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Giveaways by Greg Carlson (52)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
ozcgxv Red Trae for Danny B 7
vritnd Ohtani for Kirk T 10
wztflh x2 for Nick B 10
upzori Mini for Howie F 9
jywcxp Dynasty Harper for Jereme B 7
buoqzj Mini to close for Michael F 10
pqigrq Pamp for Jared B 5
ajbyan 89 Topps Traded Griffey PSA 10 6
bedvss Gold round for Brad M 5
crofow Torres ball for Michael F 11
myrlmp Half Key for Brad M 8
hhbwtx 10oz Scottsdale for LDS 5
gtwaij Kelenic for JDM 7
jsabub Mini to Close for Howie F 10
ktcxzd Winners Takes Both for Howie F 7
urxusy Dynasty Ripken for Danny B 9
ebfege Dynasty Acuna for Danny B 5
cmwpsr Jeter for Alex B 10
fpwwzi Gretzky for Robert W 6
exrqso Soto for Ryan V 11
gkgavq RR for Danny B 7
bxfahv 10 ozr for Kelly C 6
bkgipb F4 for Neil S 6
qlstoo Geiger for Danny B 5
yyqvir F3 for Neil S 7
boavpn Charizard for Danny B 7
vmojgm Silver Pickett for Bhavin 7
qrnvci Griffey for Danny B 7
jthxba Mini to close for Michael F 7
ocpmsc 5g Gold Geiger for Danny B 9
ymxqyk Tier One Hank Aaron for Jeremy M 10
vyzuvd Mini 1 for Michael F 8
izzhgx Tristar for Michael F 7
cbqrna Round 2 for Danny B 10
pfycqw 2017 Phoenix Manning for Kirk T 8
hbyqov 87 Fleer MJ for Danny B 8
ddjqpm Verstappen for Alex B 7
xihvxx Flawless Griffey for Alex B 6
pjeyaj Bottoms for Kelly C 5
ngqgld 68 RBI Leaders for Kirk T 7
fcfmyh Mantle ball for Michael F 8
appxhm JRod for Jeremy N 6
lsnjln Bird/Magic for Justin L 11
snaixj Brady for Michael F 9
rftdmb Evel Knievel for Robert W 6
anlcah Mystery Box for Howie F 5
hfzuld 1993 Topps box for Michael F 7
hftkzk Mini to close for Michael F 7
qblcqd Side pot for Micahel F 7
tiqqnd Mini 3 for Michael F 10
mgcwbc Mini 1 for Michael F 8
jpfabj Nike Dunks 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —