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Giveaways by Cody Martens (69)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Pacific time)
qzsazw Mini For Like Mike Handrolls 7
rqnntz Preferred Gardens Flower 2X 9
urvpyq Alien Labs & Lift Ticket Papers 9
alsgqd Preferred Gardens Flower 2X 11
qlhsyp Ember Valley Double Up 7
gqveom All Gas Flower Choice 9
xvuuvn Preferred Gardens Flower 2X 9
oubmjh Pre-Roll'D Mix Bundle 7
jlirae Mini For Pre-Roll'D Up Bundle 7
oafjji The Marathon Cultivation Double Up 8
itzvgh Mini For TMC Flower Double Up 7
odimdi Lumpy's Flower Double Up 7
szqcxo All Gas Featured Flower: UpNorth 8
mqtwqv Drug Of Choice Flower 2X 10
dvrbqm Flawless & Lift Tickets Bundle 9
hjxfrl Sidepot For 710 Mystery Box 11
lnysbe Mystery Box 710 Edition 9
oqixpr Mini For 710 Mystery Box 12
prtred Heavy Hitter Bundle 9
vafnsq Mini For Heavy Hitters Bundle 9
cwrwge Sidepot For Mystery Box 8
hjbnnk Main 10
oicgbw Turn Vape Bundle Free Giveaway 8
xwpcet Ember Valley Cross Joints 7
waamey Wonderbrett Flower 2X 12
rymplb Mini For Wonderbrett 2x 12
ydzdty Glass House Farms 2x 7
ydfwfr Weed Money 10
pffpst Sidepot For Pre-Roll Bundle 8
sbqkhu Main For Pre-Roll Bundle 7
ksrqqz Ember Valley Cross Joints 10
ltzobk Mini For Cross Joint 2x 7
cefkiz CAM Flower Double Up 8
nrbqjp Mountain Man Melts Rosin 2X 7
rgxzyk Mini For Mountain Man Melts 11
mssevn Flower Trio 8
ejjicb Dab Trio Plus Bonus 7
zyrfez Ember Valley Double Up 10
dyjbyw Weed Money 9
abfzyx Side Pot For Mystery Box 10
xykoyb Main For Mystery Box 12
raooif TMC Flower Double Up 7
kpostl Mini For TMC Flower Double Up 11
pguuan Heavy Hitters Pre-Rolls 8
dujfqr Mini For Heavy Hitter Pre-Rolls 8
myclvu Wonderbrett Flower 2X 9
pqzkkq Preroll Overload 8
zrtpsn Jeeter Bundle 8
bdaopk Mini 2 For Jeeter Bundle 7
fqrwkr Mini For Jeeter Bundle 7
smenlv Sluggers Hit Double Up 8
wpolfd Baby Jeeter Choice 7
ebwbdb Sidepot For Jeeter Bundle 12
snonyk Main For Jeeter Bundle 8
lswhbd Mix Bundle 7
tlkqlx Mini 2 For Mix Bundle 7
hgagoz Mini For Mix Bundle 7
cfpoyx Wonderbrett Flower 2X 9
ojosbu Raw Garden Pre-Rolls 7
sowfdx Frosty Rosin Choice 8
gwoyop Sidepot For 710 Mystery Box 7
yrnthg Main For 710 Mystery Box 8
sfgtse Mini For 710 Mystery Box 10
bndpvg Lumpy's Flower Double Up 10
wslnhg Mini For Lumpy's Double Up 9
fijimx Heavy Hitter Pre-Rolls And Gummies 9
mwidht Pacific Stone Preroll Overload 7
idilot Edible Bundle 11
czuouu Mini For Edible Bundle 9

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —