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Giveaways by Mike Crnarich (33)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
sgsccd Mysc1305 T2 7
nfzjve Mysc1305 T1 8
aufgtb Mysc1300 team random 10
eyltej Mysc1299 team random 7
zfpwps Mysc1298 team random 9
kbcqkk Mysc1297 TEAM Random 8
xjqvyg Mysc1295 closer 9
becqnu Mysc1295 closer 8
znwhto Mysc1292 team random 7
dzfrez Mysc1291 Divisions 8
rtrvqd Mysc1290 Division random 8
ikrvre Mysc1289 division random 10
lmfabt Mysc1288 team random 11
wvskia Mysc1287 team random 9
uovtzn Mysc1283 team random 6
drtubn Mysc1282 T2 12
pkkprg Mysc1282 T1 11
ffykte Mysc1281 T2 10
axniah Mysc1281 T1 11
elpjlz Mysc1280 T2 7
ptovmz Mysc1280 T1 10
ytihlt Mysc1280 T1 7 not completed
qxxsnp Mysc1278 team random 8
rdwjje Mysc1276 team random 5
ieaqoo Mysc1275 team random 6
fwtpvt Mysc1273 T2 11
dcjkut Mysc1273 T1 9
qhbrhe Mysc1272 closer 12
kqoqyd Mysc1271 letter random 11
ektuyr Mysc1270 8
hepisj Mysc1269 letter random 9
xzmxju Mysc1268 letter random 6
danssp Mysc1262 team random 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —