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Giveaways by Ana Marroquín (48)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
cwsbpx Twins Dm 13
uxalmu Get both Rs 13
tmhzwg Cobra polar forcé As 14
ayfjnt Destro Jq 7
exusyy Mini polar force As 9
jwdajj Ace AL 7
jwhhcz Moni to close destro Jq 13
utrrgv Cobra fang Ds 11
tlqjvc 2 figures Ds 12
adfnwt Haslab AL 8
bypshh Claymore Jc 13
hdjich Gets both Jq 7
dxxhcr Closing mini Claymore Jc 6
yrvlee Zartan Jq 14
aynvtz Choice Rs 8
uohvui Mi i to close Zartan Jq 8
ziziyi Closing mini marauder Vs pp Rs 11
pbzqgv Dialtone mainframe Jc 13
tivggl Firebat Jq 15
lxhwtm Tf collection Ds 7
olocua Mickey Mouse Rp 11
fdiact Shipwreck Rs 9
ycwmhd Closing mini tf Ds 14
ketczr Ninja viper Jc 5
prclrz Mini 3 shipwreck Rs 15
fqctbh Mini ninja viper Jc 13
wzppnx Mini 2 Ds 12
wjiqrz Mini 2 shipwreck Rs 17
mdzldr Cobra wolf Ds 12
tflosq Mini Shipwreck Rs 5
sbdrio Bats anhilator Rp 10
akznhk Mini 1 Ds 11
jpuexw Crimson hawk Rp 10
ymutdl T. rex MR 9
qlvswy Mini lightsaber Rs 8
zhkbbg Closing mini trex MR 8
ynqhjn Python patrol Ds 8
jcflct Destro falcon Rp 10
rwxqxb Closing mini Ds 12
kpgtxl Mini lightsaber Rs 9
hgcyor Alley viper Ds 11
ijakmr Closing mini Alley viper Ds 13
jizdtp Steel brigade Rs 8
nzdrcj Baroness hit n run Rp 8
fnrice Cobra officer Jm 10
hwkehj Final mini officer Jm 12
falweh Bonus game officer Jm 5
yuarhw Cobra viper Rp 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —