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Giveaways by Jordan Mock (28)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Central time)
sfxegz Ho-oh 9
lfjixn Winner picks etb 6
ngmijm Winner takes all 10
olzhkx Winner picks Blastoise 8
nnqooe Winner picks 5
xkbepn Charmander give away 6
cboisj Booster box 5
mqzrqm Dragonite winner pick 10
mnwawe Winner picks 7
ydekql Football mini 2 5
bnzxzd Mini football 11
gydzyu Machamp winner pick 6
lgmvxc Dragonite winner picks 8
ghqipq Reshiram winner pick 7
xfedxv Winner picks Dugtrio 9
mkcnqn Raichu trout 7
pujlqu Topps charizard winner pick 10
wvpvfq Temporal forces 12
qbnqyt Palkia winner pick 10
agudmt Charizard ex 9
dwlsoc Misty 6
zlnyuq Temporal forces ETB 7
cwwvrc Snorlax 7
mbczkb Misty mini 9
wbflrf Snorlax mini 6
srftvc Zard 8
ayrebk Mewtwo 7
rezpnj Ampharos zapdos 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —