cohqaq Update Trout for Tony B 9
ewxwhl 2018 Hobby case for William D 9
ctqpyu Update Soto for Ryan C 6
aehlbo Topps Chrome Alonso for Alex B 6
nddkel Chrome Soto for Jamison L 6
ckitet Blue Jung for Matt M 7
oadfgm Adell refr for Scott M 9
otrnva Stacker for Ricci 9
ckkmcq Gold coin for Billy D 6
ylidbu Bottom 2 for Tony B 10
sqxtvj Double Bubble for AP 8
kqoihb Zion for Mike B 8
eptoet Silver Ja for Eric S 7
dujhns Stacker for Ricci L 12
rxvyaj Select Embiid for Rustin 10
vdbxpt Wander for Jeremy N 8
gbvbtx Blue Royce Lewis for Craig T 7
tdhqer Chargers Rams filler for Jason U 6
jpfpbh H2H for JVG 10
krdfca Panthers Bengals filler for Jason U 5
xwjnsb Orange Ice Ja for Justin L 8
idypiw Gold Waters for David C 10
hefxyt JRod refr for Ste 9
tfxkew Ja for Jacob V 10
saweqo Wander for Jeremy N 9
qzfjag Silver DG for Bobby N 5
ezghqo Zion for Erick C 6
ljzrcw Zion 5 for Wes 7
wquaxd Trae PSA 10 for Grant D 6
rdlosh Zion 4 for Wes 9
lakxrk Zion 3 for Wes 7
otnmke Zion 2 for Wes 7
akcruy Zion for Wes 6
mgbglj Gold Waters for David C 10
frelap Blue Robert for Craig P 6
puqtnd Zion Holo for Patrick C 9
keyslr Perth for Kyle G 11
fnmgek Series 2 Jumbo box for Ricci L 6
zrdmqa Orange Ice Lebron for Matt L 6
upuuzu Silver rounds for Tom F 7
rxjsvu Giannis for Ricci L 8
wkbwfe Ja patch for Justin F 8
aslumx Round 2 for Ryan H 6
vlofrb Adley refr for Vahe 7
pskzsx Manning for Chris J 8
szisav MAGA rug for Dan S 7
cdnspn Curry for Alex B 8
papfns Stacker for Brandon P 5
dzlzxr Silver Washington for Alex B 7
xioyps Silver Shai for Alex B 5
cjtgtz Red Zone Jones for Dylan W 10
kfbnki Brady lot for Caleb H 8
mkjnmo Silver Shai for Alex B 8
ymsinw Red Ink Judge for Kyle S 6
mxphdk Prizm Trae for Alex B 8
rcofic Optic boxes for Dustin H 8
qxzuly Purple Ice Trae for JSD 8
xrvspd Trout for Matt L 10
fhmsjp Zion for Weston 10
wmawzd Zion for Grant D 8
yngtgi F2 405 for Rick H 8
mlnxrs Ja for Courtny W 12
sowupx Mini for David C 9
ffgumf 5oz round for Tony B 9
whtjxi Zion and Ja for Joseph R 8
quaxrm Jim Brown rc PSA 3 for Brad Z 6
eiuabx NT Ohtani for Kyle S 12
jrcncr Silver Trae for Kevin L 6
nrgddk Jim Brown rc for Brad Z 8
wrvqlf Plates and Patches filler for MB 4
qgvhvl Trae for Jeff H 9
txfcer Orange Hield for Nicholas C 6
fqsuey MJ for Shawn T 6
oodzrg Zion for Jacob R 5
ugmffr Brees for Jack T 7
daitff Lamar for Doug B 9
obfzhb 89 Donruss Griffey for Matthew F 7
pgotul Montana rc for Nate C 8
sjwude Zion for Donny F 10
vnktii Alonso for Matt R 7
jjopsy Chrome Vaughn for Andrew A 10
wlsuap Update Acuna for Todd S 8
yujbuu Contenders Slayton for Jeremy L 5
iwrvvn Kershawn for Benjamin R 5
aflyrx Lebron for Jerry R 10
jvzkrs Vlad for Dylan W 10
bbesdt Round 2 for Tony B 6
nivhkz Royal Canadian for Greg O 7
gykvcb Chrome Abrams for Bobby N 6
yvbbyp Zion for Dane T 10
uokbvv Stacker for Ryan H 7
xfznqq Amazon card for Preston M 5
awfoyd Kaboom Brady for Michael G 7
jdmyfw Purple Ice Trae for Tony B 11
psouhm disco Zion for Will R 8
zplxuj 2nd run for David C 6
fsntoc Brady for Jaime M 8
nabybw Gio for Chuck M 7
euzfot DWade for Garret G 8
kmvgcz Downtown Lamar Jackson for Kent K 5
lselkc Chrome Wander for Matt M 8
gfkjyg Dynasty Acuna for David C 8
ndqoed Catfish Hunter rc for ETJ 9
dlwtzd Stacker for Ryan H 8
jevuaf Pink Ice Luka for Brad M 8
nddgbp Main for David C 6
gvcfoh Tatis lot for Kevin C 5
ewehwy Stackers for Bradley T 12
cseqvj Mini for David C 10
mnjeuu Chrome Robert for Craig T 9
jqpssm Chrome Abrams for Christian J 8
ugnxma BBall lot for Will S 5
dlvbpo Foil Jeter for Kevin L 8
qhtder Zion for Brad Z 10
bplupv Ewing for Alexander G 11
xxlmus Lebron for Josh B 6
omvgmo Round 2 for Benjamin R 7
uxjsih Silver Bagley for Joe K 7
kmcsoo Great One rc for Kevin L 6
wyuxkw Fisk rc for ETJ 7
epptal Mini for JSD 9
vmzyft Main for David C 9
yvkuzt Gold round for Grant D 7
aozjwx Mni 2 for David C 6
whvrhf Tube of Eagles for Grant D 12
xbuixs MPJ Silver for Grant D 9
lpjegs Wander refr for Charles Z 9
qqxgjz Tatis refr for RJ K 5
brbmri Silver Sexton for Grant D 8
abtegq Purple Pulsar RUI for ERM 11
rgieqy Zion for Nick T 7
ixbpev Wander for Matt M 6
cagiwc Zion for Jonathan H 10
uhtceh Tatis for RJ K 12
dfksih Foil Jeter for Charles R 7
fakhdk Wander GEM for Terry G 8
haoqua Ripken for Barry B 9
chnvkv Silver Rui for Matt R 6
tsdpyc Optic FOTL box for Brian B 6
xbcgkn Cello lot for Rob W 8
ksctsl Simons x2 for John M 10
osbrtn Rui for ERM 7
mmgpdu Giannis for Craig P 9
bomewp Cheap 10 way for John M 7
tyjlbj Mini for David C 9
uvyhds MJ for Wes 10
dsjpkj Crosby x2 for EA 10
fqqudp Crosby 2 for Wes 10
nzgwje Silver Porter for Brian S 7
kafdjx Chrome Robert for Wes 9
hmthws Crosby for Wes 7
pzzpxz Zion for Rob F 6
rlbdod Gleyber for Wes 8
irwjcj Trae for Wes 6
iykgrk Luka for Grant D 8
ggifle Luka for Grant D 7
rhvicw Luka for Grant D 8
lfibjy F2 399 for Rick H 7
cpnqxs Flawless Mahomes for Jason G 8
xsckoy Tiger for Jacob R 6
nvuyaj Silver Zion for Tim R 7
yoozte Silver Zion for Tim R 7 not completed
ahekbh Winner Picks for Michelle B 7
pghsvg Zion for Chris G 8
lhiibq WTA for TJB 6
hlconr Museum Hank Aaron for Michael P 8
tbvvtc Acunas for TJB 7
yjqtez Finest Banks for Luke Y 9
ldcfwk Diamond Trout for Bradley S 7
tzwoec Amazon Card for Chrissy D 7
xwvtak Ernie Banks for Luke Y 6
ffacwx JJJ for Tyler M 7
mienzm Purple Robert for ERM 8
tzlbud Ja for Ryan J 8
tyapkg Mini for Wes 11
vuwink Zion for Tim R 7
kiekcp Prizm Trae for Tommy V 10
hsckjk Tatis for Lane K 7
yvovxg Bryant for Ryan S 8
xgtzyo 87 Traded Maddux for Brad Z 7
yfhwok Giannis x2 for Jeremy J 6
trbldc Zion for Aaron M 10
mhgsqq Ayton for Justin L 6
zmfifm Green Young for Brad M 7
hakcpc 17 Torres for Sam G 9
uxgstj Chrome Nico for Jack T 9
xqqunz Red Zone Jones for JSD 9
myqnpl Eloy for Brad M 6
cuxtat Main for Dan S 7
zwsnzm Vlads for Nick S 10
tkzbtp Kobe for Josh B 6
spubqu Blue Ja Mega 11
rwklxq Zion for Tim R 9
dhckiq Stackers for Danny B 7
qtffly Mini for Dan S 7
pkdyau Mini for Wes 7
vxygbt NHL hoodie for Rich S 6
qscsht Nico refr for Wes 8
muxuxl Luka for DD 8
hytihi Round 1 for Billy D 11
rjmvqd F3 401 for Rick H 9
yiaqlx F3 401 for Rick H 8
rliqyp Chrome Nova for Robert W 8
nefajj JJJ lot for Joe D 8
jdthxv Kobe for Kirk T 8
zexhsd Silver Graham for Mike B 10
irqcwe Ja for Courtny W 8
apdpst Silver Clarke for Justin L 10
wcjrpi Trae for John M 6
kqumtv Green Zion 2nd run for Sean D 5
sulnrg Sterling Mantle for ETJ 8
lsbhkl Silver Bagley for Kent K 11
tecqiw Zion for Tim R 12
btqxgy Green Zion for Sean D 10
bsducs Silver Bagley for Alex B 6
kbdybj F2 402 for Rick H 14
dwevcq Chrome Waters for Alex B 8
emfbou Blue Jung for Eddie M 12
uutilx Luka for Justin L 10
xptcvb F1 402 for Rick H 14
okcmof Luka for Justin L 9
adlxtl Trout for JEremy J 10
otndfj Wander for Matt M 12
zgnjub Alonsos for Kevin C 11
mmyude Lebron for Lane P 8
fxgosa 2 pack 2 for Wes 5
lhcgaq Trae 2 for JSD 6
keeiuu Another 2 pack for Wes 8
lojstn 2 Pack for Wes 8
xccyzj Zions for Wes 7
zrjzyh Silver Trae for JSD 11
igzxzk Main MJ for ERM 5
ezbrfe Zion for Wes 10
bmcyfv Mini for ERM 7
yqgzdp Supplies for Dan S 7
uxgyct Silver rounds for Travis A 10
udbffp Contenders Jacobs for Matt L 10
etshln Spahn lot for Mike G 7
mhvaoq Green Zion for Josh B 6
cjrzht 84 Fleer Update Puckett for Robert W 8
gimoqd Bagley for Courtny W 8
bnjbpd Abrams for Justin I 6
kgslxr Herro redemption for Shawn P 8
znoafv Blue Acuna for ERM 8
rclcwf 10 oz silver for Jim M 9
qlwsjc Round 2 for Michael T 11
ignuig Alonso for Maynor 6
lupayk Main for ERM 10
kzhlam Snell redemption for Cord 8
hnunbt Mini for ERM 7
ydyhvf Trae PSA 10 for Nick A 7
kjmcff Prizm Trae for Nick A 8
ttyhll Luka for JSD 8
ywrgle Trae for Lane P 8
vsxmwb Silver Trae for Brad M 8
bqccms Mini for Thomas B 6
fwuxdp Zion for Courtny W 9
cnzzuu Ja for Justin L 11
gjekfi SPX box for Bhavin 10
shhnlh Sotos for Christian J 6
ththwl Red Trae for Derrick J 8
ojkthu Wander refr for ERM 11
ikuulg Peyton for ETJ 8
bnhxwy Zion for Nick B 12
enqbyq Sotos for Jeremy J 9
xrxlie Gleyber xfractor for Michael T 7
qmhssc 65 Yaz for Andy A 8
friihn DLo 3 for Michael G 5
oyoufr Luciano for John E 6
qsulhs Wander for John E 7
fpcmum Red Bagley for Vahe 7
ajcpgt DLo 2 for Michael G 5
fsknha Round 2 for Aiden B 8
dqpfkz DLo for Michael G 10
gmpipj 91 Bowman Chipper for Michael A 5
osmvhv Pulsar RJ for Aiden B 7
wzokka Blue Tatis for Jeremy N 6
npaqam Giannis for Jeremy J 6
ygxagx Zion for Vince P 9
mcvrmc KitKat for Danny B 6
gboztw Silver Trae for Terry G 8
zlephh JJJ for Grant D 5
nlfznd Top 4 for Jeremy J 5
fqoidy F1 398 for Rick H 13
qhdife Tatis for Jeremy J 7
ducbmr Optic Contenders Young for Robert S 6
rtemiv Top 11 Mega 6
oyzrqu Soto for Jeremy J 10
pqzspw 82 Traded Ripken for Robert W 10
smsgdh Herros for Justin L 5
zmifec 1991 Fleer set for Gabe Y 8
evezzl Staubach rc for Robert W 6
rxkzke Blue Martinez for Vahe 9
hfnwqu 58 Maris for Robert W 5
wofmhb RJ lot for Justin L 5
zkzlhg Sweetness for Gerid B 6
ynpddo Main for Brad M 7
demqpl Winners Choice for Dan S 7
htubon Mini for Brad M 10
vuzixb Hitman for Joe W 7
mngxbb Orange Ice RJ for Justin L 10
hqhzmk Mini 1 7
tetuor Main for Preston M 8
mbzdmr Luka for Ryan C 11
lfnzss Mini for Preston M 11
zazrdh Ja 4 for Justin L 6
psfwsi Ja 3 for Justin L 9
zmlfcd Bo Bichette for Kyle B 10
zozoew Ja 2 for Justin L 6
gqurfq Ja for Justin L 7
szjnmg Fui x2 for Justin L 10
mrqavr Bill Russell for ETJ 8
whjqcz Chrome Wander for NM 5
ccarlh Dickerson for Andy A 8
hasvpc Rainbow foil Acuna for Kyle S 6
tincmi Winner for Benjamin R 10
echzdz Flawless Trout for Robert F 7
sdnaun Brees for Shawn B 7
gkcvvw Lucianos for Grant D 10
yqsxdd Ja for Tim R 11
unbkbd Trae Young for Alex B 8
xkgfpu Eloy for Tim A 9
tmvsgd Dynasty Ripken for Robert W 5
tezhuz Canario for Todd S 10
hsrbvn Inception Trout for Patrick H 7
vsypxb Silver White for Donny F 5
omdkcg Purple India for Alex B 5
vdsyzr Gold round for Courtny W 7
qmhutc Silver Trae for Robert F 5
nhapfy Ja for JSD 6
oqyobj Luka for Justin L 12
ybluwo Top 2 filler for Jason U 6
inalvs Jags filler for Jason U 5
srumeo Koufax for Kirk T 7
etaalw Zion for Alex B 6
gzdlxo Luka for JAFS 8
hwszkn Zion Prizm for Mike S 10
xiooxl Zion for Mike S 7
cpupam Zion 9.5 for JSD 9
odmqzy Zion rookie for Jimmie S 9
esqgnm Zion rookie for Jimmie S 2 not completed
ryufqz Redo for Tommy C 8
yqwzck Main for Brad Z 11
iqxucv Prizm Zion for Jimmie S 7
uilpmu Barry Sanders for Tommy C 11 not completed
tculqz Luka for Justin L 11
iskvfz Eagles for Jhet 6
icjcnx Lukas for Jimmie S 6
wxkqax Zion for Tony B 6
kkgxxp Zion for Courtny W 8
qhutcc Mini for Brad Z 7
dwidqj Cheap lot for Christian J 8
jjhypy Ja for Courtny W 9
eauhuw Ja for JSD 6
ghqxgi Silver Bagley for CNBB 10
txrzzm Ja for JSD 6
fpfmuz Blasters for Rob W 8
amnkpg Kobe for Travis S 5
iakjji Gleyber for Erick R 7
rrcuxc Dynasty Ichiro for Bobby N 6
vydsof Martinez refr for Michael R 10
pwixwu Blue Ice Walker for Brian B 5
xccsvk Elway for Seth B 7
zhwpvd Silver Kuzma for Bobby N 7
nvsvey Hiura for Brian B 5
mtgmka Alonso for Brian B 11
mlbgph JJJ for Stephen O 8
zydqnw Wander for John E 8
uloiiv Zion for Will R 9
uzwbgf Luka for Alex B 10
fzpwen Mookie for Alex B 9
uxguvy Vlad for Wesley W 8
zfznpr Luka for Justin L 6
gtmtig Deebo rd 2 for Joe D 6
etxbvl Zion for Howie B 11
vwbuzw Top 4 for MB 10
fcfpnz Winners Choice for Dan S 7
pzjguo Zoom Pegasus for KK 7
jhiira Kobe for Anthony C 9
ugvttr Giants filler for Jason U 11
llvyto Kobe for Anthony C 11
jijgim Deebo redemption for Joe D 8
rqnrgl Ja for Gary J 6
wmpmdm Cheapie lot for Christian J 8
leyrpp Top 2 for Jason U 11
ddfmob Purple Carroll for Matt L 8
ybrhsr Luka for Aaron M 5
zhxpaa 5g gold for Danny B 9
fkgafb Silver Zion for Rex 7
lzouyj Mahomes for Tony B 7
bqddbc Crown Royale filler for MB 4
hqmkzm Mahomes for Bryan S 6
uqndsi Optic Mahomes for JSD 7
rmsyuu Herro ice for ERM 5
xzpwez Silver Trae for Alex B 11
lacewm Zion for Bhavin 6
yynzud Zion for Danny B 7
spyocq Mahomes for CNBB 10
hajmxm #15 for John G 12
zjtnwu Amazon card for Chrissy D 7
spnmia Contenders box for Jared G 8
mgewyn #15 for John G 10
ktlyxs Top 2 for AP 9
slkcjq TJ Watt for Kirk T 10
weqocv Mahomes for Aaron M 10
zlsoxu Silver Sexton for Jeff M 8
jmzgek Silver Bagley for Bobby N 8
rubhht Zion for Howie B 11
glvirr Topps Filler 2 for MB 4
heefhk Giannis 2 for Adam R 12
ggsgot Giannis for Adam R 9
jmsteg James Washington for Kirk T 10
lievde Zion for Tung N 9
yzhrgn Main for Brad Z 8
roicrh WTA for Will R 12
fjnzzd Mini for Brad Z 10
ruqlfb Zeke for Kirk T 7
ggtzvy Mini for Tung N 8
moarsv Zion for David C 6
rodapn 100 oz Silver for Gary E 7
jecejp Foil Jeter for Alexander G 10
xxgaol Judge for Matt W 8
aacmau Main for Brad Z 6
cwrebo Chrome Tatis for Danny B 7
uyczaj Main for Chris D 6
ftskrw Main for Matt F 8
obcgxl Mini for Brad Z 9
mostmo Gold Hoese for Michael R 12
gmshjv Canario for Griffin A 7
hzjuci Mini for Chris D 11
updvkw Mini for Matt F 9
ehphcf Coby White for Rob F 8
dlipkg Luka for Alex B 12
xisdvp KC squares for Tate C 7
kuqmua 49ers squares for Tate C 7
oiwkvn KC squares for Brian B 10
vrojko 49ers squares for Brian B 10
lllvkf Tatis for Jeremy N 6
qijums 3 grams Pamp for Todd D 11
xfycqm Amazon card for Chrissy D 7
pbfzet Mini for David C 10
xeuvou Main for Jordan S 9
fguhqg Luka for Justin L 8
rbunvf Mini for Bradley T 9
lqpwgk Purple Robert for ERM 5
nyweku Top 2 for Jordan S 6
ddiofn Luka for Justin L 8
avcvue Silver Zion for Jason H 8
jyomum AD for JSD 10
dzzzkv FOTL for Eric L 5
cubetx Warp Speed MJ for Alex R 6
kdwkoe Contenders FOTL for Eric L 9
txuxnd Amayas for Nick S 11
ujuvfx Zion for Will R 6
jorbbq Best Buy cards for John M 10
lyktnf Red Herro for Justin L 8
mqhncy Chipper for Alex B 10
agwowl Filler 2 for Jordan S 8
iiyigw Prizm Booker for Alex B 7
hkiajj Luka for Justin L 9
ormfde AI for Nick B 8
xamdta Luka for Justin L 9
mtpkht Silver Rui for Justin L 6
lgbsei 12 Mini 2 for John G 14
feaavu Mini 1 for John G 8
xdgama Zion for Greg G 8
dewlag Zion for Steven S 10
inggsh Bird Irving Magic for Steven S 9
pyelfr Gleyber for Brian B 8
xtdeid 2011 Bowman Chrome Trout for Tony B 12
abhezi Final filler for Jason U 9
gkhwwd Mini for Danny B 9
nqopmy Zion variation for Scott M 9
dzhiny Zion for David D 11
nejtav Filler 3 for Jason U 8
blkzwy Optic Mahomes for CNBB 9
cimbgx WTA for Ste J 8
hvprtm Culver for Rob F 9
dsmvri Jeter for Luke Y 7
mtqsqy Chrome Bohm for Griffin A 9
yjuwri Chrome Gleyber for Ste Jon 10
owwjez Filler #1 for Jordan S 5
pxqzov Top 3 for John G 8
kwttjf Zion for David D 12
oghxre Landry for Kirk T 7
wyvidi Main for Kheva E 7
qmixrh Mini for Justin L 12
mgsnxf Mini for Kheva E 6
dnercd Top 2 for Rick H 10
sutwff Crown Royale lot for Matt S 5
pdbbll Blue Bart for ERM 5
sowdel Silver Herro for Josh B 8
lbpcyq 96 Topps Kobe for ETJ 12
msnfwh 96-97 Kobe for ETJ 7
zbglan Kobe for Gerid B 7
adaagh Mitchell for Justin F 8
ptnrzz Mini for Brad Z 7
iwlxqx Ja for Chris Y 7
mtwcow Chrome Adell for ERM 7
nrssbm Main for Chris D 8
ayrmum Prizm Zion for Justin L 8
iiiqmz Mini for Chris A 7
iipqmq Main Zion for Wes 9
brdeil Main for Gerid B 10
shgdfj Purple Tatum for Ricci L 8
cqbzkq Mini for Gerid B 7
cojyyi Top 3 for Wes 8
qmmsns Top 4 for DM 12
pcjtlj 93 Topps Jeter for Jon B 8
nsoksj Gold round for Brandon P 7
bnsnlx 5g gold for Jeff M 9
gvkjye Wander for John E 9
aprscq Luka for Christopher P 10
ejmnil Yeezys for Wesley W 10
wcuehj Chrome Canario for Griffin A 6
bwsphd 5g gold bar for Jeff M 8
hixggz Rui for Justin L 7
xyyqui Zion rerun for Justin L 12
owloxu Canario for Griffin A 6
rvbgih Chrome Adell for Terry G 8
ueexma Zion for Justin L 11
vmpwgu 1873 Liberty for Mike D 7
zxjntz Adell for Wes 6
kqnerc Bowman Griffey for Alex B 7
oejuxo 89 Griffey 2 for Alex B 7
wdxgof 89 Griffey for Alex B 12
nubykc Trae for Alex B 8
ygkhqn 89 Bowman Griffey for Alex B 7
vkmnuc Mini #2 for John G 12
ldlvgn Update Trout PSA 10 for Brad M 7
ijqesp Silver Zion for David C 9
itzjbd MJ for Aaron M 8
pvfkni Select Mahomes for Wesley L 6
tnbvwc Mini for Brad M 10
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ofqcxq Main for Brian S 8
bdtylc Rivera bat for Howie F 7
juwbkh Silver Herro for Ron G 6
vtxblq Final mini for Brian S 8
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meexzk Trout for Matt L 6
hnocjj Mini for David C 12
xirmvy Mini for Brian S 8
ivqkkh Update Trout for Shawn B 10
vgsrem Gleyber for Shawn B 10
mocnyi Luka for Reid R 6
wfoaer Yeezys for Wesley W 11
vppzrw Silver Bagley for Grant D 12
qxqnhl Optic Mahomes for Kevin L 10
ljqvmg Mahomes for Wesley L 6
mwkoqt Prizm Zion for Kevin C 6
clxvef Update Trout for Warren P 9
tznmdj Top 3 for Robert W 10
qxtnqh Update Trout for Ricci L 6
ojjebx Zion 2 for Robert W 9
klhugk Adley dime for ERM 10
jrcuie Select Giannis for JSD 9
pbdzxe Zion for Robert W 6
osrunf Optic Mahomes for JSD 6
oyslbq Zion for Tim R 5
aizwmu Zion for Brian B 7
toqlys Red Wave Ja for Lane K 7
jugyjd Wander for Ron G 10
gjqwzr Vlad for Dan S 12
yufaep Main for Warren P 6
vmavyh Mini #1 for Warren P 12
bwhscr Zion for Shawn P 6
hisfnt Ja for Matt L 8
akjhtb Yeezy for Wesley W 7
mltloy Acunas for Grant D 9
aemlkn Jackson for Grant D 12
ttefev Cello lot for Rob W 8
ajilun Mini for Dylan W 6
ybgcev Johnson for Kirk T 7
oczbep Bohm for Griffin A 12
ufbdmg Main for David C 9
knwyze Foil Jeter for Gerid B 7
mmniev Mini for David C 6
yiygty Chrome Waters for Griffin A 9
xooula Chrome Bichette for Wesley W 12
skhefq KD for Brad Z 9
eezpgi MJs for Gabe Y 8
pclueh Eloys for Jae 6
nfqhyp Redo for Wesley W 7
afojjm Zion for Brandon S 8
wwsfpd Chrome Tatis for Wesley W 8
dcllod Cello lot for Rob W 8
rxfrlc 10oz stacker ofr Maynor 5
sqccjl Tatis for Todd L 7
jnaxxc Tatis for Jeremy N 10
iosiaw Chrome Baty for Bryan D 11
zkkgml Chrome Greene for Brian H 6
xvtdnd Soto for Ricci L 8
ffvikq Mini for David C 11
srkugl Tatis for Danny B 8
ztbmlm Contenders Kittle for Desi 6
vbvzba F1 392 for Rick H 11
xifzbg Luka for Michael L 5
tvhzxk Tiger for EA 7

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