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Giveaways by David Kong (25)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
uzlloz Razz KD patch auto for Stanley Wong 8
ejbtyt Mini razz KD patch auto for Stanley Wong 10
tnoptu Razz Giannis auto /49 for Stanley Wong 4
fbqwly Razz Rose prizm gold for Wallance Wong 4
lzxhdu Razz Bosh auto /25 for Jack Chan 7
hbqajf Razz NT Tim Duncan /10 for Stanley Wong 5
modemd Razz Simmons starburst for Chun Hei Kan 11
pdqlsz Razz Contenders FOTL box 2 for Stanley Wong 5
rfvuof Mini Razz Contenders FOTL fro Stanley Wong 10
qndssj Razz Noir Alonza and Malone for Wallace Wong 5
hrpzcl Razz Contenders FOTL box for Stanley Wong 3
tdvhep Razz Simmons RC TRI color for Chun Hei Kan 10
lhsime Razz Kyrie Irving In Flight Auto Gold /10 for Jack Chan 11
wbxmbd Razz Trae Young for Lam Siu Chai 9
rqtxsl Razz Kyrie Irving /10 for Jack Chan 11
xyenqc Razz Fox lot for Stanley Yau 5
xpbdus Razz Henry tie dye auto 06/30 for Dave Lee 7
qtwigl Raxx Impeccable Mitchell number 41 for Chun Hei Kan 5
gvafvw Razz Ayton Glass for Stanley Wong 6
jdayro Razz Kawhi Leonard Spectra Gold /10 for Jack Chan 5
vyqpga Mini RazzAyton glass for Stanley Wong 4
zekilr Marvin Bagley Cornerstones RPA for Man Lok 7
bpdpab Razz trae Young prizm psa10 for Chun Hei Kan 11
dijqgb Razz Noir Kyrie Irving spotlight for Wong Wai Yu 11
ybwqeg Free razz Kyrie Irving /12 5

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —