Giveaways by Greg Carlson (180)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
vbpqbp Diamond Trout Mega 10
lspvmk 68 Mantle for David O 7
mpjwzv Tiger for Tommy V 7
frdwtt Donruss box for Kirk T 8
gqnjzp Zion for Brian S 12
dhstwm Run 2 for Vince O 9
wcqrjg 91 UD MJ for Stephen W 9
qdgwae Soto and Garcia for Will R 11
srfwty Winners Choice for Michelle B 10
kllvvc Ohtani x2 for Trent D 6
hycurt Brock rc for Aaron M 7
owlzfe Rookie lot for Travis O 8
yrxchr WTA for Jeff B 7
jkabze Acuna for Christian J 10
sjhkio Jas for Aaron M 8
upxuik Chrome Baddoo 11
hqypoj RWB Kobe for Clay C 10
zkruyu Panini points for Craig T 10
gnxlww Optic Mitchell for Clay C 6
bcgoxa Silver for Miles L 7
vidntu Zion for Damian S 11
kzxkkb Sayers rc for Sean B 5
pqjhvk LaMelo for Jonathan H 7
twppej Ohtanis for Michael R 9
cgffgf Yzerman for Andy H 8
ovtyyv Bieber for Pete B 9
xbgkpo Gold Round John M 7
fwampj 82 Donruss Ripken for Will R 10
amwael Ja for Grant D 8
pcgvsl Bazley for Michael L 8
dihdhf Luka for DHIV 9
qgicbm Soto for Grant D 7
bmzkfn Box of Stadium Club for Stephen W 8
kfwkpo Gold round for John M 11
qowfqk Jeter for Todd S 9
ajzfpa 5oz Silver for Jordan S 7
wsjwmp Silver for Paul F 8
uffgva Bichette for Matt J 9
daltmj Hurts for Justin L 11
tqroxx Zion for Brian M 6
mzcsnj Gold round for Sam G 8
prqoas Zion for Matt M 9
ixzczc Bench for Ryan J 9
ceutmo Tua for Justin L 9
bpquiw Jasson for Chris D 8
mykgoe KD for Robby H 11
vfambu Zion for Colton S 10
nmhuaz Round 2 for Charles R 8
ctqqtg Burrow for EKK 5
ijvofx Trout for Charles R 8
upqavl Ohtani for Trent D 8
rlcyyi Rainbow Foil Lewis for CJ M 6
tidjny Pujols for Evan H 7
lvlqan 5oz stacker for Brandon R 12
vgkpfq Mini 9 for Michael F 9
dzplel LeMahieu for Will R 12
ahiptp Mini for Cullun C 6
gjdako Top 2 for Bradley T 12
wfovpo Bichettte for Russ M 9
ktbmdb Gold round for Miles L 9
ceugus Wander 6
eivyrw Jasson for John D 6
izbwwb Bball lot for Eric L 10
dohtnv Ohtani for Michael R 8
owilem Tatis for Jonathan H 6
nsdnyu Schmidt rc for Travis O 4
tcdgtc Barry Sanders rc for Gerid B 7
oemtuq Soto for Tung 9
btnzla Trae PSA 10 for Brandon R 5
aqbskp Gold round for Miles L 6
rlcgns Adams PSA 10 for Robert M 6
kgeaah 86 Rice for Gerid B 10
cpohfa 85 Topps Puckett for Robert M 7
qvxioa WTA for Aaron M 7
uvdokd Hockey relic for Kirk T 7
eqsmkk Main for Howie F 7
duhpsk Tatis for Jeff B 10
mzyqip 89 MJ for NC 6
efzmjn Soto for BBC 6
zjndrn Slab Case XL for Rich S 9
kttgqd Kobe for Rex 8
neatxn Kobe Mega 6
fptrxv Round 2 for Aaron M 6
rtfytc Thomas rounds for John M 9
uhypbd Silver Clarke for JSD 9
pnytwa Robert for Jeremy N 7
onuwmk Silver rounds for John M 7
dmxcdb 87 Big Mac for Andy H 11
zhqvak Green Luka for Andy H 7
paxdtr Stackers for John M 9
ymyvuz Final filler for Jason U 10
inkrdi Zion for Pete B 6
jeseqg Havlicek for Gerid B 9
phzpgh 200g silver for Paul F 12
abbtsg Tatum for Vince O 8
vzngrx 100 for Rich S 11
smspps Scottsdale Kilo for Curtis E 7
ljubty Judge for Jonathan H 6
xoksak Embiid for Grant D 8
yakbbg Acuna for Vince O 6
gmcsnb Ja for Grant D 8
zpnxdp Trae for Grant D 6
npbfmc Yelich PSA 10 for Grant D 6
kbdmuy Yelich for Grant D 6
sknfxd Dual auto for Lane P 6
msirxs Gold round for CW 5
risjbp Mini for Dylan F 6
vagccr Acunas for CW 11
qjdfis Soto for Bradley T 6
oztjtd Zion x2 for Aaron M 6
ycmydp Main for Arthur C 7
vlnulh Silver rounds for John M 6
jceihi Mini for Arthur C 8
twiyzy Round 2 for Joshua G 8
dwsoph Mears refr for Pete B 8
yxgwry Acuna for Tung 8
fptapp 66 Namath for Christian J 11
ojtvae Zion PSA 10 for Dave C 11
rfabxq Zion for Dave C 11
phtwse Update Acuna for Wes 6
fhkdrb Mini for Tung N 7
cdntcd Zion x2 for Aaron M 9
zsjjxz Gold round for Miles L 6
mdzgrg Mini for Sam G 8
jquaew MJ for Andy H 10
jaqxna Luka for GVA 5
bbcnms 86 Donruss Rookies Bonds for Arthur C 8
gkazzl 5oz Indian for John M 7
jqldpn 86 Traded Bonds for Frantz S 9
ccfslo Tatis for Ronnie S 6
nlghhj Herro for JSD 6
aknlut RJ Round 2 for Pete B 5
etphcq Soto for Curtis E 9
alfswj 97 Kobe for Frantz S 8
ggnmsh Zion for Pete B 6
ipzvfj Ju Ju for Kirk T 11
eujbox Gleyber refr for Pete B 6
lhewqz Prizk Luka for DHIV 6
bwuwry 68 Topps Mantle for Jonathan H 7
rnixdo Acuna for Erick R 12
ixjpuo Zion for Charles R 8
rtcgjl Bryant refr dime for Jeremy N 9
dqeard Gold round for John M 10
hqsuyd 5oz bar for Rustin W 5
lvlhtb 89 UD Griffey for Christian J 8
brsplv Paschall for Cord B 8
kqxjac NTR for Miles L 8
rfifiy Absolute basketball box for Jeremy L 10
ecxttv Morant for Grant D 11
rvdrwf Thermal printer for Rich S 8
cngbcf RJB for Lee S 9
ebjzuq 2019 Tatis for Pete B 9
nlasvy Kit Kat for Bob D 8
tqzwej Kirilloff for Pete B 10
tpinmn Alonso for Pete B 7
tdirxt Acunas for Jeremiah H 7
rxtnut Luka for Brad M 9
jgcqfz 4 silver eagles for Grant D 7
seyynr Gold round for Tony B 6
zujepl Soto for Brad M 9
cjjsyp Zion for ERM 7
qmmrbq Carter for Kirk T 9
nscfzz Miles Silver for Aaron L 6
fbnmcv Iverson jersey for Bhavin 6
mwqcsx Gold for John M 7
rentwi Witt for Kevin B 8
avovhe Gold round for John M 9
ffjpbt Gold round for Jerrod V 8
kzauqa Lindor dime for Justin L 9
bpjjaq Ohtani for Jeremy N 7
uumiig Case for Rich S 11
bkvtfd Gold round for Nathan F 8
wqnxuz Luciano for ERM 11
lsvedg Heritage Acuna for Mike T 10
wjrsap Blue Velocity Herro for Pete B 8
thztri Mini #6 for Howie F 10
dmxifk WTA for Matt L 6
sjogqv Zion 2 for Jonathan H 10
lutory Soto for Jonathan H 6
fzyumu Zion for Grant D 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —