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Giveaways by Cody Martens (75)

Code Description Rounds Completed
(US/Pacific time)
wxdcgl Mini For Like Mike's Two Piece 11
gshjnn Friday Free Giveaway 7
svysxj Sidepot For Connected's LE Jack Box 9
aqxcdp Connected's LE Jack Box 8
hxtyeu Mini For Connected Jack Box 11
otyriy Jeeter x Bob Marley Drop 11
ephubt Raw Garden Vape Trio 7
wzhytn Mini For Raw Garden Vape Trio 7
zleekf Durban Poison Jeeter Bundle 8
tjgsyr Mini 2 For Jeeter Bundle 8
ftqajg Mini For Jeeter Bundle 9
xqgygo Clayborne Frosted Flyers 11
kbjvdp Mini 2 For Clayborne Frosted Flyers 8
endnpd Mini For Clayborne Frosted Flyers 8
xgglhq Lift Tickets Infused Rolling Papers 8
nzebgs Jay And Cabin Cone Trio 10
vsumyc Pacific Stone Double Up 7
cdzwkl Preferred Gardens Zip 11
ezgnfw Winners Choice 12
ddrxbn Mini For Winners Choice 9
mahquj Mini For Winners Choice 11
vpzudr Ember Valley Double Up 11
htfxan Weed Money 7
kezhff Friday Free Giveaway 10
jwzniq Preferred Gardens Flower 2X 10
lyilrw Sluggers Hit Double Up 7
umagmc Preferred Gardens Flower 2X 7
hswccy Raw Garden Diamonds 2x 10
sajups Preferred/Like Mike 9
hgchhy Time Machine Pre-Rolls 7
prfelh Mini For Time Machine Pre-Rolls 8
mhaiqf Like Mikes Two Piece 7
pqcplp Preferred Gardens Flower 2X 9
mfqtzt Raw Garden Vape Bundle 7
ecifbc Preferred Gardens Flower 2X 9
ocqidr Like Mikes Two Piece 7
rodyfs Mini For Like Mike's Two Piecer 9
bdbqvm All Gas Small Bundle 7
oedvxb Mini For All Gas Bundle 8
zreuzd Preferred Gardens Zoap 2X 10
onjkpn All Gas W/C Good Odds 8
wkhtds Preferred Gardens Zoap 2X 8
jxckqv All Gas W/C Good Odds 10
kseypl All Gas Winner Choice 9
dxbrkk All Gas Winners Choice 7
pjcszy Mystery Box 10
rtvwyc Clouded Baby Jeeter 9
ouaefe Dime Disposables Trio 10
pbtetv Small Jeeter Bundle 7
yjpchn Buzznug Pre-rollls 8
raxmzg Pacific Stone 3X 7
jjwalt Mini For Pacific Stone 3X 10
nqeumu Disposable Vape Trio 9
gyrshz Dab Trio: Green Line 7
fzrjia Free One Top 2 $50 Cred 9
fqstgu All Gas Bundle 7
ktnays Nug Bundle 10
hucdrj All Gas Winner Choice 8
bhyffb All Gas Winners Choice 7
kpoiri Preferred Gardens Sherbanger 2X 9
tnqnsx Clayborne Frosted Flyers 8
zueuqn Preferred Gardens Sherbanger 2X 8
njanhx NUG Mix Bundle 10
erqarj All Gas Featured Flower: Fig Farms 8
mibaag NUG Mix Bundle 8
nizsum Fig Farms Flower Choice 10
acsilt Pre-Roll'D Mix Bundle 10
widebn Clayborne Frosted Flyers 9
eeolwu Maven Genetics Double Up + Bonus 7
rhrdhi Weed Money 8
hradgc Eighth Brother Mix Bundle 10
lblvhu Baby Jeeter Choice 12
zxdcvy Sidepot For Stiiizy Vape Bundle 9
lqmvht Main For Stiiizy Vape Bundle 8
psqjea Mini For Stiiizy Vape Bundle 7

— Giveaways expire 1 month after they have been completed —