Giveaways by David Kong (22)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Eastern time)
gvppni mini #2 for optic choice break #1 7
udgvga mini #1 for optic choice 5-box break on HKPCG 9
auxysu Razz Curry Party 3-Card Lot Part 2 for Stanley Wong 8
utrquc Razz Curry Party 3-Card Lot for Stanley Wong 9
vmjnpk Razz Prizm Choice 2-Card Lot for Stanley Wong 4
cvzekg Curry 2 card lot 12
tdvokk Thybulle & Coby PSA lot 5
kauxdx Coby White PSA9 11
ilmppf Green Curry Combo Contest 9
ueqllp Free slabs for recent non-Winners 2
hqfbuc Curry for dinner contest 7
uamweb MPJ lot 5
bcwekp Grizz Duo Contest 9
sueyfz Razz Luka Doncic Plate for Stanley Wong 3
ekhjqq curry optic and impeccable contest 7
ougbjz Curry Rice Weekend Fun #1 10
ckqktr Lonzo Ball Prizm RC Silver BGS 9.5 7
pmkwvl Michael “Max Contract” Porter Jr 2-Card Lot 3
lmkmsy Razz Zion Prizm RC & Ja Prizm RC Silver for Man Lok 5
thrqli Curry Silver PSA 10 4
atgbbg Lonzo Bulls (Ball) to Lebron 5
xsjyed Cam Reddish Flawless RC Auto Ebay 1/1 6

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —