Giveaways by Samantha Harris (161)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
klzasp Lot for Judeee 8
rqaolr Acuna Heritage for Justin B 5
eevcla Acuna for Toby 8
isrudk Mini for justin b 5
aynaxc Acuna For Russell 5
gzqhwx Blue Acuna for Marty 12
cmdhhv Albies for Billy 7
avfbzz Albies for Tyler 7
ihjhjx Awesome case for Vince N 6
qmgkdu Acuna for Tony B 8
entqko Ozzie for Chad T 11
qolmzv Mini for Taylor 7
bvedgi Plate for Chad 10
jktdne Ozzie blue for Tyler 5
yyyjmw Giveaway for Jude 5
vwcynw Riley for Chad 5
fynzpf Freddie for Shaun 7
nabltn Mick for Tyler 10
thiozd Riley for Matthew L 7
utrztm Dansby for Thomas 7
euwqtc Albies for Thomas D 7
mwhjfn Freeman for Thomas D 9
lteaka Mini for Tony B 8
bjtdov Main for Matt M 6
dtyacp Mini for Matt 6
kpfest Fried Tom for Thomas D 8
ojiier Mini for Richard 11
fvxfrr Dansby Ball for Matt 8
tkhlmc Finest for Zach 5
upfhmi Riley lot for Richard 6
esyjdc Graded lot for Frankieee 12
owlyym Avery for Richard 9
nimhsr Bo for Bennnn 5
utagvr Riley for joe 9
pitjgq Orlando for Chad 7
impvkm Main for Matt M 7
qebbfn Mini for Matt M 5
mckwjx Riley ball for Chad 5
gfmjzd Acunas for Frankie 6
gbcnjv Ozuna for Zack 8
uqxpxq Pink Ozzie for Marty 7
nkapht Waters for Zackery Blair 5
xvftan Acuna 10 for Ben 7
lynfrp Run for Frankie 6
fiitvs Main for Tylerr 6
ampyes Mini for Tylerrr 10
ratrqh Jones balls for Jacob 7
runavs Dansby for Ramona 8
xrzfjn Pink Riley for The Chad 9
vnhisy Albies for Maxxxxx 6
zbqrsr SOROKA for Tobyyyyyy 6
comhir Crime dog for Ramona 8
yrwyrv Main for Bryan P 12
jzyfsq Mini for BP 7
pkhunz Acuna prism for Tony B 7
tlyoaf AMAZING prints by Jacob 5
girqip Freeman for Joe 5
jvzkie Bowman Duo for Shawny Shawnnn 7
udhhci Ozzie for Hal 12
ljstgw Riley for Chad S 12
nqpzxm mini for Michael T 10
edpdcs Ozzie for Jake B 9
zgfxgw Acuna Lot for Benny Bee 7
pvihjh Acuna Clear for Ben 12
rpjaqc Tatis for Tracey 7
deikhu Ozzie for Jude 12
vnapfg Main for CoCo 10
eufkaq Acuna 1st for Ben B 7
vpzieg Mini for Coco 6
fqekcf Soroka for Marty Levinson 5
vlzkuq Julio for Bubba 10
lcfjup Mini for Chase 6
mfdmfy Hank Ball for JJ 8
nuwwaq Acuna for Vince 9
osnhmt Judge Redemption 11
beqinm SWEET Hank for Mike 6
dazlsr Tatis for Randy B 9
vdivxk Acuna Heritage for Ben 9
lpkzlr Ozzie lot for Andrew 7
pumpgf Main for Ben 5
jspezt Mini for Ben 10
pguejs Alonso for Tony B 11
smtcet Freddie for Matthew L 9
izgwer Freddie for Joe 9
wexepa Dansby for Joe2 5
nhvlmd Dansby for Joe 6
xywwqm 1/1 for Lee 9
wsnuma Gloves for Vince 9
ymstpi Swanson for Joe 7
mjpqtw Acuna for Nathan 9
pcegbw Thielen for Elton 5
gwejpg Riley for Tony 9
hzispf Soroka for Vince 7
jakxbs Soroka for Jude 8
pbcoyq Run for Jacob 5
qlfbfd Riley lot for Jude 6
urpumc Albies Jones for Charlie 5
cxrqin Purple for Chad 7
iehbrm Glavine for Chad 5
hcpemt Freeman Dynasty for Thomas 7
nrlebp Mini 2 for Jim 11
gnmnmt Acuna book for Matthew L 7
tusgmb Mini for Jim 5
jplgbo Soooo PINK!! 6
vqfwhb Albies Freeman for Jacob 6
fdullt Freddie for Chad 10
atryjr Mantle for Tony B 6
rczzfr Bat for Tobyyyy 7
qilhft Mini 2 for Acuna 9
ntccsw Hank ball for Brandon 5
opdopf Acuna mini 1 8
ycipbv Print for Jacob 7
ybmnek Lot for Mike G 7
jcajzi Albies lot for Charlie 7
uuribs Chubb for Ben 6
rcazkm Ball for Ari 11
svlaga Chipper Jersey for Vince 5
rjpypv Main for Ozziea 5
jmdety Albies lot mini 11
efhxzo Ozzie for Matthew 10
zouptt Lang and Shew for Marty 8
pnspab Acuna for Marty L 7
lpxhvg Dansby for Ari 5
ljfmse Acuna BGS 9 5
lzknka Tatis for Ben S 9
ztkoum Acunas for Tony B 7
zqzilr Riley lot for Rob 7
jtpezj Acuna for Ben S 8
wigony Riley for Samuel 7
yjvpva Fried for Amru 8
jqfopi Dynasty for Nick 5
ccjrce Mini for Nick 8
zpzdpj Riley lot for Ben 12
viiiog Freeman for Eric 6
vtcakq Freddie F for Bryan 10
awxbkw Mini for Bryan 9
htucmg Ian Anderson for Alex J 7
fgpbeb Smoltz for Ben S 7
owlvnd Dansby for Ben 7
agicgr Ian for Alex J 7
dcsske Dansby 1/1 7
fqhbgk Freebie for Chad T 10
hxwtzv Freeman for Bryan 6
ayinrf Braves fire for Dustin 10
vehbgd Vlad for Chad 7
xwkqpv NT Booklet 7
dsbyjx Lot for Russell 9
dgvhyp Freddie for Bryan 11
sonyhz Fried for Joe 8
pqjqob Freeman Swanson for Bryan 8
vryrqa Dansby S for Bryan 5
xrvufc Pache for Marty 7
xlikwi Acuna for Chad T 9
cqujry Murphy for Marty 7
gytbhc Freeman for Jessica 8
ahlgyh Inception for Russ 8
oehizg Gallery for Marty 8
onpwfv Run for Mike B 7
quydvn Inception for Schuyler 5
hpwuoq Dansby and Pache for Joe 9
hmkcid Run for Chad 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —