Giveaways by SBL Diamond (28)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
zehwoq Chad soccer blasters main 8
rpboev Chad soccer mini 8
ojemdt MD Prizm Basketball hanger and pack 12
xyadzx MD mini Prizm bball hang and pack 7
plxxov MD Prizm packs main 8
nuupjf MD Prizm cello mini 10
jqwrku MD Prizm Basketball hanger 7
nhcigv Skunk JP021 7
qutldb JP023 Mini #1 7
cbcnvl MD select baseball blasters 9
auvibb MD shining fates main 8
gcneic MD shinning fates mini 9
iollym MD Prizm draft mega round two 7
llxxid MD mega Prizm draft final mini 10
ytgdnf MD Prizm draft picks mega rd 2 mini 7
hzsgaa MD Prizm draft mega rd 2 mini 8
hqcblg MD draft picks round 2 10
iarrhm JP022 Division random 7
mamyoo MD Joe Butrow red cards main 5
zjlbcx Rewards give away 2 10
acewbd MD joe Burrow cards mini 10
mwosfe MD Prizm draft mega 7
bhalwt MD Prizm draft mega mini 7
csruqf Charity give away 14
rfdizz MD Prizm draft blaster 8
yvlqht 2021 Tribute Maddox give away 7
utrvff JP021 Mini#1 7
geulml MD burrow purple 8

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —