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Giveaways by luis pardio (24)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Pacific time)
ezeduu Marvel fleer 8
laelkc Asm300 mini 2b 12
xlnvoh Asm300 micro 1b for m2b 8
hjqjvv Marvel fleer mini2 8
ggoxlo Nano asm300 12
posnqh Final micro marvel fleer 11
qmxhug Mini 1 marvel fleer 6
aroosk Mini 2a asm300 15
xprbzv Marvel fleer micro 9
zloqjs Final mini Darth Vader 16
jgzroy Micro for mini2 a asm300 10
jkjfxx Spawn combo 10
weousd Dearth Vader 3 mini2 8
efecys Mini1 asm300 16
bvhhvp Asm300 micro 11
nzlrqt Department of truth 9
haqtke Final mini gsx1 16
twuqgi Final micro gsx1 13
ztfvjw Fatal 2 ghost rider 5
xowvgf Gsx1 micro 4b 12
iashug Batman villains secret files 9
qalcno Micro 4a gsx1 13
oxkdxz Batman original art mini2 12
quidwb Batman adventures 3 mini 12

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —