Giveaways by Greg Carlson (489)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
spgxhi Orange Wilson for Carl D 9
iootwh Griffey for JMR 10
irugrw 2.5g gold for Sam T 6
yvagic Blue Eloy for ERM 6
mgbspe Herro for Ricci L 11
wsccvy CMC for Brad R 6
mvnrsk Zeke for Ricci L 7
tvmnuj 91 UD MJ for Jeremy N 6
mufirb Box 2 for Jeff C 7
vvzyda White lot for Nick B 9
fnlzae Lebron for Brad M 9
qaxgpt 5g gold for Robert M 8
ljknqi Giannis for JSD 7
noonmb Tatum for Eric M 6
pdmbvf Acunas for Vince O 8
gbjeqv 88 Fleer MJ for Travis O 6
rdqnwj 2.5g gold for Derek W 8
clhtgx Tatis PSA 10 for JSD 7
hcplce Luka for Vince O 6
gefmha Tatis for Eric M 9
ejwkmw 10oz silver bar for Robert M 12
lzmyxs Hot Wheels for Rich S 11
raxzwf Tatis for JSD 7
bmhvrp Main 594 for Rick H 11
lhyzvb Kyler for Rex 9
bnuidh Air Pods for Mike B 6
zlirfw Triple relic for Kirk T 7
crjzoh Gold round for Brandon R 11
xxsjye Ja for Ryan c 5
dnkzjk Tube of Eagles for Dennis A 11
bthgye Mini #3 for Shawn P 9
xbmgwk Haskins for Grant D 8
ymbpxo Acuna x2 for Dane S 11
qbwpvp Kyler for Kody N 10
bgrovr Pokemon for Wyatt T 8
miohqa 10 oz silver for Tyson D 12
ouqbtn Foil Jeter for Travis O 8
gjmrbx Rivera for Aaron M 10
hkhjfi Round 2 for Aaron L 8
ildgna Red Lamar for Matt L 12
notqxp Mini 2 for Shawn P 8
oqfhsu Zion for Tyler M 8
rudbvy Run 2 for Vince O 8
gzmmvm Tiger for Aaron L 7
zzavsl 89 Fleer Griffey for Vince O 8
bzyace RWB Kuzma for Tommy V 6
nkfqnq Allen Holo for JSD 7
ktvdfh Charizard for Ryan MC 9
monhpu Pokemon boxes for Chris G 7
ojjeva Jones for JSD 5
cpqjkh Pokemon case for Mike B 8
jkndjl Tatis Jr for Tony B 7
onppxh FF 592 for Rick H 8
jaamhq Hoerner for Brad M 8
esxwrr Select 2 for Craig P 7
ozjrrh Jasson for Brad M 8
ftheem Herro PSA 10 for Ryan T 8
svghxa Soto for Nigel R 8
dwvfsi Foil Jeter for Eric P 7
bubxon Soto PSA 10 2 for Vince O 8
msztxo Bichette for BOL 8
xisusi RWB White 2 for Vince O 10
gadtgu Soto PSA 10 for Vince O 5
auxxea Acuna PSA 10 for Vince O 8
abhhgz RWB White for Vince O 6
edmqij Zion for David O 8
zsodzb 2019 Prizm Luka for James L 6
dxfbcs Luka for James L 9
cjpyee Robert for Andy H 11
vllnuw Top Loaders for Kirk T 7
zzjary Top Loaders for Kirk T 6 not completed
sdyiej Pokemon case for Dan C 8
lnwfsy Soto Update PSA 10 for Andy H 6
apowxq Syndergaard refr for Benjamin R 6
rqnbwi Betts for Brad M 10
bnkhbp Update Soto for Andy H 8
cckioh Robert PSA 10 for Brad M 8
oxykup Tatis for BOL 9
syowqw Soto x3 for JSD 9
osoase Acuna refr for ERM 11
swwjui Soto x2 for JSD 8
zfdfop Update Soto for Jeff H 8
gbpvxv Soto 2nd run for Michael G 8
ojizes Chrome Soto for Michael G 7
fmxhff Soto PSA 10 for JSD 10
auduvn Soto for JSD 7
pxpuhj Jones for Tim A 8
vigrap 2 grams gold for Eric M 10
qmbpdu Gold for Eric M 7
uyddys Opulence mega for Ricci 8
fvwcvl MJ for Clay C 8
fqetxe Lux lot for Benjamin R 10
gxeted Tiger for Tony B 7
mcympg Prizm White for BOL 12
bnypzz Franco for Robert H 7
lakori Nike slides for Rick S 12
xevhjy Acuna for BOL 7
xnzpkc 90 Topps Big Hurt for Brad M 6
tngtkx Acuna for Shawn H 10
yqhzga Stacker for Brad M 7
qwphhi Soto for Justin B 9
fdlacl 89 Traded Griffey for Sam T 6
lvxmbn Update Acuna for Brad M 7
afpdmo Gold Eagle for Brad J 9
kohaoe James Conner for Kirk T 9
mxwjpq Tenth AGE for Brad M 11
vdwbxy 4 way Acuna for Matt B 8
ijfdtt Zion for SX 9
uxutqy H2H for Eric M 5
abfpbh Soto for Jeremy N 7
vwdtdf 2020 Chrome HTA boxes for Dan C 9
uxeuzz Top 4 for Rob F 10
huwiqp Top 2 Trout Mega 9
cuhdlo Baker for Tony B 12
wfoqkf Top 5 for DM 7
qisuow Lebron for ERM 6
bdbzxt Round 2 for PTS 7
ofjkqz Giannis for Robert F 8
kfxbso Robert for PTS 8
kbqocx Lebron for Alex R 8
qgjlqj Zion for PTS 5
xjbafh 5oz silver bar for Brad M 6
lndkfs Update Acuna 3 for Eric M 12
rxuqqu Update Acuna for Eric M 7
mwoxlo Zion for Alex R 7
ovbkrk Acuna SP for Natalie M 7
wucmrd Kyler for Matt F 11
aiojoe WWE 8 way for Greg G 6
wsihst Zion for Kody N 7
hvftbz Ja for Jeff H 9
ziedji Silver White for Eric P 9
nvnjcn Round 2 for Tim A 7
lfozsv Soto x2 for Grant D 8
rqhvis Favre for BLR 7
kvggci Gold for Tyson D 7
xfobqa Gold Eagle for Tim A 8
zewmkg Thor refr for Benjamin R 7
uuxpfa Lock RPA for Eddie M 8
ztzppi Herro for CW 12
jlolsf Safe for Rick S 11
tvmshf Lock for Justin L 5
hunzxo Winners Choice for Rich S 8
pjgfyu Judge for Robert F 7
skjbjj Lock RPA for Justin L 8
puhzvu Zion for Preston M 11
pzmhrp 2g Geiger gold for Tommy V 6
nuznnw Trae for Grant D 8
phwuuu Prizm Allen for Travis S 9
hynppe White for Grant D 6
xppdqc Main for Tony B 10
avbodu 10oz Stacker for Jeremy L 8
qmkdrq Mini for Tony B 9
rplyet MJ and The Glove for Tony B 10
wqaecu Kyler for Ricci L 9
cojqwh Trout for Garret K 9
cwjutf Gold Eagle for Robert M 10
fdxcpi Trout for Garrett K 10
azkaaw Trout for Garrett K 5
faxviz Green Coby for Shawn B 8
wagnry Acuna for JVG 5
kuzxxy Acuna PSA 10 for Shawn B 8
kuzpst Silver Williams III for JSD 7
fmoxfo Heritage Acuna for Shawn B 8
yvrwqw 1 gram Geiger for Jack T 9
aafimn Donruss Optic White for JSD 8
xdrtic Trae for David O 7
ldaliw Tiger for Jermaine B 7
aapluy Minshew for JSD 10
uilvqn Update Soto for Jeremy L 5
ikrzsd Update Soto for Brad M 8
axykta Mosaic Silver Burrow for Jacob R 7
xsanzl Orange Ice Herro for Jonathan H 12
cuwihl Update Soto for Jeff H 8
ekvngb Update Soto for Grant D 10
xvegxc Goldberg for Jeremy N 10
cmxjhe Killer rc for Paul B 6
hvqpcq Lock for Jeremy N 5
planqv Pink Eloy for Curtis F 8
ljyxup Prizm White for Jeremy N 9
fiofgq Acuna dime for Wesley W 7
kwgike Zion for Jeremy N 10
zretgh White for Jeremy N 11
wbdglf Robert SP for Ryan B 10
cutptd Pink Camo Luka for Jeremy N 5
rugkuv Gold Maple for Robert M 8
ieoijs Mini for Brad M 7
eaepyi Round 2 for Robert M 9
rkjrwj Kyler x3 for Justin L 8
yapkvg Jones for Todd N 9
jqhuwi 6 silver rounds for Robert M 7
wushww Lock RPA for for Justin L 7
vanton Silver round for Robert M 5
gzqwgm Select Jones for Shawn B 8
omlihx Soto for BS 7
wepdyc Silver Haskins for Justin L 8
maoxro Orange Jones for Justin L 7
lqmmdp Jones for Jonathan H 8
wbhzjm Soto for James L 10
bbnqsa 2020 A&G for Cory D 6
csxovq Air Max 90 for Rick S 12
svlpnz Topps Chrome Robert for Aaron M 6
zhxmpw 89 Fleer Griffey for Gerid B 7
whiopt Sepia Robet for Aaron M 9
hrcrsl Soto for Jeff H 8
iwxkgi Robert refr for Aaron M 6
ppupsu Soto for Mike P 8
qofkfa Gold Round for Tony B 9
qhxtdx RWB Trey for Tony B 10
tqjdqe Final Eagle for Tim A 9
cprykr Soto PSA 10 for JSD 5
ayhhyr Zion for Justin I 9
vumrya Tatis refr for JSD 10
llejyi 1987 Panda for EJG 9
yovojx Mini for Rick S 7
wsdpuu 1990 Skybox MJ for Shawn B 8
jhihhq Prizm White for Jeremy N 7
jbsgqb Gold round for Tim A 8
aftqfb White for Jeremy N 9
nmndtu Acuna for Shawn P 6
meosqp Green Lebron for Tonga 11
iblktl Herbert RPA for Bob D 8
upthua Prizm White for Kev K 7
crpeyw 2 grams of gold for Brad J 6
ltnnxk Update Soto for Mike P 11
dcmzeq Robert for Aaron M 11
ifalxp Kyler for Mikey H 7
bocych Dewalt miter saw for Rick S 7
dzwcqa Air Max 90 for Rick S 7
cvcuvg White for Andrew M 11
cvnmub Soto for Jeremy N 6
tlzviu Acuna for Grant D 6
wafgat Lock for Grant D 7
aqgtwk Yordan for CW 11
ruoxdd Harper for Jeremy N 8
vcfhnu F1 586 for Rick H 15
yjnltn PJ Washington for DHIV 7
wypzxb Ben Baller for Cam F 6
fpgwjl Vlad for CW 6
onadjv 2009 Bowman pack for Darren B 9
dkupaw Jones for Eric P 7
mhaatf Sport Kings Hubbell for AP 5
abjmes Rui for JSD 12
gjyvgr Lebron for Stephen W 6
yghshw Tatis for JMR 9
pgamnk Zion for Stephen W 6
duikfv Herro for Stephen W 8
zfhscc Green White for Tim A 6
tzbevu The Rock for Rick S 7
nfglmp Robert for Todd N 12
qwkbcb Lock for Robert M 12
fxiuzf Tatum for Jacob B 7
dreazi Soto for Brad M 11
kvqlcn Soto 9582 for Stephen W 8
kjrxyu Air Pods for Eric P 9
afyeva Jones for Bol 9
hdbzkz Soto for Stephen W 7
fxkisz Luka for Robert F 8
pgjnyq Update Acuna for Tony B 6
qeaiby Soto PSA 10 for JSD 10
mnppqo Orange Ice Herro for Chris P 6
nfiutr Soto for Grant D 5
bddqnw Update Acuna for Grant D 8
wreuqm Giannis for Jonathan H 6
yuzvhq Mini for Howie F 7
msneim Soto for CW 8
mjffyt Mitchell for Ryan D 11
jchysc Chrome Robert for Aaron M 9
lqlztk 2g Scottsdale 11
ghfmnp Mayfield for Steve W 11
bxgddp 1g gold pamp 7
sspsac RWB Jones for Tony B 6
ljclvv RWB Lock for Shawn H 10
mwtnma Main for Andrew D 6
xnokzl Burrow for Grant D 8
fkedvf WTA for Tony T 7
mhprah Acuna for James L 11
maffgt Jasson for JSD 7
kpqqas Soto 0455 for Brandon R 8
dniuwa Final mini for Andrew D 5
dhnytm Update Soto for Jeremy L 6
kfsema 2 Gleybers for JVG 7
hifyxj Soto 1233 for Brandon R 11
lgsuow Bottom 2 for Jonathan H 7
aiczai Soto PSA 10 for Brandon R 10
ndsbrp Soto for JVG 6
hwgewt WTA 4 way for Garrett K 7
mozpza Green Mosaic Zion for Shawn P 10
chmndn Acuna refr for Brad J 8
uvemxz Tigger and Pooh for Shawn P 9
zhrrfz Tatis 10 2.0 for Brandon R 8
kzyhif 58 Mantle for SX 7
gvrhir McCaffrey for Jonathan H 8
zuovwz Big Mac ball for Jason G 12
gangqx Eagles for Curtis E 6
pqirxo Gold bar for Mike D 10
okaqkg Zion for Natalie M 6
zmoadx 100 for Rich S 7
wihgtg Herro PSA 9 for Shawn P 7
fdwjby Mini for Andrew D 9
lkwbdh Tatis for Brandon R 8
nhnemi Green White for Michael C 9
uibtsj Soto for Trey B 7
ksjwwh Porter Jr for Dane S 5
tupbbd Soto for Dane S 10
mcvpgx Robert for Shawn P 9
ffjkmu Silver Herro for Shawn P 12
wsaaaz Soto 5213 for Shawn B 9
uplsog White for Marc M 9
djrgir Tatis PSA 10 for Shawn B 6
toqatt Soto PSA 10 for Bhavin 8
rouccs Bottoms for Jason P 9
rewfkl Zion #2 for Grant D 8
rzkbjv Sancho for Vinny C 8
mehxjw Prizm Zion for Grant D 11
rekctr Zion for Grant D 7
czscdv Gold coin for Brandon T 10
jbtlxm Update Acuna for Brad M 9
fnarzd Update Soto for Allen G 11
jcvghw Tatis for John D 7
zhbptj Robert refr for JSD 9
skipjd Shai for Mike D 5
qtttws Gold Robert for Bryan D 6
zzsixq Bellinger for Kevin M 9
edbbgf Obsidian pack for Bhavin 12
pnrecq Update Acuna for Eric M 7
rzwiso Soto 10 for JSD 6
ywuvob Soto for Tommy V 11
ghwydm Acuna for Kevin M 8
vlyvvr Acuna for Mike D 7
yyieui Mini for JSD 7
niyuht Update Acuna for Brandon R 10
bpbryt Soto for Shawn B 7
koegpj UD Griffey for Greg O 5
hjuvsj 5g Geiger for Tyson D 7
byuivp Acuna for Greg O 7
lbdqza Tatis for Tyler W 6
rwzjkj Soto for Brad J 12
tcleqj Trae for Craig P 6
pysxgf Tatis and 2 Sotos for Tim A 11
grrlck Soto for Sam M 7
ippvkv Soto for Bhavin 6
hxdmyz Soto for Trey B 10
mlxyau 60 Mantle for Jayson A 9
cergop RJB for Jeremy L 6
jnyvkb Never subbed for Ibbs 8
ncvzmq Tatis 10 for Shawn P 6
ddzuna Robert for Jayson A 8
vnbrci Acuna for Robert M 9
nqfitb Acuna 1882 for Stephen W 8
hbbjnz Tatis for CW 8
lpocva Acuna for Stephen W 7
cyqyyx Robert refr for Bryan D 6
aojudt Zion for Jermaine B 7
jshdnh Gold Eagle for Brandon R 9
lwrcoe Acuna for Brandon R 6
blhihp 93 Topps Gold Jeter for Aaron M 8
hqxyuy Silver Culver for Jeremy L 12
xzwind Trae for Jonathan H 9
lgmoxb TC Tatis for JVG 10
ekdhgx Update Soto for JVG 9
lhlomk Soto #2 for Danny B 7
roghjs 6 Eagles for Brandon T 8
uruazw Apollo coin for Tyson D 11
mvvtpc Acuna for Derek W 6
lqdccz H2H for Shawn P 8
usnzjb Soto for Eric P 8
cflzml Soto for Danny B 6
asefik Tatis 4 way for Jonathan H 6
wulcvd Main 579 for Rick H 7
xsqkdb Tatis for Jonathan H 6
qrzyaj Main for Robert S 5
amyvmu Pink Lamar for CF 7
shyitb Eagles for Robert M 6
ckabdn Acuna 2 for Eric M 6
qplrxc Acuna for Jeff L 6
beqkbu Acuna x2 for James L 11
lcxbph Juan Soto PSA 10 for Grant D 9
wxcgbs Soto #3 for Grant D 7
rawvfx Gold round for Jeremy K 8
pqexji Robert for Chad S 7
vczldq Mini for Ricci 7
htqmls Allen for Griffin A 8
xbzrhb Update Soto for Vince P 7
ilmycn Acuna for Vince P 6
csffjf Happ for Brad M 11
tgldbd Soto for Grant D 6
otggso Gold for Eric L 8
asuxac Stadium Club Jeter for Brad M 8
gzadkt Tatis for Jonathan H 8
kniwjn Hiura for Eric M 6
dqpsfa Soto for CW 7
rlmhnb Silver lot for Sam G 5
kwfxjz Giannis for Jonathan H 10
pdrqsn Zion for Patrick M 8
ofkwtv Ring for Rich S 6
diwvnw Jones for Robert W 7
qvideq Jones PSA 10 for Kevin M 5
lydrum Update Soto for Robert M 10
vaojxo Jones for Kevin M 6
nchvrp Lux lot for Danny B 7
ovrirx Tatis 10 for Kevin M 7
muxbdb Another Soto for Kevin M 8
wxofct Maple for George B 10
ioyulm Soto for Robert M 9
bhqkha 4 way Soto for Kevin M 7
glxjtu Soto for Kevin M 5
hlqnop Giannis for Jonathan H 6
infxxt Ironman for Shawn P 8
arllmt Tatis for Ryan C 8
xzowqh Zion for Billy D 8
uaubaf Acuna Update 3 for Eric M 9
gdbnwy Tatis PSA 10 for Danny B 9
ndxdvp Canada for Billy M 10
jyovdb Tais PSA 10 for Billy D 8
orxwxy Acuna Update 2 for Eric M 8
abwhkt Eloy lot for CJ M 8
mcfrxu Round 2 for Jeremy L 5
mwoiqr Tatis refr for Tony B 6
ilrqbc Jones PSA 10 for Billy P 11
hlhhay WTA for Eric P 7
dmeqgf WTA for Brad J 7
ejlbcp Soto for Danny B 8
pbtojw Soto for Shawn B 9
hpdaik Top 3 for EJG 8
ykppcz Tatis for Tim A 5
habyvg Trae for Jonathan H 6
wgbspv Robert black for Will R 10
iswyfg Zion for Preston M 8
gsmibb Soto for James B 8
qpxfli Tatis PSA 10 for Shawn P 7
hnstwh Trae for Craig P 10
jbfczv Soto for Shawn B 6
iwfzdh Jones for Kyle D 9
wfdjtl Tatis for Kevin M 5
ibjfce Ja for Robert W 8
efzvlq Brady for Charles M 7
rsgppb Update Acuna for Brandon R 5
scjetx Raiders Jets filler for Jason U 8
gndncg Acuna for Jeff L 8
erxphp Foil Jeter for Mikey H 7
dynmif Main Lebron 8
dszfeo Mini 8
tpfnhk Green Herro for Mike D 9
bnjygc Gold coin for Ryan C 7
qrlidb Update Acuna PSA 10 for Alex B 7
fjtxuq Stidham for Bhavin 8
supcwq Soto PSA 10 for Alex B 10
sugirf Mini for Jared G 8
dfytmp F3 574 for RIck H 12
amfevw Arenado for CW 9
fcgsiv Soto for Alex B 5
jssinj Ja for Kyle D 10
ithtuy Acuna for Alex B 6
tnfifi White for Shawn P 10
ovkrsf Jones for Todd L 6
lvcldk Heritage lot for Tony B 6
rlrelt Ja for Mike D 8
ktxylr 2 Lebron lot for Kev K 8
rjyqcg Tatis PSA 10 for Brad M 9
wxpngn Lebron for Shawn B 7
pbmvty Silver Kilo for EJG 8
fnyksr Tatis for Danny B 6
vdapar Coby PSA 10 for Matt R 11
cxjodb Gold round for Tim A 8
lnxvbs Optic Tatum for Kev K 8
nnacit 10 1oz AMPEX 9
nxqfsm Ayton RPA for RTG 8
uyxnbs 2 Lebrons for Kev K 12
vunarw Acuna #2 for Brandon R 6
wbaali Main for ERM 8
ayduuh Acuna for Brandon R 7
kkwzma BC Canario for ASC 6
tbmjua Mini for ERM 5
upifwc Tatis for Jeff L 7
yxorxz Tua for Vince P 9
bmcmcf Bichette for JSD 8
gflcry Chrome Tatis for Mikey H 11
rurxwl Jordan GEM for Bradley S 9
fzplii Green Scope Kyler for ERM 8
nsqcsi Tatis for Danny B 10
gamkzf Top 2 for AP 7
loepbb Prizm Cellos for Rob W 8
bmafan WTA and Andre B 8
swyoxt Robert PSA 10 for JSD 7
avsplc Tatis for Mikey H 9
pzbzlu Rodgers for JSD 10
aqojci Soto PSA 10 for Brandon R 9
kleesj Ja for Kyle D 8
opyhty Soto for Shawn B 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —