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Giveaways by Rick Brown (30)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Canada/Eastern time)
nyuykq CT Choice 10
ejyczg CT Choice Line 9
jvqxwq KC Rain Bo Main 7
togylf KC Rain Bo Mini 10
iohwyp KW Canseco FCG 11
dzvree JC Blue Bo Dime 7
vngxvj CT Winner Choice 6
lhlywr CT Choice Line 12
yigtck CT Top Pick 8
rnmphi Amer Morel Green Auto 7
fbefki CT Charity Line 7
jupqfc Amer Bo Flawless 8
nxwcgd RB Trout Five Star Main 8
hewmls RB Trout Five Star Mini 3 6
udkfod RB Trout Five Star Mini 2 9
ihdssu JZ Everyone wins 7
egvkvi RB Trout Five Star Mini 1 10
jzklas Amer Bo Lot 7
fbdrux JZ Closing Mini 6
psbyfc JZ closing micro 5
gqkrvw BT Bo Dime Main 5
uwqkqk BT Bo Dime 8
kinpbb CS Ohtani Dime 5
yvqxii JZ Team Random 10
ksllxr JZ Closing Mini 7
rjpnhv JZ Closing Micro 7
xozkjx JZ Micro Closing Mini 8
lgslvh JZ Mini 7
otlkiv JZ Micro 8
igdutr CS Ohtani 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —