Giveaways by Greg Carlson (535)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
rgdiil Top 2 for Rick S 8
hsdtth Filler for Rich S 6
fsnrck Trae for TJB 8
qyqcla Foil Jeter for Vincent P 10
rogvrh Tatis for Ryan A 5
qfymsp Chrome Baty for Ryan A 11
xhhjuc Chrome Luciano for Ron G 6
lwelro Dope Ass Card for Matt L 11
fvgltm Zion for Tony B 11
idtwyn Kilo for Kyle S 9
hdcbwh JRod for Ron G 9
pvjlny Pods for Dan S 7
mjkepy Luka for Alex B 10
cizgtb Revolution filler for MB 7
hvtjwz Acuna for Vahe 12
kdmfli Zion for Robert W 10
wxccwk Reggie and Magic for Alexander G 8
ujolso Cheap lot for Grant D 12
peumrw Bo Jackson mini helmet for Jason G 8
auxrmv Prizm box for Logan W 8
kgzouf NFL Mixer Filler 2 for MB 10
bhqbun Filler 2 for Jason U 5
fybude Flawless Trout for Wes 9
jzjydz 91 UD MJ for Wes 8
jjmqpw FF for Wes 5
edzxoc Filler 1 for Jason U 6
saysuy Acunas for Grant D 8
lnbfcu Filler 2 389 for Rick H 9
flgvsi Silver Bagley for Justin L 7
yvycfv Amazon cards 2 for Grant D 7
mwjdvq Amazon cards for Grant D 7
qmsmcn Trout for Michael L 7
ztlegy Mountcastle for Grant D 6
mmymmi Killebrew ball for Robby J 8
obqshy 5 Roos for Tony B 8
luybpb Gold for Benjamin M 7
dlxucj Scotty bar for Tony B 8
bycuob Golden Grams for Andrew M 11
bjkltw Matsui for Kirk T 11
urbnvi Clemente for Kirk T 7
eqbafp Zion for Danny B 9
stmizi Red White Blue Zion for Danny B 7
aqsilg Foil Jeter for ERM 5
kdgwfw Top 4 for Benjamin M 5
inyyoz Immaculate Mahomes for ERM 10
askqlh Game 4 for John G 10
qquvbf 61 Mantle for Brad Z 12
oljthg BB Vlad for Kellen W 7
winfli Micro for John G 7
tuzcvv Purple Vaughn for Dylan W 8
bdleau Lebron for ERM 2
rieyat Mini for David C 8
ewymke Micro for David C 6
uelutz Mini for Jeff S 7
elpiye Purple Wave Ja for Matt L 12
tjxqar MJ PSA 3 for Gerid B 12
dyomcu Queen round for Andrew M 11
atovma Trump round for Andrew M 7
lnaewd Top 2 for Jonathan H 5
piqinq Optic Mahomes for Gregory D 7
wpdnww Royal Canadians for Andrew M 7
ctmivo Final mini for Fred F 13
qgxpas Silver Bagley for Justin L 6
vmmjad Main 386 for Rick H 9
xhcipl Main for David C 6
hckbza 88 Donruss Griffey for Tate C 8
tckhpe Baker for Bradley T 9
epybpk Mini for David C 12
fbzunj Silver Porter for Mike B 8
zwvuxh Zion for Will R 8
ctbwar Stacker for Robert W 6
rfbbsk Mini for Alexander G 9
wxiweb Silver Porter for Mike B 5
ncrupl Purple Pulsar Herro for Dylan W 6
nfqxmr Blue Ja for Dylan W 10
lphicx Silver Porter for Mike B 5
gwieda Heild for Brian L 8
gttfca STacker for Robert W 8
tglhde ASEs for Phillip R 8
ayugim Update Trout for Danny B 9
sxrbac Reflex site for John G 12
nbonsy Wander for ETJ 8
clfzrk F3 387 for Rick H 10
vzdmdr Ja for Matt L 11
lygzkx Tatis for JK 7
vidxfk Eloy for JK 8
ucpbls Giannis for David C 9
zawpnl JRod for Tony B 7
zkuaaw Winners Choice for Howie F 10
ezoavo MJ for Rob W 8
leuotz Hank Aaron for Nick B 6
ljgiyl Chrome Tatis for Jeremy N 7
uycatt Ja for Preston R 7
vzzpcu Prizm Ja for Preston R 7
hzrcuu Zeke for Anthony C 6
zskfwu Chrome Lindor for Ryan G 9
dkicnj 88 Fleer Reggie Miller for ETJ 8
zzcqzc Mini for Ryan G 6
opogtj Names for MB 5
sgrjfy Teams for MB 5
inuaqs Stacker for Tony B 6
gztgtg 50/50 filler for MB 8
evdzzo Zion for Donald J 8
blwcao FOTL box for BS 6
xtfyvp Flat Tire for Kyle S 6
oxtkjs Main for Kyle S 10
zwexbf Mini for David C 11
dhvxox Luciano for Macy Rob 8
pqtive Jas for Lane P 7
xwkcqy Update Trout for Jason G 8
xkeoqw Prizm choice for JAFS 7
alxhpo 10g gold for Brian B 8
jjejbl Morgan dollar for NPL 8
istafi FOTL box for Bhavin 5
fjwxmb Top 2 for David C 9
urlixv Main for Wes 8
liyoww Mini for Wes 11
sttzlc Gold bars for Tim B 8
jleqqz Select Jackson for AG 7
kfkznl Pollard lot for Cord 8
mpsntz 4 spot NBA filler for MB 4
ltnpjc Redo for Jimmy B 10
fdnbbj Freebie for Jimmy B 7
kkwqzj NBA filler for MB 8
bhsqxh Mini 1 for Robert G 7
kzzqdc Silver Porter for Tony B 8
obghpk Origins Sam Darnold for Alexander G 5
dtzont Silver Zion for Wes 8
ipxhyg Half Pound Eagle for Logan C 10
nqigkc Origins Darnold for Alexander G 10
kcpltj Brees for ETJ 8
ntztiq Zion #2 for Preston R 7
pxdfra Darnold for AG 6
sqoytg Zion for Preston R 7
tkstql Football lot for Anthony C 8
tdjiuy Julio Rodriguez for Jacob B 7
aeckhs Luka for Aaron M 8
vqqyqz Acuna for John E 9
yexyoz Origins Baker for AG 12
mnlmia Silver Porter for Paul S 10
dqccku Final round for Matt F 7
dxqhgy Silver skull for Andrew M 10
mdlhjy Trout for Alex B 8
pvxgab Silver Ja for Preston R 10
lmismq Prizm box for JAFS 6
yfasnw Silver Bagley 2 for Alex B 10
satuzm 5 Stacker rounds for Matt F 5
masyvc Silver Bagley for Alex B 6
zggmqr 5 oz round 2 for Matt F 6
rjxxru Canario for Ricci L 6
wvfitc 5 oz stacker for Matt F 7
xjudwt Blue Wave Watson for Preston R 7
uybhvw Five Star Ripken for Alex B 7
kwyzri Chrome Marte for Will S 7
kwdphe Stackers for Shawn P 10
psrgbk Cracked Ice Butler for Jeremy L 6
ehevid Chrome Canario for Will S 7
dplhgr Gold proof for Ben U 6
vvnftb Tier One Trout for Alex B 6
knjzkx Canario GEM for Will S 9
nsrqkh 2000 Victory Brady for ETJ 9
okocgz Soto for Christian J 7
qxwvje TTT Trout for Alex B 10
zxmvin Mini 2 for Preston M 8
zrogzh Dynasty Trout for Danny B 7
wjixor Silver Towne 2 for Andrew M 6
gevgxb Update Trout for Vinny C 8
keepxt Trout Gold Sparkle for Moose 7
cdodwt Chrome Abrams for Ryan C 6
xoyisj Silver Towne for Andrew M 10
rpyakx Bus 2 for Wes 6
vvboms Zion for Danny B 12
chfglp FOTL 2 for Danny B 8
yfqeag Bus for Wes 11
twcdau Contenders FOTL for Danny B 7
amzwdm 52 Wheaties Ted Williams for Kirk T 7
hmcnke Baty GEM for Macy Rob 6
tzqjrq 57 Willie Mays for Kirk T 8
avxdoq DWade for Garrett G 10
ldorsx 61 Hank Aaron for Aaron M 7
faalsq Brees for ETJ 8
ygogcc MPJ lot for David O 10
xhjwuw Soto for Vahe 8
egzfxc Freebie for Kenny H 8
upjvrq MJ for ERM 10
kfkgou Giannis for Clay C 7
upawtq 57 Colavito for Brad Z 8
ljmuup BB Random Teams for MB 6
osnqtw BB Random Names for MB 6
itynti Stacker for David O 6
yigevo AP for Robert F 8
jrwppe Silver Ja for ERM 6
xxzkth 57 Ted Williams for Kirk T 10
qkdlix Stacker for Tim B 11
pajqvm Watch for Lucas D 6
isrste Jacobs for Anthony C 5
tbkqef Silver Sekou for Justin B 11
burgdk Box 3 for Robert W 12
cmdlsr Purple Wave Luka for James W 10
ptwynx Silver Trae for JSD 8
tysirq Contenders box 3 for Robert W 9
nsfvkq Prizm Luka for Josh B 11
ixcbna Stacker for Courtny W 9
uomjht Freebie for Bradley S 6
konmtv Contenders box for Robert W 7
wkjlaa Silver Bagley for Alex R 6
yavfqj Minshew for Will R 7
clohcm NFL Mixer Filler for MB 6
wavcyz Bowmans Best filler for MB 5
fjeqpt Contenders Box for Robert W 10
ickios Filler 1 for Jason U 11
lskjlg Rice rc for Garrett G 6
yxgrqu Silver Bagley for Alex R 9
hvlkfb Stacker for BBJ 7
adtbqi Blue Vavra for Griffin A 8
zildnk Update Trout for Bradley S 7
gwlfdh Immaculate Campbell for Robert F 8
fxevol Zion for Preston R 9
ezuvpx F4 384 for Rick H 10
wfxroy Mini for Lucas D 9
qqihpc Trae for Dicky S 9
voqydq Yelich lot for Bradley S 6
yjrlkq KitKat 2 for Kyle S 9
kwhgbg KitKat for Kyle S 9
fontmz Silver Sexton for Josh B 7
tpbdvg Zion 2 for Isaac H 12
pdghee Zion for Eric S 8
kglzui Green Zion for Isaac H 6
voaqvz 62 Brock for JJD 7
pcvjyx Bush redemption for Cord 8
pxqsue F2 384 for Rick H 7
nooysv Flawless Filler for MB 11
vioryv Silver Bagley for Russ M 6
cbbysx Jim Brown for Derek W 6
sddarj 1960 Clemente for Bradley S 11
lrobcc Contenders Box for BS 5
mkgebe Kittle for Dylan W 12
xdqiuh Josh Allen for Dylan W 10
vopljo Main for Bradley S 6
bmooew 99 MJ and Andre B 6
glwutf Mini for Bradley S 6
ycdxrq Contenders FOTL box for BS 7
egzmrm Correa GEM for Howie B 9
xfkizo Alvarez refr for Tony B 7
buooaw Chrome Tatis for Jeremy N 7
ryoozf Final filler 380 for Rick H 12
ozlgzx 52 Topps Willie Mays for Tate C 8
sazase Herro for Matt L 6
lywehm Gold Dolphin for Tim B 6
xnrshw Luciano PSA 10 for Joe C 9
xcdipt Absolute Teams for MB 7
bexyvi Absolute Names for MB 7
rrxonv Filler 1 for MB 5
dzdmze 5g gold for Andrew M 6
xmmgft Jerky Round 2 for Dan S 7
phfzip Orange Trout for Bradley S 8
glnqwm Gleyber refr for Brad M 6
xyxqbb 2001 Pujols for Paul W 7
ijogbg Contenders FOTL for Brian B 12
uxqbbu Mini for David C 11
xrxwdu Silver Bagley for Alex R 7
ldtrko FOTL box for Kyle B 10
hfvfvi Black Royce Lewis for Dane S 6
wrhuqp Silver Bagley for Phillip R 9
ozqntq FOTL box for BS 9
tirlgs Tatis for ERM 8
zubtjq Stacker for NAG 8
ggmphi Stackers for EG 9
oxdcra Kershaw rc for ERM 4
tyyusd Jerky for Dan S 7
ifrvsi Soto for Rustin 5
vodfsg Select Watson for Moose 7
iljhyl Mini for Macy Rob 6
wdfqon FOTL Contenders box for BS 8
tsdkbw Purple Greene for Ryan C 8
vysifd F2 382 for Rick H 10
vkrzbd 89 Donruss Griffey for Danny B 9
grwpdu Mini 1 for Paul W 10
qdnvij Giannis for Wes 5
orixaf Chipper for Wes 7
kffapj ASEs for Logan C 8
fpwjch 2000 Chrome Brady for Craig P 11
gueaak 56 Banks for EA 10
wmhljc 56 Hank Aaron for EA 9
tubtks Adley GEM for Rex 11
xzoseu Cousins helmet for Jim W 8
iybklz ASEs for Logan C 5
skxnlz Main for Wes R 10
fdimdd Stacker for JKC 8
kujbdm Zion and Ja for Danny B 7
gbhnaj Zion for Will R 8
eehgmb Mini for Willie E 11
uqqetb Stacker for David O 9
vrolrg Adley for Rex 8
btbexd Blaster boxes for Rob W 8
yrltza 60 Kaline for Kirk T 8
jxezkr Luka for Danny B 11
xorieo Sotos for Jess M 8
wfcjbj FOTL BBall box for Kyle B 5
gwhywp 57 Colavito for Brad Z 11
olgvux Optic boxes for Kyle B 6
buzqon Last Round for Robert F 10
icjfqz FOTL Contenders for Kyle B 9
kfetge Silver Zion for Wes 6
rpeyft Optic football boxes for Kyle B 7
eriats Favre round 2 for Robert F 11
pglcla Mini for Wes R 11
wrrfno Round 2 for Robert F 8
fdqmgf Contenders FOTL box for BS 10
rvngdc 89 Donruss Griffey for Robert F 7
yswtmg Yankees filler for Jason U 7
pmxhqi Another box for Kyle B 6
pqbbnz Cognac Trout for Aaron M 8
xadwjf FOTL box for Kyle B 5
rcnuad Henderson for Kirk T 9
mfdpiw Ruby Red Wave Zion for Jason M 8
nmychx Eagles for Josh B 7
rysozg FOTL box for Kyle B 7
zaabbp Judge for Gerid B 9
ycfsri RJ Barrett lot for AG 7
xbnzyn Zion variation for Kev K 6
olsrni Tatis for Jeremy N 6
dicmrk Morris ball for Tim M 7
wtorpt 86 Traded Bonds for Robert W 5
cpttcd Brady for ETJ 8
rqpvnz Gold pamp for Robert W 5
deljnm Brown for Anthony C 10
njdkqp Silver Ja for Greg G 7
ulkemh Bagley 2 for Robert W 9
pqlcty Abrams for Danny B 7
xztehb Silver Bagley for Robert W 7 not completed
ywesaq Chrome Greene for Greg G 11
nqkwfj Rodgers for Michael C 12
cgyats Silver Tatum for Alexander G 6
xhayiq T206 for Michael C 8
bgeucm 49ers filler for Jason U 6
tbyetp Tatis for Brandon S 5
issrox Silver Tatum for AG 11
myyfgp Sterling Luciano for Aaron M 7
iiacbv Luka for Danny B 7
ifrmpm Vander Esch for Nick M 8
iufpav Silver Ja for Danny B 6
tbjxpl F2 377 for Rick H 9
osboyo Winners choice for Rich S 7
zyiwbd Bagley 2 for Kev K 9
bpwdcx Silver Bagley or Kev K 9
wxuyrt Jerky Round 2 for Dan S 7
aqvxxt Bagley Ayton for Justin L 10
ztvhte Red Ayton for Rustin 8
zteupb Pink Ice Young for Wes 7
gqcwzv 2011 Chrome Trout for Wes 6
lbjohi Greenway mini for AT 9
fgawdo Jerky for Dan S 7
knrjyp Thurman Thomas for MPW 8
pasjvz Pujols for Matt E 9
ufelps Luka for Wes 7
ddabdi Watson for George E 8
sjzofn Acuna for Steve W 8
axihvw Tatis for George E 6
xylram Zions for Zachary P 8
rydeyj 50 credit for Kirk T 9
louuvv Giannis for Wes 7
koergm Mini for David C 11
xlansp Mini 2 for David C 12
bzedkf Mini for David C 8
xbrssx Gretzky rc for Wes 9
igeglp 5 oz silver for Brandon P 9
kevbhr Zion rerun for Josh B 8
heudsc Foil Jeter for Wes 7
zzzglt Gold Eagle for SF 8
xjtplh Zion for Josh B 5
noirjs Stacker for Tony B 8
cjjsaj Spectra Lock for AP 7
qcaefr Zion for Josh B 8
mkdunp Prizm box for Eamon 8
mouuih Pache refr for Jeremy N 7
rfghkn 59 Mantle AS for Kirk T 8
hhagjf Eagle for Shawn P 5
zolrnp F1 373 for Rick H 14
ygsnnv Two stackers for Tony B 7
tafiax Lebron for Brandon S 7
mftlmu Silver for Ben U 5
hiwfpw Silver Luka for BS 11
ncvvha Giannis for JSD 10
zvgakp Round 86 for Isaac O 8
yyjgwu Britannia for Kyle S 6
thqvwp DWAde for Lane P 12
dbmnge Silver for Evan C 8
bpzfzp Sliver Bagley for Michael T 11
fxzecd Round 85 for Isaac O 6
lchgue Silver Luka for Sam G 7
trhqpb Jung for ERM 11
soedrs Optic Luka for Gary J 7
wftksh Main for Doug B 11
qwhife Select Giannis for Vinny C 8
ircemf Top 5 for Benjamin M 7
sfaneq Round 2 for Evan C 7
ejcttx Silver bars for Evan C 5
xhjwhn Mini 2 for Doug B 9
scpuzx Winners Choice for Robert S 6
vxhbpp Contenders Trae for Geroge E 11
gkagrb Mini for Bob D 8
gkgnfb Final mini for John G 10
tkbhsy Gold Eagle for Shawn P 6
sqkrba 55 Clemente PSA 3 for Tate C 9
dponlx Silver Ja for Todd S 12
vcjezb Silver Trae for Kev K 9
bfgafj Unitas for Nick B 8
qzeagc Starr for Nick B 8
zldcfr Silver Trae for Danny B 6
nlznxz Simmons for Travis S 10
lghvps Silver Trae for Danny B 5
xcbfsu Options for John G 13
pejcbj 2g gold for Andrew M 7
zlcmhc Lebron for Aaron M 6
uratfk Trout for Shannon S 8
wudvha Tatis for DAvid C 11
dhgugr Silver Zion for HHN 5
oxhihl Silver Bagley for DS 6
cjcwms 09 Chrome Trout for Brad Z 10
dirdys Red Ayton for Kev K 6
rngphr Red Ayton for Kev K 6
pkwlrj F2 371 for Rick H 15
jsxxfa Silver Bagley for Kev K 8
hazazo Gleyber for Anthony F 6
rhjokv Silver Bagley for Jim T 7
exzniw Silver Bagley for Josh B 8
hpljeg Trout for Bradley T 10
cwxosg 55 Bowman Mantle for Brad Z 10
gtdytx Mini for David C 10
ivhuaf Blaster boxes for Rob W 8
mwpobd Green Zion for Chris G 8
tzeswm Prizm case for Dicky S 5
dlswwm Mini for David C 12
jjkntq Steer super for Bobby N 10
agjtvv 2g gold pamp for Mike D 9
nfipqf Jeter for Danny B 9
gyxgda Black Yeezy for Kevin G 7
dnrfkg Prizm box for Michael C 7
hdcauv Blue Martinez for Kevin G 7
yrgbeu WTA for Mike G 10
anjado Gift cards for Mike G 11
wdcrup Sliver Trae for Jef H 8
fkdaqs 10g gold for Andrew M 6
hzkoap F3 370 for Rick H 11
glcucz 10 oz pour for Andrew M 7
mtbnnp Tatis for Andrew A 8
bspnqv Rudolph mini helmet for Andy P 5
iyippd WTA for Caleb H 9
ellbuu Top 2 370 for Rick H 9
amuqyf Top 2 370 for RIck H 9 not completed
qfidji 63 Mantle for Josh B 8
hntdhu 10 oz silver for Andrew M 10
iqgemy Mauricio refr for Courtny W 7
gpbtys Round 79 for Isaac O 11
ajlnjg Update Yelich for Josh B 9
chdqtk Zion for Danny B 10
ggrlwo Stacker for Andrew M 9
aylwza Silver Trae Young for BS 9
qawkha Bradshaw for Justin F 8
cdxmwd 2011 Chrome Trout for Caleb H 7
ooxnol Berra Bauer Mantle for Bob D 7
qdqgos Round 78 for Isaac O 7
kxyulr Twins Silver for Shawn P 11
ovjwgr Silver Trae for BS 6
quohlg Silver Trae for Danny B 12
ecymzn Round 77 for Isaac O 6
origdu Os filler for Jason U 9
zgsyvt Double for Benjamin M 8
uovavu Round 74 for Isaac O 6
xjqhqh Flawless Ayton for Paolo 8
uxyrzt MJ rookie PSA 9 for Aaron M 6
jzygxl Luka for Bradley T 8
ayylun Tube of Eagles for Andrew M 6
nezfmo Round 66 for Isaac O 11
pmbueb Orange Langeliers for ERM 8
nlfczi Chrome Lebron for Nick Y 8
thtwil rd 65 for Isaac O 6
urrfcc Silver Trae for BS 8
vqpmpk Green Zion for Noah S 10
rrjgfq Amazon card for Christopher P 10
ujteha Amazon card for Courtny W 12
rgzslo Rd 64 for Isaac O 9
ygeoyr 100 oz silver for Andrew M 7
igboiz Gold Buffalo for Andrew M 6
zqlyjl Gold bar for Andrew M 7
uaqbbp Gold bar for Bob D 7
nxyaxt Stacker for Logan C 10
bdcion Trout for Paul F 10
ydlbyl Silver Trae for Eric L 7
jlungi Silver Tatum for AG 7
vcahyv Silver Trae for AG 9
hsohao F1 368 for Rick H 9
sjtpvl Contenders Trae for Courtny W 6
kbbnfv Blue Cavaco for Eddie M 10
qhznny Silver Trae for Danny B 8
fxmtyg Silver Trae for Brad M 7
cnlqvv Stacker for Logan C 10
nvfiha 1 9 and 10 for Steve H 9
sqwzkw Silver Trae Young for BS 10
fqbmny 55 Jackie for Gerid B 8
goncqo Silver Bagley for HAQ 11
sjpnou Silver Trae for BS 7
pcjjwa WTA for Jim B 6
ygewvb Rd 62 for Isaac O 8
cmaegy Silver bar for Tony B 11
guvnti Silver bar for Brandon P 6
aqpski Silver Luka for Macy Rob 7
hkrbny Silver Trae for GPII 7
boszzd Prizm lot for Aaron M 8
qnpfce Bottoms Trae for Eric L 6
ymknrb Chrome Bart for MSG 8
thyynn Rd 59 for Isaac O 8
uowijo Foil Jeter for MSG 7
nwlpna Gold for Brandon P 7
xjrxqd Rd 58 for Isaac O 8
mxjwyk Silver Trae for Tony B 9
mqkfyv Silver Trae for Eric L 11
wuybwi Rd56 for Isaac O 7
blqknq Silver Trae for AG 7
yemkph Trae for Eric L 8
uodmhl Silver Trae for BS 10
scyiad Silver Trae for Eric L 12
sbczxw Rd 54 for Isaac O 7
mlxqoi Silver Trae for AP 9
uvwfwp Silver Young for Jack T 7
otfkvt Silver Bagley for Ike T 8
itrgwk Top 3 for David C 8
mlqvub Rd 51 for Isaac O 11
yerkdo Optic box for CJ M 7
mrfitc Rd 50 for Isaac O 7
phpcqs Purple Ice Bagley for Jhet 7
nlraqd Silver Trae for Eric L 9
ghclyq Mini 1 for John G 15
mebcth Rd 46 for Isaac O 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —