Giveaways by Greg Carlson (463)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
noxhxp Luka for Jereme 9
iinkhd Main for Anthony C 6
ctjjqc Round 2 for Ricci L 8
kzwcwp Mini for Anthony C 10
vezvdl Tatis for John E 12
pktgcv Luka for Ricci L 7
pavkpa Mini #1 12
duuzuq Pippen for SA 8
nkpbgr Sven for Rich S 11
avorfy Winners Choice for Rich S 6
zvirtd Top 2 for Brad Z 11
bmlqfn Luka for Jonathan H 8
xekiyw Chubb for Josh B 10
yxtzfg WTA for Justin F 9
pbevys Trae for Isaac O 7
bmjdpb Hot Wheels Storm Track for Rich S 8
bajtpq Immaculate Trae for Isaac O 7
dxomkz Korean War proof for Shawn P 7
fdlqcj Silver and Gold for Jeff M 9
lfcoio Prizm Luka for Jeff M 8
ugjxpm Silver Trae for Jeff M 7
xhpold Shai for Kyle H 5
lxifvs Silver Luka for Tony B 11
byruds Winner picks for Rich S 7
kxbgzb 1g gold for Clay C 10
gkesuz Redo for Rick H 11
vynjcc Top 2 for Rick H 9
juobds Box #2 for Robert W 7
licohn Main for Bryan P 9
ygpqbn Silver Trae for Ryan H 7
nvcafy Optic box for Robert W 7
dhksvv Lori Grimes auto for Clark J 9
kacqqq Mini for Bryan P 8
zgaipf Weekly freebie for Billy D 7
ijpmuo WTA for Nick B 8
mvztgu The Punisher for Nick B 9
ljeebd 66 Koufax for Kirk T 11
vayafa Winners Choice for Rich S 6
rjebko Eagles for Danny B 11
ngcdol Prizm Grier for Jon V 8
sdbvno Batteries for Rich S 8
skmkre Jeter for Danny B 9
iifvpu Dynasty Harper for Joshua E 6
wfxydc Silver Luka for BS 10
rqbzax Chrome Tatis for Greg G 7
rskhtp Luka and Trae for Jonathan H 8
jndrjt Acuna refr for Bryan P 8
pmtbuz Stacker for Logan W 5
hnmiuv Perdomo lot for Jon V 10
qiyhfw Eloy for Mike C 7
mpstqs 89 Bowman Griffey for Brad Z 9
tziocu Wander for Mike C 7
pvhxdv Five Stackers for Logan W 8
wghuco Tube of Eagles for Shawn P 8
lcbseu Silver Luka for Grant D 7
mzrsad One Stacker for Logan W 9
sytvqh Silver Allen for Robert W 9
rajmvy Silver bar for Kay K 6
atfsie 5 Stackers for Logan W 6
nyaqgv Flawless Kobe for Isaac O 6
ghpure Silver Luka for BS 7
zrsvru Prizm CMC for Anthony C 8
tfongc Winners Choice for Dan G 5
yzvfif Freebie for Rick H 17
blxzxy Round 2 for Rob F 9
litfts Top 2 for Rick H 12
dnhifr Watson PSA 10 for Tony B 8
dvaxrl Watson PSA 10 for Rob F 7
eklews Prizm Watson for John W 8
oatqzn Silver Luka for Eric L 7
bpzupf Silver Luka for Danny B 8
apywel Prizm Murray for Ryan H 5
awdvoi Optic Brady for Alex B 7
zwwjlf Chrome Bart for Doug B 8
yqasoe Silver Luka for Robert W 11
pfpgec Main for David C 7
hasxdy Thielen for Jay M 6
musfdl Top 3 for David C 11
vtghjk 2 g gold for Brandon P 12
wzqhxg Round 3 for Jordan S 8
eljixi Kilo stacker for Logan W 7
uzvlqw Prizm box for Dan C 11
emhgqs Lebron for Robert W 9
ujzbfv MPJ for Ryan B 8
hdldul Red Jackson for ERM 9
rhmewo Aikman/Brady for Justin B 8
cguxct Chrome Bohm for Brandon S 5
bjineh Main for Rick H 7
ctqnpc 89 Donruss Griffey for Josh A 10
nmrvys Immaculate Zion for Preston R 7
vjnqwh Silver Luka for Vince P 8
cuwszl Disco Watson for Ricci L 10
irrvjr Stackers x5 for Junky 5
ohnhjs Soto refr for Robert W 6
wmqmvm Optic Saquon for Kent K 11
pqnyxm Gold Eagle for Bob D 8
ffmbyo Saquon for Kent K 5
vosfsg Last Dynasty box for Brian L 7
ahjuof Stacker for Logan W 9
mxudbe Vikes hoodie for Jordan S 6
eqtrac McDavid for Jhet 6
txzpro 2x karat bar for Brandon P 5
aiewgi Winners Choice for Howie F 12
jpzpgh Dynasty box for Brian L 6
hudaxc 89 UD Griffey for Matt L 9
myonkg 90 Score Bo Jackson for Robby A 11
vjiazm Top 2 for Jason U 5
fpoxhm Bottom 2 for David C 6
motdqc Bottoms for David C 12
bdhcos Chrome Alonsos for Preston R 7
znlnjb Silver Stacker for Logan W 7
xbxpvi 71 Hank Aaron for Brad Z 6
blthls Sticker MJ for Preston R 7
weutmh Hoodie for Jordan S 10
wlcwwz Silver Luka for Phillip R 6
psglsf Luciano x2 for John E 5
tcilta SIlver Luka for Grant D 6
xjdmyl Vikes hoodie for Jordan S 6
qkvypm 89 Bowman Griffey for Brad Z 6
gekljo 67 Mantle for Chad S 10
cgjdad Winners Choice for Jordan S 10
kkswah Tatis and Acuna for David C 12
ycsaid 1g gold for Kay K 7
oixvif Gold for Scott 8
obuqss 3 stackers for Scott M 5
ulyunn 2018 Silver Luka for Tony B 8
cdclqb Desert Shield Fisk for Bryan P 9
ljwsdo Silver Luka for Tony B 8
bxxrxf 2015 Tube for Danny B 10
nufquf Prizm Luka for Danny B 9
tgfkng Stacker for John N 10
fwtllg Update Soto for Donny 7
yylcxk Main for Preston R 8
efrlsp Soto for Donny F 7
jjpiyn Mini for Preston R 9
bfcrrl Contenders Jackson for Matt W 7
viqwcf WTA for Chad E 8
txmtxo Trae for Isaac O 11
smjysb Silver Luka for Grant D 7
zdvcse Update Soto for Ryan F 7
hqitib Filler for Rich S 9
eezbth Silver Luka for Grant D 7
xwvskd Heritage Acuna for Blake B 8
efhzvz Prizm Jones for Steve B 5
tedxkg Soto x3 for Griffin A 7
vmpauy MJ for Danny B 6
jyriss Silver Luka for Chuck B 8
rcboqc Silver Luka for Chuck B 8 not completed
chuwtn Immaculate Trae for Isaac O 8
qtpvdd Luci x2 for John E 9
cwhrqr Hank Aaron for Chad S 9
vwauoc Silver Luka for Jake S 6
cptpyq Gold for Brandon P 9
evkbpe Sotos x2 for Griffin A 6
mtonpk Main for Isaac O 10
benkhv Mini for Isaac O 7
jtusmy Silver Stackers for Danny B 7
kscbsv Trae for Isaac O 10
yvztdu Immaculate Trae for Isaac O 12
ubbhmq Tube of Eagles for Chuck R 9
jfeknv Silver Luka for Grant D 7
phkzpi 2017 Prizm Watson for Ricci L 8
lktjbc Prizm Watson for Ricci L 7
msoits Stacker 3 for Billy D 7
hquycx 69 Clemente decal for Kirk T 7
ztctig Silver Trae for Vince P 11
jpuyoe Redskins filler for Jason U 7
jzsxjb Main 323 for Rick H 7
kdvmfo TTT Tatis for Will R 5
esuydt Kobe for Isaac O 9
skrcvs Final filler for Rick H 9
lkacka Main for Rick H 7
taxcut Main for Rick H 10
dkfqeq Mini for Rick H 11
vrjyme Winners Choice for Joe W 6
yzvpoh Stacker for Billy D 7
sbxjfb Top 2 for Joe W 8
trajlq Top 2 for Rick H 15
vbwidx Stacker for Billy D 8
cijmdv Top 2 for Jason U 6
tptrxu Kilo for Danny B 7
dfxpvc Silver Trae for Rob F 6
duqurg Silver Luka for Grant D 8
pbdtth Silver Luka for Rob F 8
fhcunx 33 Goudey Ott for Dan A 5
drruuz Petterrson for Justin B 8
nwoiad Mini for Steve N 7
mqgnoi Blue Eloy 7
erffba Kieboom for Josh C 5
ueotjy Luka for Isaac O 8
dxczhr 2011 Draft Trout for Christian J 8
qqfcgs Update Trout for Jason F 10
obfoto Top 2 for Jason U 9
jhasnp Silver Luka for Gary J 8
ndhjit Gold Pamps for Scott M 6
fgdton Update Hobby box #2 for Jason U 8
vfnhes Silver Young for Tony B 8
akexdg Tube of Eagles for Danny B 9
svqsmh Silver Kilo for Danny B 8
rkcate Blue Lamar for Kyle S 8
bkurgs Silver Trae for Tony B 9
cvexgn Main for David C 8
wevdyv Slump Buster for Mike G 9
erwqlk Chrome Bart for Lane K 11
wqcnwy Prizm Jackson for Matt W 6
nglpor Gold Alonso for ERM 8
ffgoti Chrome Larry Fitzgerald refr for Preston R 10
luepmq Mauricio for Will S 5
fnnuhu Top 2 for Rick H 10
adaapd Silver Luka for Steve B 5
rvrveo Prizm Kawhi for Steve B 9
faohwh Kilo Stacker for David O 7
ohwhnw Mini 2 for David C 7
iwiums Mini for David C 7
dawexo Jim Brown rc for Robert F 8
iwdwyu Venezuelen Campy for Bryan P 9
yaoisv Silver rounds for Tim B 6
retdtq Stackers for BCW 7
aqkuuv Silver Trae for Maynor E 9
zlltwz Main for Rick H 9
iyuyhe Stacker #2 for Logan W 7
vlowfx Sweetness rc for Preston R 7
qzuxwx Watson for Tommy V 7
qdppct Stacker for Logan W 10
xyezza 90 Score Bo Jackson for Jeremy B 6
soghwj Yeezys for Logan W 10
hhmgms Ripken/Jeter for Barry B 5
zbbfvu Scottsdales x3 for Scott M 9
hszhzl FOCO for Rich S 7
itptlh Silver Luka for JAFS 6
otjegj Ebay card for Travis O 9
psgygu Main for Rick H 17
miyhri Final filler for Rick H 9
ljprfb MJ rc for David O 7
ujkaai Gold for Brandon P 11
ifnyuv Eagles for Josh B 6
mzetow WTA for DHIV 10
ldphgk Silver Luka for Tony B 8
ynzyzz Scotty Kilo for Kyle S 6
mhaayc Sayers for ETJ 8
asdtvl Main for Robert F 8
yjcinw Main for Aaron M 12
oxbntd Chrome Yordan for Isaac O 6
losncg Silver Goat for Tim B 7
vugfcc Mini for Aaron M 6
yywcem Mini for Robert F 7
vrvhqo Blue Bregman for Ryan S 9
htjqtk Blue Bart for Allen G 8
wkxloj 66 Palmer for Brad Z 12
qqlhcw Camo Kyler for Matt L 7
tiponr Silver Luka for Danny B 6
btpnpu Tatis for John E 11
yhlqbe Main for Rick H 9
jvubek Top 2 for Rick H 7
ohebfc Stacker x3 for Scott M 7
eostvt Chrome Lucy for John E 8
lbxiqa 2 Stackers for Scott M 6
pfaxxk Stacker for Ben U 10
ycelsn Koufax for Kirk T 7
tzagjl Blue Martinez for John V 8
ebsyci Top 2 for Rick H 9
guiirz Top 2 for Rick H 7 not completed
sponod Topps Update Soto for Kyle H 5
wcfvla Chrome Soto for John E 10
xnhncz Chrome Soto for John E 10 not completed
qqbovu Main for Isaac O 6
cxnctg Mini #2 for Isaac O 7
evwpdt Impeccable filler 2 for MB 11
bmjxcy Update Soto for Kyle H 11
ptveki Main for Rick H 15
gwmrjc Prizm Filler for MB 8
yxunbf Fantasy Sports filler for MB 10
npxsli Top 3 for MB 11
audvhi Munson rc for Jason Y 5
dbsgsb Top 2 for Rick H 16
jibcqk 2 Stackers for Danny B 9
sgrxdd Bowman Chrome Brady for Kevin L 7
uftpid 89 Donruss Griffey for Chris H 9
wetham Chrome Acuna for John E 10
gwggjq Silver Kit Kat for Benjamin M 11
tpogkn Rodgers for Jhet 9
auidlp Chrome Gleyber for Bradley S 12
lsfbah Silver Sexton for Shawn P 8
hmtwox Therman Munson rc for Frank G 7
dvuayg Minshew redemption for Jacob R 5
vzrzty Dirk for Jamison L 6
awzdla 25 Credit for Kirk T 7
lctfbe 89 UD Griffey for Kirk T 10
qmwphs Soto refr for Josh B 6
aoteah Main for Rick H 6
pgcbrn Credit for Kirk T 7
rwqfkv Samuels lot for Kirk T 11
yljzzb Silver Luka for Grant D 7
mzmqfj Main for Ryan K 7
svutqv 10 way for Joshua M 8
luijco Mini for Ryan K 6
nsqcxn OG Tatis for Jae K 9
nlgvnc Watsons for Chuck B 7
pdguhz Mini for Ryan K 8
yyawzq Gold Tatis for Jae K 7
nwmpol Gold Tatis for John E 8
wauozb Contenders Allen for Tony B 6
jqhfgz Tatis for ERM 8
zyjcos Secret Empire for Desi M 7
wuuqsc Silver Luka for Jeff H 9
tguinc Main for Justin B 7
kmknhe Mini for Justin B 12
unuctq 88 Fleer MJ for MK 8
sdjbqq Martinez refr for Jason B 9
ihdcwx Chrome Tatis for Danny B 10
vwjvvk Silver Luka for Eric W 7
fqxpcp Silver Luka for Lane P 10
ohuhtn Update Trout for Dylan W 6
hucriy Five Star Trout for ERM 2
itjxud Silver Trae for Jeff H 10
nvgwoc Lot of Acunas for David C 12
qzgrod Orange Alonso for ERM 7
vqzpvf Lonnie Silver x3 for TLL 8
wdyscw Eloy for Tanner N 8
pbqntp Silver Trae for Brian S 7
fwsjue Prizm Trae for John N 7
zpezfs Silver Trae for John N 8
tzmyrr 63 Bomber's Best for Paul S 6
dhlxrs Gold for Clay C 7
smnxrf Chrome Kelenic for Will S 7
kamohx Chrome Nico for Gabe Y 8
icfwet Mini for Dan S 8
dvunsu Prizm Kawhi for Kev K 10
jiezqs Stacker 5 for Danny B 9
tojlbw Sticker MJ for Tung N 6
hhfdip Blue Mauricio for ERM 7
wzjqxp Main for Craig T 6
dytdiv Top 3 for Craig T 10
eysciy Silver Luka for Tung N 10
uaorff Chrome case for Dan S 5
ebzqzd Kawhi for Kev K 9
vclimr Freebie for Jeremy B 5
txbewg Main for Rick H 10
nyxtpe Mini for Nick B 7
uddzvq 56 Aparicio for Brad Z 9
ltytro Topps Chrome Soto for Josh B 5
yiiqfs Top 2 for Rick H 13
yrckmd 91 Mussina for Jeremy B 12
stfpdh Bregman for Tony B 7
domjme Silver Luka for Jeff H 7
ocpapn Top 2 for Rick H 12
mzmygn Silver Luka for Dan S 10
dtenrs Astros triple for KC 8
opljvi Prizm Mahomes for Michael T 6
fgrjvf Purple Ice Luka for CF 7
baeutj Silver for David O 11
thsolf 89 UD Griffey for Kirk T 7
bxaoeq 57 Drysdale for Brad Z 6
wvwwcn Chrome Green Soto for ERM 6
ntpdav 88 Biggio for Jeremy B 5
eoxhgk AI for Mike S 11
mbnmsk JRod for Macy Rob 6
qmtgbw Five Star Brees for Jerry N 7
ggfgnk Movie codes for Andrew R 8
frlhrn Schmidt rc for Jeremy B 9
gydxlm Foil Jeter PSA 7.5 9
gelpel Top 5 for Ricky J 12
uvqysl Main for Chris H 11
xfadms Mini for Chris H 10
wgpldw Silver Trae for Chuck B 8
gjxnwt Acuna for NAG 8
kxzrwu McCovey for Frank G 8
jpctvs Stafford for ETJ 8
bzpgwr 68 Hank Aaron PSA 8 6
kuubrp 91 Bowman Thome for Jeremy B 8
ojvgbu Robert refr for NAG 8
ldaiuc Soto refr for Ryan S 12
wqshdr Main for Brad Z 7
esvdhp 97 MJ for Danny B 11
dxwzpi Porter PSA 10 for Ricci L 7
ctmrvq Mini #2 for Brad Z 6
ghtnwd Gold for Kay K 9
huofmg Update Trout for Ryan H 6
zfppqx 89 UD Griffey for Danny B 9
hjtfff Top 2 for Rick H 18
xfmdxl Top 2 for Rick H 9 not completed
otmgbx Purple Acuna for Craig T 7
jjmstq 91 Bowman Chipper for Jeremy B 5
nkdadr Hiura for Gabe Y 8
fcfdou 89 Bowman Griffey for Justin F 5
nxskrh Mini for Vinny C 10
wpiwmv Silver Luka for John W 6
ugbcij Prizm Trae for Michael T 8
gtsetx Soto refr for ERM 6
gcqpxp 1981 Fleer Harold Baines PSA 10 5
zqlpez 2 Update boxes for Dan C 7
tavtju Luciano for Kevin B 10
xzxuow Silver Trae for Ricci L 7
qcvcqq Robles for Dave G 9
oubunz Orange Kobe for Alexander G 8
ljnbus McCovey rc for Jeremy B 9
metjav McCovey rc for Jeremy B 2 not completed
rqspnr Silver Luka for Grant D 9
hhzmpu Update Trout for Bradley S 7
nuuwkb Shai x2 for Dustin N 8
phlpbu Bryant dime for Shawn B 7
zxdthp 87 Larkin for Jeremy B 9
hxpcrp Acunas for Michael T 8
fgphdt Main for David C 11
afzrfk Top 3 for David C 7
svsiny Silver Bagley for Joe C 8
xwrlff Winner is in for AP 9
jbjxxt Silver Tatum for Zach P 9
vauupb Stackers for Danny B 6
jkgivt Main for Rick H 12
ubmgbx Redo for Rick H 12
kssdrr Top 4 for Rick H 8
llbaxj Chrome Acuna for David C 8
ookgav Sotos and Acunas for Ted C 8
hpihyb Thielen Jersey for Paul S 5
pmiidk Bagley 3 for Eric M 6
hjtsdg Silver Bagley 2 for Eric M 8
badgxv Mini 1 for Brad Z 9
idlkhv Stacker for Danny B 7
zrqiag Scottsdale bar for Kyle S 10
dtgklk Gold Bart for ERM 11
zlzmiw Bagley PSA 10 for Eric M 7
vhxinm Silver Bagley for Eric M 5
inprtt Silver Kilo for Danny B 6
ljvevp Trae for Danny B 9
itainv Prizm Bagley for Tony B 7
hmqbzx Silver Luka for Dan S 8
nhkdfa Mini for Bob D 8
hfvlkn Silver Luka for Alexander G 7
kvbqna 2 stackers for Danny B 7
tabylk Silver Luka for Maynor 11
qgwjao Acunas for Michael T 6
wwrrnx Acunas for Michael T 9
dojxfj Prizm Luka for Jeff H 7
iopvwj Baker for Tony B 8
djfxnb Main for David C 6
ebotfp Josh Allen for Ryan D 10
oandwk Contenders Watson for Craig T 10
wxuzbe Silver for Eric C 5
qcdast Top 2 for Mike P 7
aptqqd Mini for David C 8
rbrwku Filler 2 for Rick H 15
cdkjsf JuJu redemption for Cord 8
zvzgvl Stacker for David O 8
hlzlff Kelenec for Charles R 8
aoqnro Redo for Shawn B 8
yqfrcq Silver Luka for Grant D 7
lxrqdd Chrome Lindor for David C 10
xnonkn Update Trout for David C 8
avuvdf 5 oz Scottsdale for Kyle S 5
begmwl Silver Luka for JSD 6
xltnvp Silver Luka for Eric M 7
ywydrw Purple Ice Trae for Joe C 6
teqcgc Luka for Jeff H 8
fzypbx 65 Mantle for Bob D 8
etugwe Brady for Robert W 7
cbqfpz Main for Clark J 6
xtpwxi Mini for Clark J 6
tivjgh Prizm Watson for Caleb H 8
lelhtj Silver MPJ for JSD 6
vqvomd Mini for John E 5
wyayra Chrome Tatis for Jae 7
kqjseh Top 3 for Ses 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —