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Giveaways by Kara Hoffman (38)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
eofgpo Dave random teams 9
asrlrk David random teams 10
kmhmqa Jason Eggleston- Herbert 7
vsfigb David random teams 6
kxpxjf Matt Flores- Smoltz 8
gnygvj Dave random teams 6
yjfchf Dave random teams 7
giahwd David mini 8
qjybbe David mini 5
xlghic David mini 7
gjbqmg Carl runge- herbert 7
rmtvae Richard Rinaldi- Elly 5
jdeire Dave random teams 5
rhsuqi Greg $15 bc 11
txnsno Dave random teams 5
qonbjv John Gallegos- lawrence 6
eeefpn David random teams 12
rfbycb David mini 5
hzbnuw David mini 8
jppcbj Dave random teams 8
hgijxl David points 7
bfrcfz David random teams 7
wykhib David mini 9
wfzwfv David mini 5
wsryxp Greg mini 6
fwuvtz Paul Woodard- black lot 9
bbaeqi Greg mini 8
sarsbk Jason Emery- winner takes all 7
tanrml Dave random teams 9
enodpf Giveaway 11
qpyvxg Brian Singleton- Allen 9
lzeozo David random 6
eimcii David random teams 5
khnwpm David random teams 6
afmhlw David mini 6
ucmhgq David mini 5
ifouew David mini 9
afdanz Dave random Teams 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —