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Giveaways by Windy Runs (35)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Pacific time)
ixunaw Select cosmic RT 5
nievcy Donruss 2 tier 2 8
kzlrrb Donruss 2 tier 1 8
avrupf Donruss fatal #3 6
aongbs Donruss fatal #2 10
jnytra Donruss Fatal for 2 7
yaksgi Elly r3 9
bezwko Elly r2 6
bgjihw Elly hrrb 11
qkkhex Craig zard dime 9
xgmgqs Craig palkia dime 5
okzzwy James jacobs h2h dime 7
uguhdw Brian pikachu dime 6
gudiaw Brian mewtwo dime 8
spcszx Joe raikou dime 11
zcurfh Grady poke hrrb 7
kxcsor Nate upc broke 11
zgtrgt Brian rice btl 6
ejkvka Silver main hrrb 6
kxyiji FTC silver hrrb 7
eqvdqh B3 silver hrrb 5
iowkos B2 silver hrrb 8
wkbbbt B1 silver hrrb 7
bzoycy Joe gengar dime 9
cvakak Lee Herbert r4 5
umcwlv Chrome update cubs/pirates fatal 8
ptdkgu Chrome update dodgers/Phillies fatal 6
ltbcbr Chrome update Mets/giants fatal 6
notfdb Jeremy mini fatal rangers 6
lqddxr Chrome update Red Sox/padres fatal 11
ntmdbw Chrome update Braves/blue jays fatal 6
evrtqj Jeremy Henderson r2 9
prybsc Jeremy Tua holo 7
ffjvim Thomas luka r3 5
pazqbc Thomas luka r2 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —