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Giveaways by Andrew Bellizzi (38)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(UTC time)
ipckez Dave S MB 7
udrfse Dave S Personal 7
gyxvyu Dave S Mystery Box 8
hnwxek Dave S mini 10
jykjal Dave S Hill WC 11
mfimob Mike K Winners Choice 7
lgdmom B2D L&a 7
hacdbd B2D j c trade 6
gjogrg B trade 2
dnyfxg B2D trade 2 8
lddadj B2D Trade 1 10
kapztw B2d 6
qwpgoh Ben K WC Mini 7
izvshr AME Lott 7
tdglxe Dave S MB 10
vakkiv Matt hugs his Biden lamp shade mini 11
ijxbcg Mike Kelemen WC 10
vugvsb Dave S RW FW 9
jasurd Surface Break Skunk line 12
favhcy DS WC 9
isabcq Dave s Mini wc 10
lvkuve Jaydin Skinner Burrow 9
cjgvjk Hunter Bidens BF WC 9
ydndbf Dave S winners choice 9
jzcarh Dave S mini 7
doiwsj B2D trade 5
tlzwcv Paul Miller WC 10
pmiipb Matty Biden’s Winners Choice 10
hiraok Ds mb 7
jpzqny Bidens aka Patz Winners Choice 8
fcxmuj DS WC 10
hiwrmh KT JT Eclipse 9
arjqsl Dave S MB 7
akzuuu Matt P Winners Choice 8
lmfigz Be wc mini 8
rryjud Matt P T Law 7
uttgke Kyle T Strahan Lunar 8
ilbxsw DS PB 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —