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Giveaways by The Gold Depot (36)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(America/Chicago time)
xoebxl PR70 choice 9
fbsqaq 14k Rope Chain f2 8
veexds 2017 premier set main 11
vkdour Premier m1 10
rmgkxn Ms70 eagle 12
fezlov 24 " rope chain f1 8
ffkbku 10g main 9
xmimzg 20g m3 8
knhssd 10g m4 7
ztwrni 10g f2 7
jrlsgl 10g m1 10
irlawp 10g Gold f1 9
tedzaa 10g Gold m2 7
xtxfqy Walter Payton 1 oz silver 6
dnypzg 10k Cuban main 10
nqlxvu 10k Cuban f4 11
liuwot 10k Cuban f3 7
kpwkly 10k Cuban f2 7
aseiyq 10k Cuban m2 9
duzczy 10k Cuban f1 10
pipgzi Jesus Pendant main 9
kugrbb Jesus Pendant ff 9
zhwuuo 10k Cuban m1 11
fbwjrq Jesus Pendant f3 10
tyevey Jesus Pendant m2 10
blzcmw Jesus Pendant f2 6
eesgip Jesus Pendant f1 6
tdmzsh Jesus Pendant m1 8
smdquv Dos peso ring main 10
pkkwov Dos peso ring m2 10
eemirt Dos peso ring f1 6
kcjpdh 10 oz f1 8
kvqhet Dos peso ring m1 11
wlpdpt Figaro main 7
aonlto Figaro f4 7
bposfo Figaro m1 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —