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Giveaways by Dime City Sports Cards (35)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(Pacific/Auckland time)
uprwuo You choose Tuesday 7
bomrav Illusions 2 prize 6
xllqvs Multi-Sport Monday Razz 10
qmnxun Friday 3 prize pack razz 9
swchem Two prize Thursday razz 9
rrmxmv 3prize 5
ntdvyd What will it be Wednesday razz 3
rwtann Two Prize Tuesday Optic x Prizm 5
vrijoh Tuesday razz 8
sakgcc Monday razz 8
wovagc Draft random 10
omblph Friday choice 3
seosyf You choose 5
jztnik Three prize Thursday 6
fmueoa Mosaic mega 7
xogmqv What will it be 5
uemppf Multi sport 7
udihbk Pack razz 10
uenkex wwe letter 5
bovbrc Monday multi sport 6
dyygro Pack razz 7
rwgwti Chronicles 3 prize Thursday 7
wgpxvv Three prize 5
aotbsz What will it be Wednesday razz 7
mmfxwv You choose chooseday 10
aobnal You choose Thursday razz 9
vcyawk Wwe Alphabet spots 4
dmwrue Hoops Premium 10
wderxo Random for break 209 draft order 3
dpaqbz Pack razz 6
fduzdi Thursday multi sport 12
nueoax Thursday razz 7
wuhbni What will it be Wednesday 3
cmubsk You choose 10
mokjny You chooose Chooseday 11

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —