Giveaways by Samantha Harris (231)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
muwvpy Prizm FB 8
gzczmp 2 Acunas 5
wrkurn Run for Curry 8
oeiued UGA lot 5
agmacw Acuna Dime Time 5
ojtvtg Acuna for CoCo 7
pmljyx Luminaries for Curry 7
qsxpcj Another one for Sara 9
qqsrbb Black for Sara 6
ujtnaj Run for Ben 6
uutuqs Acuna holiday for Marty 6
mzjbvk Mini Mosaic 6
ksewbm Acuna for Jackson 10
wyfgmf IP lot for Jackson 10
hrgxel Riley lot for Jonathan 7
eppvna Acuna for Zach 11
jtquwy Riley for Marty 11
bxdinj Main for Bo 7
diytxw Final filler 10
cgtssj Chipper for Chad 10
gnfphj Freddie Main for Jake 6
rptezf Chipper for Jacksonn 7
xoieqg Cruz for Ramona 9
tnggqs Mini for Jake B 9
kjmmzp Plate for Alex 6
aolbmi Freebie for Bo 8
jnsubf Filler 4 for Bo 6
huysks Snacks for Michael 6
yocusd Main for Jerry 7
yiitbc Run for jackson 7
vjcdvi Divisions for Kris L 12
havsyx Mini for Jerry 8
olytgq Legends for Matthew L 8
pssiss Run for Dan 8
jjbsuh Main for Jacksonn 9
vptxfn Mini hank for Jackson 10
mfsbeu Spahn for Zack 7
lufhif Division for Kris 10
efnvlb Teams for Kris 6
gpftzj Dynasty for Jake 6
sgised TTT for Chris 8
dnzlog Mini Dynasty for Jake 5
spkutm Divisions for Kris 9
gnhrgw Lot for Mike 10
ljtmkl Filler4 for Bo 10
nxpdnf Chipper for Charlie 8
qhepmv Cognac for Trey 11
yjanrl Run for Jake 10
nnqwvd Filler for Bo 11
ucnvnu Contenders for Saraaa 11
qqxoch Lot for John 8
dvdfeh Dansby for Luke 10
vsgqta Mini for Bo 9
mvbvdw Acuna for Nick V 11
vsaojj Ozzies for Jake 6
iqxalg Riley for Ben 11
myganj Pache for Cain 7
gmmedh Freeman update 8
tdyebl Flawless for Tony 6
tqnkzu Derby ball for Tanner 12
rjfjaa Draft day for Jesse 6
gepjix Chipper for Tony 9
xzswtd Main for Jackson 5
donqyx Mini for Jacksonn 5
dzlzvb Bobby for Charlie 7
retmoh Freeman for Jackson 10
ibxghu Jerseys for Jake 7
amtfxh Acuna for Ryan 8
qfelpc Mini for Tony 6
vkgzsx Chubb for Richard 5
rikqdi Fatal for Kris L 9
rytioa Main for Richard 5
lytleo Mini for Richard's Kyle 7
ltordn Jersey for Franny 10
qunake Ozzie for Richard 6
anyall Acuna Future Stars 6
dmluqb Diamond Freddie for Russell 5
pvfkeq MVFREE for James 7
qmciug Freddie for Lee 7
xysvfq Purple Albies for James 8
lddjpy Transcendent for Marty 10
oicjgv Five star Albies 7
fzrxsr MVP for Matthew 7
nsslzk Ian for Steve L 5
twjagq Freddie for Billy 7
dxejup Albies for Richard 8
rucakv Main for Nick W 6
uoedvj Giveaway spot for Nick 10
jgmmxx Fire stick for Bo 5
jrshsx Freddie mini 6
zsizbw Freeman Fried for Tony 5
xrhpfv Freddie Stadium for Steve 5
dzjqvu Main for Trey 11
zufypr Mini for Trey 6
qvmfon Main for Jon J 7
usmrwg Mini for Jon J 11
blfpxf Ian for Luke 8
cpkovp Mini for luke 10
xghpdu Extra 2 for Kris 6
kwxayz Extra 1 for Kris 11
talwhx Prizm 2 for Kris 6
rgogzo Prizm for Kris 6
emgums Retro for Jake 6
tuonnp Random for Kris 7
bbklin Bat for Jake E 6
ehsykj Main for JT 7
fvkpgf Mini for JT 7
tmrecr Soroka for Zack 6
vgvsth Freddie for Jo 5
makket Book for Andrew 12
vjxlwx Anderson and Soroka for Steve 7
csrrck Pache for Zack 10
ggyhmy Greg for Marty 10
unwjdj Chipper for Marty 5
ecrgws Gloves for Andrew 5
zzkqup Dansby for Greg 6
jwdhcc Main for Trevor 8
exhxey Mini for Trevor 10
ihzyvp Inception for Daniel 8
cnsjey Mini for Jackson 6
nnruai Chipper IP for Matthew L 9
qmjbtt Freddie for Marty 8
dqelzf Rainbow for Andrew 6
oklvgh ball for Charlie 11
gnjrbu Plate for Jon 8
tcpxrr Riley for Ren 8
gwhbzd Tatis for Toby2 5
gclxjr Mini for Trout Ball 7
ripwli Steveeee 7
ivnkgq Late night Freddie 6
rfhrdy Freeman five star for Steve 7
tojdzk Freddie for Steve L 6
syzosh Chipper for JT 6
isxgtz Downtown for JT 6
ybvkla Chipper ball for Matt 5
jsesoy Chipper for John 9
fgwdbh Supplies for Ren 8
fmosua Dansby for Gary 11
wfpwlr MVFREE for Trevor 8
kitihd Freddie for Jon 11
ndpxcd Soroka for Mike 10
nyifge Main for Bryan P 9
uuqgfm Gleyber lot for Jeff J 9
yjodpq Hope Sara Wins 6
eqewyc Dansby for Marty L 6
torobs Final mini for Bryan 9
zqonzp Main for Vince N 10
pcdhfp Mini for Vince N 9
buqpjn Winners choice for Jake 6
ghmyqt Ozzies for Andrew 9
rdwptc Mini for BP 9
ujvpoj Dansby for Jake 8
qvnogx TTT for Marty 11
aoqcwl Mini Freddie for Jon 8
nfyzhy Fatal for Sara 11
oeiayn Riley for Jason 7
xnagfj Photo for Bobby 8
qigoom Snacks for Mike 6
lxamkl Main for Tanner 6
nqucsa Mini for Tanner 6
qbaytk Freddie for Nick W 10
rtpkbt Ozzie Patch for Ben 10
vkdzkz Bobby for Clayton 6
ujeqpv Freddie for Brandon 6
hzdyhz Freeman ball for Jake 12
llfeqz Main for Ben's Acuna 11
kdgrrt Mini for Ben's Acuna 9
gurdlq Inception for Brandon 5
xtbvwk Mini for Jake E 5
dudwcb Ozzie Debut for Tony 10
jmbwjq Acuna for Jim 11
rbnqtc Main for Amru 8
ehtmgd Mini for Amru 11
jibtet Hank for Jackson 8
ovwhld Plate for JB 7
xcnick Run for Alex J 9
twupaw Acuna Lot for Tony 8
bdouly Kyle for Max 6
mrhavv Main for Jon 9
kfmtyr Mini for Jon 9
krajdz Bat for Chad 9
ouqnqg Run for Eddie 9
vfsihe Freddie for Ben 7
hgluoe Testsss 10
yzbmlv Purple Dans 8
dmtpjb Divisions for Sara 11
mtzywe Mini Don for Sara 8
vnavvl Mosaic for greg 9
djgfhz Main for Andrew Mo 7
uzhjxj Minii for Andrew M 9
solzbp Celo for Greg 7
hroeel Blaster for Sara's boo thang 8
jogjbd Main for Benny 7
ntpcns Mini for Benny 5
vgztkl Albies for Zack 8
cgpxrg Main for Ben B 6
jlnfzd Mini for Ben Br 5
eexcsn Bat display for Ben 6
nccqab Main for Zack 5
gjreci Mini Dans for Zack 11
nelitz Main for Andrew M 6
labqfv Mini for Kris 5
fiqvqa Mini for Andrew Mo 6
epvtgz Albies for Tyler S 7
rsilpx Chronicles for Saraaa 8
xvtmqj Luminaries for Russell 8
ewisom Snack pak 6
whcrdl Chipper for Jim 11
tcvzea Pokemon Random 6
iinavm Harris for Zack 5
ngdgra NT for Chad 8
heiyui Green Acuna for Curry 7
qsscfb Lot for Brandon 8
whdmzv Dynasty for Russell 8
ruobry Blue Ozzie for Tyler 11
qzwwwp Riley for Nick 6
yykrau Acuna Downtown for Jackson 7
bjqfmd Black Freddie for Nick 7
taqnth Albies RC for Chad 7
xtmcnx Acuna for Nick 7
rjnijr Smoltz book for Chad 7
xrzxfj Acuna Finest for Mike 7
loegax Waters for Carloss 9
jhvsak Main for Michael T 8
cxorfp Dansby Bobble 6
qdsyyn Bobby Cox Bobble 10
pyotlr Fredie finest for Steve 11
hjimcb Mini for Michael Tinneny 10
zidltm Freddie for Steve 7
iqovxc McCann for Clayton 8
dvwlhc Freddie lot for Chad 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —