Giveaways by Patrick A Wagner (57)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(America/New York time)
gsucuu Pw175 rvb choice 7
bhupgb Pw175 rvb black choice 6
iyasmm Pw175 harrows choice 7
isursv Pw173 dart night cash break 6
ffvsel Pw167 winners choice 7
ozucfb Mini to close main 6
tiskgx Pw171 reddragon razor 11
rxzssi PW172 voltage80 choice 8
tkksif Mini to close pw171 8
gvkalf Pw170 winner choice 6
bybbpf Pw170 winners choice 8
evwaxh Pw170 winners choice 8
fvxdjj Mini to close main 6
eezczn Cn26 8
mcwsxc Pw169 supply run 7
getagj Mini to close main 8
jlywyn Pw168 rvb choice 5
umdszq Pw168 rvb choice 9
wdidta Mini to close main 7
cnqvtr Mini to close main 11
gsagrs Pw166 rvb legacy 13
qoowvy Mini to close main 9
yisjaf Pw165 cash break 8
cibjnl Pw163 harrows choice 7
plzuzu Mini to close main 12
nkbuhd Pw164 butler choice 7
hwmzvs Cn24 taylors 7
xuyzga Mini to close main 11
zefdpy Pw159 suzuki choice 7
osdrhy Pw162 wright pl15 6
txadhq Pw161 reddragon steel choice 7
ovpgyk Mini to close main 9
ovhzbx Pw160 red dragon razor choice 8
sqlimw Pw157 bar tab 11
qwcmqk Pw156 cash break 6
hpjbzf Pw155 voltage80 choice 8
byigtz Pw150 harrows choice 6
vumpnm Pw150 harrows choice 7
jpituo Pw150 harrows choice 8
ubljdh Mini to close main 6
trvgwy Pw153 bulter eagle choice 7
ljpaqj Mini to close main butler choice 6
tyhkbs DB#4 7
ttzfnl Pw152 8
gsficw Pw152 12
qgouud Pw152 adrian lewis pixel 8
jrvlul Pw152 lewis pixel 18g 5
iiemxt Mini to close main 8
pqjifa PW151 NOIR CHOICE 6
dhchmf Pw149 rob cross voltage choice 8
lhyqfp Pw147 bundle 7
tyasfc Mini toclose main pw146 5
sxzfvy PW148 Rvb95 choice 8
sbaxjx Mini to close main 6
guwjsc Pw145 cash break 5
eyrwaf Pw146 harrows choice 12
zotlbw Mini to close pw146 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —