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Giveaways by Lorenzo Delgado (33)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
bxeqgw Traci-Partial 2022 SGA’s 6
peditf Lorenzo-Main (Winner’s Choice Custom) 7
hzpblk Lorenzo-Mini (Winner’s Choice Custom) 9
hbweaq Justin-Winner Take All 10
fdviki Justin-Mini (Winner Take All) 8
jetven Lorenzo-2 Winner’s (Alvarez/Bobbleheads) 10
dfdxtv Lorenzo-First TD in 2nd Half (CIN/KC) 7
sgidll Lorenzo-First TD (Cin/KC) 7
dosnil Lorenzo-First TD 2nd Half (SF/PHI) 8
xvsnoo Lorenzo-First TD (SF/PHI) 10
dzpfdl Gabriela-Winner Take All Orbit 13
gpilcf Lorenzo-Custom Bagwell 300 HR 8
mrdvba Lorenzo-LR First TD in the 2nd Half (DAL/SF) 7
ljfasw Lorenzo-First TD in 2nd Half (SF/DAL) 6
bdrsqu Lorenzo-First TD (DAL/SF) 12
kdzaol Lorenzo-First TD (CIN/BUF) 5
nawdxi Lorenzo-Custom José Urquidy WBC Mexico 7
gzuegz Lorenzo-First TD (NYG/PHI) 10
mvfoqi Lorenzo-First TD (JAX/KC) 11
ctaewc Mike-Orbit Freebie 8
upaezz Lorenzo-First TD in the 2nd Half DAL/TB 8
cpruub Lorenzo-First TD DAL/TB 5
plyhwj Lorenzo-First TD BAL/CIN 9
saprmh Lorenzo-JAX/LA First TD 9
dzghap Lorenzo-JAX/LA First TD 10 not completed
dlnevf Lorenzo-SF/SEA First TD 12
fjfqmo Lorenzo-Custom Peña/Santa Orion 8
elsszf Lorenzo-MAIN (Ryan Pressly Custom) 5
xegzhl Lorenzo-Mini (Ryan Pressly Custom) 7
rvhbbr Lorenzo-MAIN (AJ Hinch Bundle) 7
fklaea Lorenzo-MINI (AJ Hinch Bundle) 5
aczute Brad-Immaculate Inning Bobblehead 5
pctqhw Lorenzo-LR Kelvin Sampson Bobblehead 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —