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Giveaways by Phil Lindemann (30)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
zslkic 4x 2023 Bowman Mega Box Break Round 1 Team Random 10
mgdfgf 2022 9X Optic Football Blaster 5
wjysxb 9x Optic Football Walmart Blasters 10
lhfxhw 10x Bowman Blaster Break Team Random 9
nwzhcu 10x Bowman Blaster Mini 4
usgkdj 9x 2022 Optic Football Blasters Steelers Random 9
hjsawt Mosaic Hanger Steelers Random 13
qybvsa Mosaic Hanger Mini 7
wqkftv 2022/23 NBA Revolution Team Random 10
xdwwgd WWE Mixer Superstar Random 8
upznau WWE 2 Box Mini 12
ykvovk NT Racing Letter Random 12
ztupvp Contenders Optic Mixer Steelers Random 14
doqkfq 22/23 NBA Optic FOTL Team Random 12
sydxxf Contenders Optic Mini 2 5
guigqg Contenders Optic Mini 1 6
jsdtcx 9x Bowman Blaster Box Team Random 4
qrkdwg Team USA Baseball Box 2 8
ovhhgr Team USA Baseball Box 1 SN Random 8
niogrh 2x Bowman Round 3 13
utzoeb Mini for 2x Bowman Round 3 12
gcmyfc Prizm No Huddle Team Random 14
rovpln 2x Clearly Donruss Steelers Random 11
yudcbt Mother Day Spot Giveaway Break Spot 13
iudoth Mothers Day Giveaway Name Random 14
dzuszd 2x Clearly Donruss Mini 9
pigvyj Single Bowman PYT Team Random 15
rikzzz Clearly Donruss Mini 1 12
szujdg Final Box Donruss Basketball Team Random 6
uwshcg Bowman Single PYT Mini 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —